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World around me client for windows phone devices
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Abstract World Around Me (WAM) is a tourist-oriented client application for Windows Phone 7 platform. The primary function is searching in an image hosting website and browsing at the user mobile device favorite photos and pictures associated with the current user location

Causal impact analysis applied to app releases in google play and windows phone store
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App developers would like to know the characteristics of app releases that achieve high impact. To address this, we mined the most consistently popular Google Play and Windows Phone apps, once per week, over a period of 12 months. In total we collected 187

Windows Phone 7
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This is the second―draft preview‖ of a longer ebook that will be completed and published later this year. That final edition will be brilliantly conceived, exquisitely structured, elegantly written, delightfully witty, and refreshingly free of bugs, but this draft preview is none of that. It

Windows Phone 8 security deep dive
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Simple password Alphanumeric password Minimum password length Minimum password complex characters Password expiration Password history Device wipe threshold Inactivity timeout IRM enabled Remote device wipe Device encryption (new) Disable removable

Introduction to Windows Phone 8
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Tämän opinnäytety n tarkoitus oli tutustua Windows Phone 8 alustaan ja luoda perehdytysmateriaalia kohdeyritykselle. Ty ssä esitellään alustan taustoja, tärkeimpiä ominaisuuksia sekä kehitysympärist n tarjoamia ty kaluja sovelluskehitykseen

A windows phone 7 oriented secure architecture for business intelligence mobile applications
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This paper present and implement a Windows Phone 7 Oriented Secure Architecture for Business Intelligence Mobile Application. In the developing process is used a Windows Phone 7 application that interact with a WCF Web Service and a database. The types of

Windows Phone Programming in C
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R Miles 2011 The Windows Phone hardware 4 1.2 The Windows Phone ecosystem . 11 1.3 Windows Phone program execution 2.1 Program design with Silverlight

Windows Phone 8 application security
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Page 1. WINDOWS PHONE 8 APPLICATION SECURITY HackInParis 2013 Dmitriy Evdokimov Andrey Chasovskikh Page 2. About us Dmitriy D1g1 Evdokimov Security researcher at ERPScan Mobile security, RE, fuzzing, exploit dev etc. Editor of Russian hacking magazine DEFCON

Concretization of uml models based on model transformation for windows phone application
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In this paper, we propose model transformation based on a message sequence diagram with a class diagram, which makes it possible to give a structural behavioral expression to generate the detailed codes. This approach can perform more specific design than the

A mentorship model for simulated work integrated learning using windows phone
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The South African competitive economy requires computing graduates to have an ability to apply problem solving skills, knowledge, and experience within a dynamic ICT work environment. The qualifications in computing provide foundation for knowledge and skill

A novel method for windows phone forensics
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Mobile forensics is a branch of cyber forensics which helps in extracting evidence from mobile devices. A variety of software tools are available from different vendors for performing the acquisition and analysis of handheld devices ranging from basic phones to smart

Extension of Sikuli tool to support automated tests to windows phone context-aware applications
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The wide diffusion in the use of mobile devices has brought the need to improve the process of verification and validation in mobile applications. The usual way of interaction between these apps and users is through device interface. For context-aware mobile applications, the

A ZigBee-Based 1-to-N Bluetooth Transmission Control Support Platform with TI CC2530 Chip and Windows Phone 8.1
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This study breaks the constraint on the number of traditional Bluetooth connections, and develops a Windows Phone 8.1-based Bluetooth communication app supporting a multitude of end devices. A brand new transmission control platform is proposed for 1-to-N connectionWindows Phone was introduced to the public in North America on November 2010. It entered a highly competitive market, with very popular alternatives, and yet it was immediately seen as something new, different, innovative, and potentially game changingWelcome to your new Windows Phone 7 and to the book that tells you what you need to know to get the most out of it! In this part, I show you how the book is organized and where to go to find what you need. From there, you can jump right in and be on your way to Windows

A Windows Phone Application for Plant Disease Diagnosis.
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Although professional agriculture engineers are responsible for the recognition of plant diseases, intelligent systems can help in their diagnosis in early stages. Using such systems, low cost continuous plant monitoring can be applied. Some expert systems have been

ObjectiveSharp: automatic conversion of apps from the iPhone to the Windows Phone
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Multiple platforms for mobile devices have seen the light of the day in recent years. It has become almost impossible for companies to develop their apps for all of these platforms. A logical step of the develop once, run everywhere paradigm is the creation of a tool whichThere are two ways that you can develop applications for Windows Phone 7 Silverlight or XNA. Silverlight is the method that we are going to look at in this book. Silverlight is Microsofts product/strategy for building rich experiences on the desktop, now on mobile phones through