Weather data analytics


Leveraging map reduce with hadoop for weather data analytics
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Collecting, storing and processing of huge amounts of climatic data is necessary for accurate prediction of weather . Meteorological departments use different types of sensors such as temperature, humidity etc. to get the values. Number of sensors and volume and

Big data weather analytics using hadoop
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We want to build a platform that is extremely flexible and scalable to be able to analyze pentabytes of data across an extremely wide increasing wealth of weather variables. Here in this paper we are working on data analysis using Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. We

A review of weather data analytics using big data
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Weather plays an important role in every aspect of human life. It has direct impact on every section of human society. Weather forecast has lot of importance in agriculture sector, tourism sector and government agencies. Prior knowledge of weather can be very helpful for

The impact of data analytics in crop management based on weather conditions
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Agriculture is the most significant application area particularly in the developing countries like India. Data mining plays a crucial role for decision making on several issues related to agriculture field. The goal of the data mining process is to extract knowledge from an existing

Predictive Asset Management Under Weather Impacts Using Big Data , Spatiotemporal Data Analytics and Risk Based Decision-Making
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This paper introduces predictive framework for asset management risk assessment that utilizes big data . It describes the data analytics required for integrating the big data in time and space. The proposed assets management framework is novel since it implements a

Wireless Internet-connected sensor devices for weather data analytics
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1. INTRODUCTION 1.1 Objective In the fields of industry, agriculture and medicine, the information of temperature and humidity need to be detected in real time. The transmission mode of traditional data sampling system mostly adopts the wired mode. Because of the

Automatic monitoring and controlling of weather condition using big data analytics
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Objective: To monitor and control the weather condition of the state, by scrutinizing each homes weather condition. Analysis: Data which is collected from the sensor is send to the spark analytical streaming for processing; home which is not under the control of normal

Proposing a new methodology for weather forecasting by using big data analytics
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Big data has described an enormous quantity of data which needs new technologies to make potential to obtain value from it by analysis and capturing method. Data Analytics often includes scrutinizing past traditional data to research potential trends. Weather

Big Climate Data Analytics : Effective Knowledge Discovery from Colombias Weather Data
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The aim of this dissertation is to develop a distributed, machine-learning application that classifies Colombian climate data and provides decision support to environmental designers seeking to understand the spatial and temporal use of low-energy design strategies. These

Multivariate Time Series Dataset for Space Weather Data Analytics
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We introduce and make openly accessible a comprehensive, multivariate time series (MVTS) dataset extracted from solar photospheric vector magnetograms in Spaceweather HMI Active Region Patch (SHARP) series. Our dataset also includes a cross-checked NOAA

Sandwich analytics : A dataset comprising one years weekly sales data correlated with crime, demographics, and weather Q7
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Data collected from a quick-serve sandwich chain over one year provide an opportunity to study market, sociographic, meteoro- logic, and other factors impacting sales and sales forecasting. The weekly sales table contains over 7 000 rows which each repre- sent summary

Big Data Analytics Using Deep LSTM Networks: A Case Study for Weather Prediction
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Recurrent Neural Networks has been widely used by researchers in the domain of weather prediction. Weather Prediction is forecasting the atmosphere for the future. In this proposed paper, Deep LSTM networks has been implemented which is the variant of RNNs having

A survey on weather forecasting to predict rainfall using big data analytics .
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ABSTRACT 0TBig data is defined as a large amount of data which requires new technologies to make possible to extract value from it by capturing and analysis process. 0T Analytics often involves studying past historical data to research potential trends. Weather

Big data analytics in precision agriculture and constant monitoring of soil and weather
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Agriculture has been one of the zones where innovation has not been utilized to the fullest and the usage of Precision Agriculture (PA) is still in its beginning times. One of the most important parameters in the field of agriculture that needs to be monitored constantly is the

Application of Military Weather Thresholding and Big Data Analytics to Civil Trajectory-Based Weather Avoidance Rerouting
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This year, ATCA is co-locating its 59th Annual Conference Exposition with the Civil/Military Aviation Conference (CMAC). While there are many operational issues faced by both civil and military air traffic management (ATM), weather will continue to impact efficient and

EW-Shopp project: Supporting Event and Weather -based Data Analytics and Marketing along the Shopper Journey
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EW-Shopp is an innovation project, the aim of which is to build a platform for support of data linking, integration, and analytics in companies from the e-commerce, retail, and marketing industries. The project consortium joins several business partners from different sectors of e