what is dect system

Digitally-enhanced cordless telephone. DECT phones are far superior to lower-specification analogue cordless phones
DECT stands for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telephone. European standard for digital cordless connection to the telecommunications network. DECT defines the radio connection between two points and can be used for remote access to public and private networks.

DECT or Digital Enhanced (formerly European) Cordless Telecommunications is an ETSI standard for digital portable phones, commonly used for domestic or corporate purposes. DECT can also be used for wireless data transfers. DECT is recognised by the ITU as fulfilling the IMT-2000 requirements and thus qualifies as a 3G system. Within the IMT-2000 group of technologies, DECT is referred to as IMT-FT (Frequency Time). The base unit and handset of a British Telecom DECT cordless telephone The base unit and handset of a British Telecom DECT cordless telephone DECT was developed by ETSI but has since been adopted by many countries all over the world. DECT is used in all countries in Europe, outside Europe it is used in most of Asia, Australia and South-America. As of 2005, the American Federal Communications Commission changed channelization and licensing costs in a portion of 1900 MHz range spectrum which allowed DECT devices to be used without expensive changes. DECT will operate as Unlicensed Personal Communications Services (UPCS).