What is an EPROM

The term EPROM stands for “E”rasable “P”rogrammable “R”ead “O”nly “M”emory.Let’s examine each term. Erasable means that the chip can be erased and reused. An EPROM is erased in a device called an EPROM eraser. The eraser is a high intensity ultraviolet light source in a box. We will talk more about erasing eproms later. Programmable means that the EPROM can be programmed with a program, data or both. Read Only Memory means that the computer which is connected to the EPROM can only get information from the chip. It cannot put information into the chip; thus the term read only. In short, the EPROM is a memory part which will not forget its program or data when power is removed. It must be programmed by a special programming product called an EPROM or DEVICE programmer. Once the EPROM is programmed it cannot be changed until it is erased in an EPROM eraser and then reprogrammed in a programmer. The computer cannot store data in an EPROM because the EPROM is a READ ONLY memory part.