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Industrial automation software : Using the Web as a design guide
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When looking the World Wide Web (and the Internet at large) as one giant application, we observe certain desirable properties that would also be welcome, but cannot be taken for granted, in industrial automation systems. In particular, subtasks that are unrelated from a

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Page 1. EVALUATION OF SELECT WEB -BASED LIBRARY AUTOMATION SOFTWARE : KOHA, LIBSYS, NEWGENLIB AND VIRTUA Dissertation Submitted to the Department of Library and Information Science, University of Delhi in partial fulfillment of the requirements award of the

Modular Web Framework: Software Automation
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The use of software is an integral part of any organization. Software applications, including web applications, must evolve quickly. By dividing a web application into independent components, we are developing a framework that gives developers a set of generic

Developing modular software with reference to web hosting automation
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The aim of this project was to develop ideas for creating modular and scalable software for applications relating to web hosting automation software . A small scale proof of concept deliverable demonstrating these ideas was produced, implementing the design decisions

Contribution to the automation of software quality control of web applications
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The Web has become one of the most influential instruments in the history of mankind. Therefore, web applications development is a hot topic in the Software Engineering domain. In this context, the software quality is a key concept since it determines the degree in which a

Automation and Testing of Software Design Pattern for e-commerce Web Application Development using J2EE MVC Architecture
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The Model-View-Controller design pattern is cited as the architectural basis for many J2EE web development frameworks. Here analysis of those changes, and proposes a separate Web -MVC pattern that more accurately describes how MVC is implemented in web The IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON EDUCATION is published quarterly with a distribution in excess of 500 copies. Subscribers include engineering educators and libraries, both in university and industry. Manuscripts published generally are within the following scope