wlan IEEE PAPER 2018

Analyzing Mobility-Traffic Correlations in Large WLAN Traces: Flutes vs. Cellos
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ABSTRACT Two major factors affecting mobile network performance are mobility and traffic patterns. Simulations and analytical-based performance evaluations rely on models to approximate factors affecting the network. Hence, the understanding of mobility and traffic is

A QoS based Algorithm for the vertical handover between WLAN IEEE 802.11 e and WiMAX IEEE 802.16 e
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ABSTRACT : Various wireless technologies have been proposed to fulfill the high data rate requirements for real time applications, such as video streaming and other real time applications, in the new wireless 4G and 5G eras. However, due to the complementary

FER Performance Evaluation and Enhancement of IEEE 802.11 a/g/p WLAN over Multipath Fading Channels in GNU Radio and USRP N200 Environment.
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ABSTRACT In this paper, authors have been evaluated the Frame Error Rate (FER) performance of IEEE 802.11 a/g/p standard 5 GHz frequency band WLAN over Rayleigh and Rician distributed fading channels in presence of Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN)

Miniaturized CPW-Fed Planar Monopole Antenna for Multi-band WLAN /WiMAX Wireless Applications
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To incorporate two different communication standards in a single device, a miniaturized dual- band planar monopole antenna is presented in this paper. The proposed antenna is formed by a CPW feed line and a rectangular ring monopole with a vertical strip. The designed

X-shaped Circularly Polarized Aperture Coupled Antenna for WLAN
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ABSTRACT : This paper presents a new compact aperture-coupled circularly polarized (CP) antenna for WLAN applications. The new designed antenna consists of X-shaped slot rotated by 45 with unequal arms etched on a circular microstrip antenna fed through the

A Novel Probabilistic Algorithm for Indoor WLAN Fingerprinting System
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ABSTRACT Location-based systems for indoor positioning have been examined generally inferable from their application in different fields and simple deployment. However, it requires a database containing the distribution of received signal strength (RSS) of the area

Measurement Method of Temporal Attenuation by Human Body in Off-The-Shelf 60GHz WLAN with HMM-based Transmission State Estimation
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ABSTRACT This paper discusses a measurement method of time-variant attenuation of IEEE 802.11 ad wireless LAN signals in the 60GHz band induced by human blockage. The IEEE 802.11 ad access point (AP) transmits frames intermittently, not continuously. Thus, to obtain

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ABSTRACT In this paper, a rectangular slotted microstrip patch array antenna is proposed and designed for wireless local area network applications. A single patch, 1 2, 1 4 and 1 8 patch array antenna is designed and the impacts of functional characteristics such as return ABSTRACT As Licensed spectrum for mobile communication is too limited to fulfill the increasing needs for high data rate, this paper focuses on the coexistence of Long Term Evolution (LTE) and Wireless Local Area Network ( WLAN ) systems on the unlicensed CSE PROJECTS