wide band cmos lna design

A CMOS Wide-Band Low-Noise Amplifier With Balun-Based Noise-Canceling Technique
A differential high linearity low-noise amplifier
(LNA) based on a capacitor-cross-coupled topology is presented
in this paper. An off-chip balun is used for providing DC-bias
and canceling the channel thermal noise of the transconductance
MOS transistors. The LNA uses NMOS load and provides an
extra signal feed-forward and noise-canceling path. Analysis
shows that the noise contribution of the transconductance MOST
is only γ/20 and the noise figure (NF) of the proposed LNA is
1 + 0.2γ. The chip is implemented in a 0.18-μm MMRF CMOS
process. Measured results show that in 50M-860MHz frequency
range, the LNA achieved 15 dB gain, 2.5 dB NF, 8.3 dBm IIP3
and consumes only 4 mA current from a 1.8-V supply.