wi fi IEEE PAPER 2018

Quantized RSS Based Wi Fi Indoor Localization with Room Level Accuracy
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ABSTRACT The prevalent deployment of Wi Fi infrastructure provides a potentially lowcost way to track Wi Fi enabled devices in a building. Many indoor Location Based Systems (LBS) aim to get sub-meter precision for grid position estimation, however such accuracy is

Association between daily exposure to electromagnetic radiation from 4G smartphone and 2.45-GHz wi fi and oxidative damage to semen of males attending a
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ABSTRACT : We evaluated the semen quality and oxidative stress attack on spermatozoa nuclear DNA after men were exposed to a combination of electromagnetic radiation from an 1800-MHz 4G smartphone network and 2.45-GHz wi fi . According to the daily network

Wi Fi E Switch using Internet of Things
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ABSTRACT -The paper is mainly concerned with the automatic control of light or any other home appliances using internet. It is meant to save the electric power and human energy. In modern times, people prefer more of automatic systems rather than manual systems. One of

Investigation of the effect of Metamaterial on the Dual band Antenna performance for resonating between GSM 900Wi Fi
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ABSTRACT In the proposed work, a dual band antenna has been designed and fabricated on a Rogers (RT/Duroid 5880tm) substrate of permittivity 2.2 and thickness 1.6 mm for resonating between GSM 900Wi Fi . The novelty of the proposed work lies in loading Split Ring

Consequences of 2.4-2.48 Ghz non-ionizing radiation of Wi Fi router devices on the information processing speed in adolescents
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ABSTRACT Background: In order to investigate possible consequences of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiations of Wi Fi modem devices on the information processing speed of university students, six hundred teenagers (14-17 years old) selected by cluster random

Indoor Localization Algorithm based on Predictive Path Learning in Wi Fi Environment
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ABSTRACT This paper proposed an indoor localization algorithm that will be able to predict paths for mobile users capable of learning and adopting to Wi Fi environment based on predictive path learning (PPL). The predicted path was able to give a similar trajectory as

Survey: Admission Control Algorithms for Vehicular ( Wi Fi and Wi-Max) Network Technologies
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ABSTRACT : Vehicular Ad hoc Network or VANET is a technology that uses street moving cars (cities or highways) as a node in a wireless network to create a mobile wireless network. The vehicular ad-hoc network converts each participating car in the network to a router or

Horizontal Hand off Between Heterogeneous Wi Fi Networks Using Reactive and Proactive Routing Protocol
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ABSTRACT To facilitate the user with service continuity there is a need to combine various wireless access technologies so that user gets non interrupted service. Now a day there are various wireless technologies such as Wi Fi which allow the user seamless connectivity to

Simultaneous Wi Fi and Bluetooth Connections
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ABSTRACT -Connection for data transfer between mobile or desktop devices is conventionally done using Wi Fi (Wireless Fidelity IEEE 802.11 connections) or Bluetooth technology. In this paper we attempt to present a scheme to provide data transfer using Wi Fi and Bluetooth

Performance Analysis of Robotic Wi Fi using Android
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ABSTRACT Today internet is in the reach of millions of people but still many are unaware of an open network being served within their reach. Internet today serves as a basic utility to reach out to the world or to perform any tedious task within minutes. In such a scenario lack of

Wi Fi Fingerprint Localization Based On Multi-Output Least Square-Support VectorRegression
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Estimating the position of a movable object is highly necessary for providing context-aware services in indoor environment. As Global Positioning System (GPS) is not appropriate for indoor positioning, Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) seems to be a gifted choice due to

Wi Fi Positioning Using a Network Differential Approach for Real-time Calibration
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ABSTRACT For Wi Fi (Wireless Fidelity) Received Signal Strength (RSS) based indoor positioning, fingerprinting is one of the widely-employed methods which can offer relatively high positioning accuracy. However, conventional fingerprinting methods normally do the ABSTRACT Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA) to unlicensed spectrum has been regarded as a promising technology to meet the exponential growth of traffic demands. Based on listen- beforetalk (LBT), LAA can allow mobile operators to utilize unlicensed spectrum as

Design of a Secure Has Using Wi Fi
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ABSTRACT Home automation is the residential extension of building automation and involves the control and automation of lights, air conditioning, ventilation, and heating (LACVH) appliances using the Internet of Things (IoT) and establishing a wireless ABSTRACT In order to reduce the pressure of licensed spectrum and improve the cellular network capacity, Long Term Evolution (LTE) in unlicensed spectrum (LTE-U) has attracted wide attention. However, there are many challenges to the heterogeneous network which is

An Ad-Hoc Network based on Low cost Wi Fi Device for IoT Device Communication
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ABSTRACT -This paper provides an implementation which solves some of the problems in establishing and operation of ad Hoc networks for embedded system based IoT devices. For the implementation of the system, it used the currently famous module of ESP8266 ESP07

Metamaterial Based Patch Antenna For Wi Fi and WiMAX Applications
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ABSTRACT A low profile Minkowski fractal boundary patch antenna based on Reactive Impedance Surface and Mushroom unit cell is proposed for dual band operation. The Reactive Impedance Surface (RIS) is used for increased bandwidth at patch mode (n=+ 1)

Comparative Analysis of Authentication Protocols For Wi Fi Network
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ABSTRACT : The Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) is becoming quite popular because it is cost-effective and easy to use. Among the networks, Wi Fi which stands forWireless Fidelityis the most prominent technology. It has now become a vital part of daily life due to

Wi Fi Security protocols: A survey
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ABSTRACT Over the years, the wireless technology has evolved significantly and therefore the need to protect the wireless network becomes equally substantial. The choice of the best security protocol has always been an issue for the IT security staff. This paper illustrates ABSTRACT Anonymous authentication can protect users privacy and security when they access public Wi Fi hotspots. However, most of the existing privacy-enhanced authentication schemes either do not consider users accountability or they are inherently dependent on