wlan wireless local area networks 2019

Wireless local area network (WLAN) is a wireless distribution method for two or more devices that use high-frequency radio waves and often include an access point to the Internet. A WLAN allows users to move around the coverage area, often a home or small office, while maintaining a network connection.

ACS-fed wideband mirrored Z-and L-shaped triple band uniplanar antenna for WLAN applications
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mirrored Z-and L-shaped printed uniplanar antenna has been proposed and developed in his paper for triple band applications. The developed geometry realizes simple radiating ranches with 50 W Asymmetric Coplanar Strip (ACS) feedline and rectangular ground

A Blockchain-Based Authentication Protocol for WLAN Mesh Security Access
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In order to deploy a secure WLAN mesh network, authentication of both users and APs is eeded, and a secure authentication mechanism should be employed. However, some dditional configurations of trusted third party agencies are still needed on-site to deploy an wireless local area networks (WLANs), the traditional carrier sense multiple access with Collision avoidance (CSMA/CA) medium access control (MAC) protocol cannot use the full enefits from multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) technique due to random

Base Shaped Coaxial Feed Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN and WIMAX Applications
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Micro strip patch antennas are mostly known for their versatility in terms of possible Geometries that makes them used for many different situations. In this paper, a Base-shaped Coaxial feed microstrip patch antenna has been designed. The antenna is designed to

A Miniaturized Hairpin Resonator for the High Selectivity of WLAN Bandwidth
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In this article, a miniaturized hairpin resonator has been presented to introduce the high Iselectivity of Wireless Local Area Network ( WLAN ) bandwidth. In the construction of the Hairpin resonator, short-circuited comb-lines are electrically coupled with the two longer Ispectrum sharing of 802.11 wireless local area network ( WLAN ) and radars operating in co- adjacent channel scenarios (notably 5 GHz) is a problem of considerable importance that equires new innovations. The spectrum sharing explored in this chapter is based on

Circular Patch Antenna Array for WLAN Communications 3.65 GHz/4.9-5GHz/5GHz
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Patch antenna are also called the printed antenna are most common nowadays. They are Most commonly used in the fabrication of the miniaturized PCB circuits. Patch antenna can e of different shapes and sizes. In this paper we have proposed a circular patch antenna

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Antenna design is the primary stage for development of wireless communication technology. n this paper, four element series-fed two dipole antenna array is developed for the WLAN ase station applications. The proposed antenna operates at IEEE 802.11 b standard 2.4

Microstrip Antenna with Split Circular Ring Shaped DGS Structure for WLAN Applications
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outcome of DGS inspired antenna which was proposed for the WLAN applications Of S band. Proposed antenna is designed at 1.8 GHz frequency. DGS of split ring shaped Istructure was implemented later to modify the antenna characteristics. Modified results

LTE- WLAN Aggregation with Bursty Data Traffic and Randomized Flow Splitting
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We investigate the effect of bursty traffic in an LTE and Wi-Fi aggregation (LWA)-enabled Network, where part of the LTE traffic is offloaded to Wi-Fi access points (APs) to boost the Performance of LTE networks. A Wi-Fi AP maintains two queues containing data intended for

Capacity Analysis Laboratory Testing 2.4 GHz WLAN and Bluetooth Version 3 4 using Time Study Method
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the amount of production increases (especially the production of telecommunication Equipment) which also influences the increasing demand for wlan and bluetooth testing, it is Necessary to analyze the adequacy and operational readiness of the resources (in this case

Image and WLAN Bimodal Integration for Indoor User Localization
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Recently, we experience the increasing prevalence of wearable cameras, some of which Feature Wireless Local Area Network ( WLAN ) connectivity, and the abundance of mobile evices equipped with on-board camera and WLAN modules. Motivated by this fact, this