wireless communication research papers 2012-102

 Energy-Efficient Binary Power Control with Bit Error Rate Constraint in MIMO-OFDM Wireless Communication Systems
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X Huang, XH Ge, Y Wang, F Li ,ukchinab4g.ac.uk
Abstract—Motivated by the desire for energy efficiency improvement in information and
communication technology (ICT) industry, we explore the idea of optimizing the energy
efficiency for MIMO-OFDM wireless communication systems while maintaining user’s 

 Design of Small Integrated Antenna for Peer to Peer Wireless Communication
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S Arya, S Khan, CK Shan, P Lehana
ABSTRACT In this paper, a small integrated antenna also called as microstrip patch antenna
has been designed to investigate the effect of different array combinations of rectangular
microstrip patches on the directivity and radiation pattern. The purpose of this work is to 

 V2V Communication Survey-(Wireless Technology)
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MVD Khairnar, SN Pradhan ,International Journal
 Nirma University Abstract: This paper presents the specific application of wireless communication,
Automotive Wireless Communication_ also called as Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication. The
paper first gives an introduction to the Automotive Wireless Communication. 

 Comparative Parameters Evaluation of Multipath Rayleigh Fading Channel and AWGN Channel in Wireless Communication
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C TT II, C EE ,vsrdjournals.com
ABSTRACT Mobile wireless communication is the fastest growing segment of the
communication industry. However, it is faced with the challenge of providing reliable high-
speed communications due to channel impediments which change over time in 

 A Smart and Secure Wireless Communication System: Cognitive Radio
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S Yadav, SK Singh, KC Roy ,International Journal of Soft Computing
Abstract—Trust is an important concept in human interactions which facilitates the formation
and continued existence of functional human societies. The radio frequency spectrum is a
limited natural resource and hence its efficient use is of the greatest importance. Cognitive 

 RF CMOS Wireless Receivers for 402MHz Medical Implantable Communication Systems
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 2) Design of a dual-band wireless communication system that can communicate in/on- sensors
of the human body for BSN network.  (b) Dual-band wireless communication system for BAN 1-
Design flow chart 2- Design of dual-band front-end for BCC and MICS systems. 

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We propose a scheme, named Bandwidth Recycling, which recycles the unused bandwidth
while keeping the same QoS guaranteed services without introducing extra delay. The
general concept behind our scheme is to allow other SSs to utilize the unused bandwidth 

 Optimum Power Allocation and Bit Loading for Wireless Communication System
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SSNM Amin, SP Wadkar ,irnetexplore.ac.in
Abstract–This paper introduces a joint bit loading and power allocation algorithm for system
combining bit interleaved coded modulation (BICM) with multicarrier transmission systems
(like OFDM) for efficient Peak to Average power ratio reduction and optimum Bit Error Rate 

 Delegation-Based in On-Line and Off-Line Authentication Over Wireless Communication
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D Saravanan, N JothiVenkateshK
Abstract-Portable communication system provides mobile users with global roaming
services. Localized authentication protocol is presented for inter-network roaming across
wireless LANS. Private authentication protocol is presented to prevent the home location 

 Progress Research on Wireless Communication Systems for Underground Mine Sensors
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L Talbi, IB Mabrouk, M Nedil ,cdn.intechopen.com
After a recent series of unfortunate underground mining disasters, the vital importance of
communications for underground mining is underlined one more time. Establishing reliable
communication is a very difficult task for underground mining due to the extreme 

 Conceptual Design of MIMO Wireless Communication System
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PS Suratia, SK Shah
ABSTRACT—Next-generation communication evolution towards 4G promises to meet the
demands for ubiquitous communication. MIMO technology has become a mandatory
requirement to achieve the goals of future wireless communication. This paper describes 

 A Simple Structured Planar Wire Antenna for Wireless Communication Applications
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MJ Hossain, MAM Khan, AM Numan-Al-Mobin ,
WiMAX, Wi-Fi, WLAN, Bluetooth and satellite communication applications is presented. The
antenna has four significant frequency bands with bandwidth of 194 MHz (2.956–3.15 GHz),
454 MHz (5.196–5.65 GHz), 79 MHz (6.538–6.617 GHz), and 424 MHz (12.812–13.236 

 An Overview Protocols and Applications of Ad-hoc Robot Wireless Communication Networks
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K Bhasker ,Indian Streams Research Journal
Abstract Communications and communication protocols play an important role in mobile
robot systems. They enable the latter to address many real world applications. Since the
advent of high performance wireless local area network (WLAN) and ad hoc networking 

 Analysis of Platform Noise Effect on Performance of Wireless Communication Devices
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HN Lin ,cdn.intechopen.com
Cloud computation and always-connected Internet attracts the most industrial attention for
the past few years. Meanwhile, with the development of IC technologies advancing toward
higher operating frequencies and the trend of miniaturization on wireless communication 

