what is the SNAGG Microchip

The SNAGG Microchip is an RFID (radio frequency identification device) microchip; it emits a unique alphanumeric code number when scanned.

The SNAGG chip is buried inside the musical instrument or other valuable asset, and is impossible to remove without destroying the instrument (or asset). SNAGG’s unique embedded technology this creates both a substantial disincentive to thieves, as well as a future-proof means of insuring that the provenance (ownership) of an asset is protected.

SNAGG Microchips are designed to fit any musical instrument or valuable asset form factor; they require no power source, and have an estimated shelf life of 80+ years. SNAGG microchips are functional between 25F and 125F, and are not adversely affected by sealants or epoxies used to enclose them in the body of musical instruments and other valuable assets.