Website Programming Based on J2EE-thesis

With the proliferation of advanced technology, people are now living in a more
comfortable environment. But so many people feel less sense of happiness. So what
makes us happy comes to a question? Based on a study of TIME magazine, typical
Americans are overwhelmingly happy and optimistic people, regardless of income
However people under high pressure of the society and work cannot find any sense
of happiness.
In this thesis, I want to establish a website to help people to get rid of their bad
mood and to maintain positive and optimistic attitudes towards lives. My website
can hopefully give people some efficient suggestion to face their problems that they
encounter in their studies, work, or other area of their life.
There are several website exploitation tools that are very popular in the world. The
most popular ones are:
-J2EEJava 2 Enterprise Edition from Oracle
– PHPA hypertext Preprocessor produces dynamic web pages
-.NETA Microsoft XML Web service platform

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