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K Kumar, G Saini
ABSTRACT: Wireless communication has become one of the fastest growing fields in
today’s technological world. Growth in technology has led to unprecedented demand for
high speed architectures for complex signal processing applications. In digital wireless 

 Performance Analysis of Modulation Techniques in GA assisted CDMA Wireless Communication System with AWGN Rayleigh Fading Channel
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J Desai, KG Maradia, NB Gohil ,ijstr.org
Abstract? The transmission from the base station to mobile or downlink transmission using
16-ary Quadrature Amplitude modulation (QAM), 64-ary QAM and Quadrature phase shift
keying(QPSK) modulation schemes are considered in Code Division Multiple 

 A 2.4 GHz Voltage Controlled Oscillator for Wireless Communication in CMOS Technology
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D Rani, SM Ranjan ,International Journal of Electronics ,ijecct.org
Abstract—The project specifications are to design a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO)
based on ring oscillators in 250nm CMOS technology, which provides a frequency of 2.4
GHz. This CMOS based VCO is used for high speed wireless communication applications. 

 A High Data Rate 100nm CMOS IR-UWB Transmitter for Inter-Chip Wireless Communication
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MN Karim, SMI Hossain, PK Saha ,
Abstract—This paper presents a simple CMOS impulse radio (IR) ultra-wide-band (UWB)
transmitter designed in IBM 100nm technology for inter-chip wireless communication. The
proposed architecture is composed of two Gaussian mono-cycle pulse generators which 

 Effects of Jamming Attacks on Wireless Communication Systems
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N Dhandhukia, K Parmar
Abstract—This paper presents brief overview about simulation using OPNET® Modeler®.
Study of jamming effect on various modulation schemes has been presented. How user data
rate and the jamming effect are related is also discussed. Transmitter, receiver and 

 Optimization of Network Performance in Wireless Communication Networks.
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J Agajo, M Eng, AL Theophilus, VE Idigo, KI Apkado
ABSTRACT In today’s world of Wireless Communication Technology (WCT), the key
challenges is in the area of improved coverage, Quality of Service (QoS), and Channel
capacity. This paper aims to optimize network performance by developing a pilot study 

 Indoor Channel Measurement for Wireless Communication
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H Yu, X Chen ,cdn.intechopen.com
In the past few years, Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) system received lots of
attentions, since it is capable in providing higher spectrum efficiency, as well as better
transmission reliability. This improvement is brought by the multiple antennas at both 

 Efficient IEEE802. 15.4 Secure Communication Mac Protocol for Implanted or Wearable Wireless Body Area Sensor Networks
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MDS Nandini, R Venkateswari, SS Rani
 10 Abstract— Recent Advances in wireless communication became more prevalent, mobile and
universal.  A Wireless Body Area Network consists of small, intelligent devices attached on or
implanted in the body which are capable of establishing a wireless communication link. 

 Optimisation of Lambertian Order for Indoor Non-directed Optical Wireless Communication
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(OLO) of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for an indoor nondirected line of sight optical wireless
communication (NLOSOWC) systems. We firstly derive an expression of the OLO from a
conventional Lambertian LED model, Then, we analyse the indoor multi-cell NLOS-OWC 

  Dual Amplitude-Width Pulse Interval Modulation for Width Pulse Interval Modulation for Optical Wireless Communication Optical Wireless Communications
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M ROUISSAT, AR BORSALI, E Mohammad, A Tlemcen ,2012
Abstract In this paper, a new modified digital pulse interval modulation called Dual
Amplitude-Width Pulse Interval Modulation (DAWPIM) is presented, on the basis of Pulse
Amplitude Modulation (PAM) and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), and its properties are 

 A Review on Media Independent Handover Services for Heterogeneous Wireless Communication Networks
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MFM Khan, SK Shah, MDD Vishwakarma
Abstract-A seamless vertical handover between heterogeneousterogeneous networks without
interruption to the on-going services is very important in next generation wireless networks
which aim at the provision of uninterrupted network connections anywhere and at any time 

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S Johri, D Gumber, MN Trivedi, MPS Yadav
Abstract—This paper focuses on the design of various optimal resource allocation
algorithms for wireless communication networks with imperfect channel state information
(CSI) available at the transmitter obtained via a finite-rate feedback channel from the 

 Broadband E-Shaped Microstrip Patch Antenna For Wireless Communication
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NK Joshi, KK Verma
ABSTRACT This paper presents a single-patch broadband microstrip antenna: the E-
shaped patch antenna on a single-layer foam substrate is investigated.. The broadband
mechanism is explored by investigating the behavior of the currents on the patch. 

 Swarm Intelligence based Faster Public-Key Cryptography in Wireless Communication(SIFPKC)
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A Sarkar, JK Mandal
Abstract—In this paper a Particle Swarm Organization guided faster version of public-key
cryptography in wireless communication has been proposed by minimizing total number of
modular multiplication, so that faster exponentiation can efficiently implemented which in