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Leveraging map reduce with hadoop for weather data analytics
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Collecting, storing and processing of huge amounts of climatic data is necessary for accurate prediction of weather . Meteorological departments use different types of sensors such as temperature, humidity etc. to get the values. Number of sensors and volume and

Big Data Weather Analytics Using Hadoop
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We want to build a platform that is extremely flexible and scalable to be able to analyze pentabytes of data across an extremely wide increasing wealth of weather variables. Here in this paper we are working on data analysis using Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. We To measure and communicate reliability, utility stakeholders often use reliability indices as a good measure of utility system health. Just as many complex systems have their own level of health measurements, reliability indices let everyone know if the utility system is getting

A Review of Weather Data Analytics using Big Data
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Weather plays an important role in every aspect of human life. It has direct impact on every section of human society. Weather forecast has lot of importance in agriculture sector, tourism sector and government agencies. Prior knowledge of weather can be very helpful for

Wireless Internet-connected sensor devices for weather data analytics
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Objective In the fields of industry, agriculture and medicine, the information of temperature and humidity need to be detected in real time. The transmission mode of traditional data sampling system mostly adopts the wired mode. Because of the

Predictive Asset Management Under Weather Impacts Using Big Data , Spatiotemporal Data Analytics and Risk Based Decision-Making
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This paper introduces predictive framework for asset management risk assessment that utilizes big data . It describes the data analytics required for integrating the big data in time and space. The proposed assets management framework is novel since it implements a

The Impact of Data Analytics in Crop Management based on Weather Conditions
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Agriculture is the most significant application area particularly in the developing countries like India. Data mining plays a crucial role for decision making on several issues related to agriculture field. The goal of the data mining process is to extract knowledge from an existing

Proposing A New Methodology For Weather Forecasting By Using Big Data Analytics
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Big data has described an enormous quantity of data which needs new technologies to make potential to obtain value from it by analysis and capturing method. Data Analytics often includes scrutinizing past traditional data to research potential trends. Weather

A survey on weather forecasting to predict rainfall using big data analytics .
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ABSTRACT 0TBig data is defined as a large amount of data which requires new technologies to make possible to extract value from it by capturing and analysis process. 0T Analytics often involves studying past historical data to research potential trends. Weather

Application of Military Weather Thresholding and Big Data Analytics to Civil Trajectory-Based Weather Avoidance Rerouting
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This year, ATCA is co-locating its 59th Annual Conference Exposition with the Civil/Military Aviation Conference (CMAC). While there are many operational issues faced by both civil and military air traffic management (ATM), weather will continue to impact efficient and

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