wireless communication research papers 2012 section 2

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JUN WANG ,Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information , 2012
ABSTRACT Owing to noise in industrial environment, wireless signal is seriously interfered
in industrial environment, and wireless communication quality will be affected seriously.
Requirements of industrial wireless network and the wireless network standards are 

 New Broadband Optimal Directional Gain Microstrip Antenna for Pervasive Wireless Communication By Hybrid Modeling
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R Nema ,International Journal of Computer Applications, 2012
ABSTRACT In this paper, hybrid modeling of Micro-strip antenna is presented. Broadband
frequency of operation demonstrated by single geometry. for broadening the bandwidth and
maximum directional gain (6.6 dBi-8dBi) gap-coupled multi-resonator loaded on parasitic 

Quadriphase DS-CDMA wireless communication systems employing the generalized detector
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V Tuzlukov ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,spiedigitallibrary.org
ABSTRACT Probability of bit-error er P performance of asynchronous direct-sequence code-
division multiple-access (DS-CDMA) wireless communication systems employing the
generalized detector (GD) constructed based on the generalized approach to signal 

 Direction of Wireless Access Convergence; Can Near Field Communication (NFC) Be a Member of Future Internet?
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A Arutaki, D Cavendish, H Sakai, A Matsumoto, Y Oie ,2012
 The recent growth of hot-spot deployment has provided another option of wireless
communication infrastructure.  Rather, simple and inexpensive devices are preferable,
and thus simple protocols are used for their wireless communication. 

A review of communication-oriented optical wireless systems
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DK Borah, AC Boucouvalas, CC Davis ,EURASIP Journal on , 2012 ,Springer
 IEEE had included an OW option in its original 802.11 MAC and PHY standards [5]. The standards
defined a wireless communication scheme using diffuse optical channels at 1 and 2 Mb/s.
However, they were never updated and are now ren- dered obsolete. 

Cost-sensitive hardware encryption of existing wireless communication networks
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B Kaminskia, A Wannemachera ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,spiedigitallibrary.org
In the defense industry it is becoming necessary in some cases to encrypt an existing
unencrypted or weakly encrypted wireless communication link. Factors affecting such a
requirement include classification of data that was not previously classified, sustaining an 

Analysis of routing protocols and interference-limited communication in large wireless networks via continuum modeling
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 networks. 2 One-dimensional discrete stochastic network model In this section, we
present a model for a network of wireless communication devices behaving according
to a set of probabilistic communication rules. We assume 

 Active Message Communication using Wireless Sensors
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MNB Naik, MS Kumbhar, MAN Naik ,2012 ,ijair.jctjournals.com
 created an abundance of low-power sensors. Combining these new sensors with the
extensive work being done to develop low power wireless communication [5] provides
the basis for networked sensors. They generally include a tiny 

 Design and Implementation of Efficient Algorithms for Wireless MIMO Communication Systems
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SR Varea, AG Salvador, VA Terré ,2012 ,theses.eurasip.org
Page 1. Design and Implementation of Efficient Algorithms for Wireless MIMO Communication
Systems by Sandra Roger Varea Supervisors: Prof. Alberto Gonzalez Salvador Dr. Vicenç Almenar
Terré DOCTORAL THESIS Valencia, Spain July 2012 Page 2. Page 3. To Max 
<  New Active Caching Method to Guarantee Desired Communication Reliability in Wireless Sensor Networks
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A Shiri, S Babaie, J Hasan-zadeh ,2012
 Recent developments in the field of micro-electro-mechanic systems, wireless communication
and digital electronics have simplified developing cheap, low consumption and tiny sensors which
are capable of multi task monitoring and communication functions in uncontrolled 

 Power Distribution Optimization using an Improvised Differential Evolution Algorithm for Fully Diffuse Mobile Indoor Optical Wireless Communication
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TA Dhass, T Thirumurugan ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract A Differential Evolution Algorithm controlled multi spot transmitter is proposed as an
alternative approach to optimizing the power distribution for single element receivers in fully
diffuse mobile indoor optical wireless communication systems. Results are presented that 

 Energy-Efficient Communication Methods in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Critical Review
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VK Sachan, SA Imam, MT Beg ,International Journal of , 2012
 Since the sensor nodes have limited memory and are typically deployed in difficult-to-access
locations, a radio is implemented for wireless communication to transfer the data to the base
station. Battery is the main power source in a sensor node. 

