what is audio processor

Audio processors are semiconductor devices used to detect, decode and process analog or digital video. Basic functions for these integrated circuits (ICs) include multi-channel input selection, treble and bass controls, and left-right or balance controls. Audio processors IC may also provide bus-controlled volume, tone and balance controls, a surround sound matrix, and a voice-cancelling function. By loading commands from a serial bus, the surround sound matrix can use phase shifters to create music, movie, and simulated stereo effects. By loading an internal eight-bit control register, audio processors IC can be programmed to provide hundreds of different arrangements for each effect. Audio processing products that use a combination of bipolar and complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technologies can reduce noise, distortion, and the decibel (dB) level of volume and tone steps. Audio processors IC are available in a variety of integrated circuit (IC) package types. Dual in-line packages (DIP) can be made of ceramic (CIP) or plastic (PDIP). Quad flat packages (QFPs) contain a large number of fine, flexible, gull wing shaped leads. SC-70, one of the smallest available IC packages, is well-suited for applications where space is extremely limited. Small outline (SO) packages are available with 8, 14, or 20 pins. Transistor outline (TO) packages are commonly available. TO-92 is a single in-line package used for low power devices. TO-220 is suitable for high power, medium-current, and fast-switching products. TO-263 is the surface-mount version of the TO-220 package. Other IC packages for audio processors IC include shrink small outline package (SSOP), small outline integrated circuit (SOIC), small outline package (SOP), small outline J-lead (SOJ), discrete package (DPAK), and power package (PPAK). Packing methods for audio processors IC consist of tape reel, rail, bulk pack, and tube technologies. The tape reel method packs components in a tape system by reeling specified lengths or quantities for shipping, handling, and configuration in industry-standard automated board-assembly equipment. Rail, another standard packing method for audio processors IC, is typically used only in production environments. Bulk pack devices are distributed as individual parts, while tray components are shipped in trays. The tube or stick magazine method is used to feed audio processors IC into automatic placement machines for through-hole or surface mounting.