web crawler 2012 research papers

web crawler 2012 research papers

 Design, implementation and experiment of a YeSQL Web Crawler
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P Jourlin, R Deveaud, E Sanjuan-Ibekwe ,Open Source , 2012 ,cs.otago.ac.nz
ABSTRACT We describe a novel,focusable, scalable, distributed web crawler based on
GNU/Linux and PostgreSQL that we designed to be easily extendible and which we have
released under a GNU public licence. We also report a first use case related to an 

 Web Crawler: An Intelligent Agent Through Intellect Webbot
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SA Patel, JM Patel ,Intellect, 2012 ,ijar.in
The number of web pages available in the Internet is tremendously growing day to day and
since this is the case, searching relevant information in the Internet is hard task. Usually,
searching information in the World Wide Web can be done by searching the list of links 

 A Novel Web Crawler Algorithm on Query based Approach with Increases Efficiency
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SS Vishwakarma, A Jain ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT The Web crawler is a computer program that downloads data or information
from World Wide Web for search engine. Web information is changed or updated rapidly
without any information or notice. Web crawler searches the web for updated or new 

 Design of a Parallel Migrating Web Crawler
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A Agarwal, D Singh, A Kedia, A Pandey, V Goel ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract: As the size of the Web grows exponentially, crawling the web using parallel
crawlers poses certain drawbacks such as generation of large amount of redundant data
and wastage of network bandwidth due to transmission of such useless data. Thus to 

 Regulating Frequency of a Migrating Web Crawler based on Users Interest
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N Singhal, A Dixit, RP Agarwal ,International Journal of , 2012
Abstract-Due to the lack of efficient refresh techniques, current crawlers add unnecessary
traffic to the already overloaded Internet. Frequency of visits to sites can be optimized by
calculating refresh time dynamically. It helps in improving the effectiveness of the crawling 

 A Novel Architecture of Ontology-based Semantic Web Crawler
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RK Rana, N Tyagi ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT Finding meaningful information among the billions of information resources on
the Web is a difficult task due to growing popularity of the Internet. The future of World Wide
Web (WWW) is the Semantic Web, where ontologies are used to assign (agreed) meaning 

 An Improved Approach for Caption Based Image Web Crawler
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D Khurana, S Kumar
ABSTRACT The World Wide Web [1] is a global, read-write information space. Text
documents, images, multimedia and many other items of information, referred to as
resources, are identified by short, unique, global identifiers called Uniform Resource 

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DRA DIXIT ,ijmra.us
Abstract The large size and the dynamic nature of the Web increase the need for updating
Web based information retrieval systems. Crawlers facilitate the process by following the
hyperlinks in Web pages to automatically download a partial snapshot of the Web. While 

 A Space-saving URL Duplication Removal Method for Web Crawler?
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X Zhanga, F Chenb ,2012
Abstract Bloom filter is an effective approach to handle URL duplication removal problem in
a web crawler. The classic bloom filter has the disadvantage of importing false positive,
sacrificing its correctness. Several improved bloom filter variations do well in reducing 

 An Approach to Reduce Web Crawler Traffic Using Asp. Net
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HT Chetna, N Bohra ,International Journal of Soft Computing
ABSTRACT: Now days search engine transfers the web data from one place to another.
They work on client server architecture where the central server manages all the information.
A web crawler is a program that extracts the information over the web and sends it to the 

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S Kumar, A Kumar ,ijrst.com
ABSTRACT The number of web pages is increasing into millions and trillions around the
world. To make searching much easier for users, web search engines came into existence.
Web Search engines are used to find specific information on the World Wide Web. Without 

 Web Crawler Web Crawler: A Review
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D Khurana, S Kumar
ABSTRACT In a large distributed system like the Web, users find resources by following
hypertext links from one document to another. When the system is small and its resources
share the same fundamental purpose, users can find resources of interest with relative 

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V KUMARI, P RAJPUT, S PUNDHIR, MQ RAFIQ ,technicaljournals.org
ABSTRACT This paper aims to provide a practical implementation of probabilistic encryption
technique to secure mobile agent used in web crawler. Mobile agents traverse the internet
and functions on behalf of their user. Due to tremendous increase in size and high change 

 Ontology Based Web Crawler
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S Ringe, N Francis, PA HSA ,caesjournals.org
Abstract—The Web, the largest unstructured database of the world has greatly improved
access to the documents. As the number of Internet users and the number of accessible web
pages grow, it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to find documents that are 

 Semantic Web Crawler Based on Lexical Database
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ABSTRACT Crawlers are basic entity that makes search engine to work efficiently in World
Wide Web. Semantic Concept is implied into the search engine to provide precise and
constricted search results which is required by end users of Internet. Search engine could 

 Verification of Web-Content Searching Through Authenticated Web Crawler
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D Nguyen ,cs.brown.edu
Abstract In this project, we study the security properties of web-content searching by using
threeparty authenticated data structure model. We present an implementation of an
authenticated web crawler, a trusted program that computes a digest of a collection of web