 A Modified Robust Queue Management with Feedback Compensation Technique to Manage the Congestion Control in Wireless Communication Networks
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V SAVITHA, GM PRISCILLA ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—At present there has been a tremendous growth in the computer networks and
wireless networks. Due to the enormous growth of voice, audio, video and data applications
over the wireless networks, the requirement of congestion control mechanism is also 

 Effect of Communication Range with Node Coop-eration in Wireless Passive Sensor Networks
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F Ullah, A Khan, I Ullah ,International Journal of , 2012
 respectively. But due to broadcast nature of wireless communication system, they
also share resources with other nodes coming in the range of WPSN field [25] such
as shown in Fig 3.2 and jointly communicate the data. Page 2. 

 A Scheduling Algorithm Based on Communication Delay for Wireless Network Control System
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J Wang ,Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 2012 ,maxwellsci.com
 This study proposes a scheduling algorithm based on communication delay. This scheduling
algorithm can tolerate delay of periodic communication tasks and adapts to characteristics
of wireless communication in industrial network control system. 

 Competent Communication of JPEG2012 over Wireless Groove
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SM KrishnaGanesh, SV Jeyakumar ,International Journal, 2012
 18, no. 6, pp. 819–828, Jun. 2000. [14]. Ngan KN, Yap CW, and Tan KT, Video Coding for Wireless
Communication Systems. New York: Marcel Dekker, 2001. [15]. Puri K. and Ramchandran K.,
?Multiple description source coding using forward error correcting codes,? in Proc. 

 A Unique Wireless Device Fingerprinting Technique for Secured Data Communication in Wireless Network
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M Kotha, M Singirikonda, M Nirosha , Journal of Computer , 2012
 But as humans can not remember and hence Page 6. International Journal of
Computer Applications (0975 – 8887) Volume 43– No.20, April 2012 19 cant use
stronger keys, wireless communication remains prone to attacks. 

 Cluster-based Communication Protocol for Load-Balancing in Wireless Sensor Networks
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MA Merzoug, A Boukerram ,International Journal, 2012
 Generally, the base station is much more powerful in terms of resources than the sensor nodes.
A sensor node is a small device that includes four basic components: a data acquisition unit,
a processing unit, a wireless communication unit and an energy unit. 

 A New Fractal Based Printed Slot Antenna for Dual Band Wireless CommunicationApplications
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JK Ali, ES Ahmed ,Session 3P8
Abstract—Different fractal based structures have been widely used in numerous antenna
designs for various applications. In this paper, a printed slot antenna has been introduced as
a candidate for use in the dual band wireless communication applications. The antenna 

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O Vermesan ,2012 ,itcon.org
 The IEEE 1451.5 standard adopts wireless communication protocols within the IEEE 802 family,
such as WiFi (802.11), Bluetooth (802.15.1), ZigBee (802.15.4), and the 6LoWPAN, but still
only few implementations have been reported (Higuera et al. 2009). 

 Wireless Mobile Communication-A Study of 3G Technology
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AK Mogal ,Int. J. Advanced Networking and Applications, 2012
 Presently he is an Assistant Professor at MVP’s CMCS College, Nashik. He also passed PET
exam of Dr. BAM University. He is in process of PhD registration. His research interest involves
Wireless Communication, Mobile Communication and Software Engineering domains.

 Secured Wireless Data Communication
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DN Hire ,International Journal of Computer Applications, 2012
 This algorithm will help in getting high degree of security from terrorists, spies or any other harmful
person. So we can send the important information from source to destination using wireless
communication. 5. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I like to thanks my guide Prof. 

 Implementation of 3-D Ray Tracing Propagation Model for Indoor Wireless Communication
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SS Sidhu, A Khosla, A Sharma
Abstract: Wireless and mobile broadband communication systems are planned to operate at
the mm-wave band, due to the spectrum availability and wider bandwidth requirements. It is
important to characterize the radio propagation channel to ensure satisfactory 

 M2M Wireless Communication
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PC Jain ,cdacnoida.in
Abstract-Wireless communication has become enabler of future consumer products with
applications ranging from high bit rate video conferencing to simple domestic appliances
control. The current wireless mobile network is optimized for Human-to-human (H2H) 

 High Altitude Platforms for Wireless Mobile Communication Applications
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Z Yang, A Mohammed ,cdn.intechopen.com
 It is thought that the demand for the capacity increases significantly when the next generation
of multimedia applications are combined with future wireless communication systems. Wireless
communication services are typically provided by terrestrial and satellite systems. 

 Design of Aperture Coupled Micro-Strip patch Antenna for Wireless Communicationapplications at 5.8 Ghz
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TK Raina, MA Kaur, MR Khanna
Abstract:-In this paper, a simple aperture coupled microstrip antenna at a frequency band of
5.75 GHz to 5.85, is presented. Here, substrates with thickness of 1.57 mm is used, both the
substrates having same thickness are considered. In this, the optimization of antenna