adhoc network research papers 2012 section 3

 Partition and its effect in Mobile Adhoc Network: Performance analysis on Packet droppedRoute error sent
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M Chand, HL Mandoria
Abstract In this paper we have shown with the help of performance analysis done on the
scenario for fixed and Nodes_leaves and found that when nodes leave from the mobile
adhoc network abruptly then the performance decreases. Due to this movement of mobile 

 Video Transmission Simulations in Vehicular Adhoc Networks
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P Piñol, M Martínez-Rach, O López ,
Abstract—Future Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs) will have to face up with different
problems like signal attenuation, packet losses, rapidly varying topology, etc. These will be
caused by the inherent characteristics of VANETs, mainly, wireless communications and 

 Security Issue related to the Adhoc Network-A Review
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Abstract-Adhoc network ai type of warless network that is used for mobile computing. Mobile
ad hoc networks (MANET) have been generally regarded as the most popular network
model for group communication. However, the security deployment for MANET operations 

 Performance Analysis of TCP in Mobile ADHOC Networks
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R Singh, KR Seeja ,
Abstract—The most popular transport layer protocol TCP on the Internet offers reliable byte
stream service. In this, packets are cumulatively acknowledged (ACK) as they arrive in
sequence and out of sequence packets will cause generation of duplicate ACKs. TCP was 

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R Kait, RK Chauhan, K Kherwal ,
Abstract: Routing is the core problems in the networks for delivering data from one wireless
node to another. As wireless adhoc network is also called as mobile adhoc networks
because of its predefined/predetermined topology or central control. In this paper I present 

 Impact of Sinking Behavior in Mobile Adhoc Network
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G Usha, S Bose ,International Journal
ABSTRACT Mobile adhoc networks suffer for lack of security because of its mobility of the
nodes and the network is vulnerable to most of the intrusion behaviour. In this paper we
analyze one of the most vulnerable behaviours known as Sinkhole behaviour. We 

 Efficient SNR/RP Attentive Routing Algorithm: Cross-Layer Design for Adhoc Networks
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S Allur, AS Manjunath ,
Abstract: Routing in Ad-hoc networks is a convoluted because network graph is
spasmodically connected and nodes get only sporadically connected due to mobility of
nodes and this causes network topology to change rapidly. In this paper we propose a 

 Collaborative Scheme to Detect Stealth Nodes in Mobile Adhoc Networks
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BND Srinivas, M Nagendranath
Abstract—Limited number of nodes are static in Mobile Adhoc Networks. Hence achieving
synchronization between neighboring nodes in such a dynamic environment is complicated
considering issues like signal disruptions, transmission power variations, loss of 

 Securing Physical and network layer using SNAuth-SPMAODV with DSSS for Mobile adhocnetworks in Military Scenario
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Abstract-A mobile ad hoc network is an infrastructure less network, fast emerging today for
deployment in variety of applications. During deployment, security emerges as a central
requirement due to many attacks that affects the performance of the ad hoc networks. 

 Introduction To Adhoc Testing
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MN Chhabra ,
Abstract—This paper gives an introduction to Adhoc Testing. Adhoc testing is very useful
technique in manual testing as well as automated testing. Some approaches are covered for
Adhoc testing, which are very helpful in this type of testing. There are some advantages 

 Simulation Study for Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols in Mobile Adhoc Network
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A Anzaar, H Shahnawaz, C Mukesh, SC Gupta
Abstract—Due to insufficient frequency band and tremendous growth of the mobile users,
complex computation is needed for the use of resources. Long distance communication
began with the introduction of telegraphs and simple coded pulses, which were used to 

 An Efficient Approach For Local Repairing In Mobile Adhoc Network
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Abstract—A Wireless ad-hoc network is a temporary network set up by wireless mobile
computers (or nodes) moving arbitrary in the places that have no network infrastructure.
Since the nodes communicate with each other, they cooperate by forwarding data packets 

 Energy Efficient Routing in Mobile Adhoc Network
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A Shintre, S Sondur ,IJCA Proceedings on International , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Routing is one of the key issues in Mobile Adhoc Network. Although
establishing correct and efficient routes is an important issue in MANETs, a more
challenging goal is to provide energy efficient routing protocols since mobile nodes will be 

 Security Attacks in Mobile Adhoc Networks
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M Singh, A Singh, R Tanwar, R Chauhan ,
ABSTRACT In this paper, we describe the security issues in Mobile adhoc networks. MANET
has no clear line of defense, so, it is accessible to both legitimate network users and
malicious attackers. In the presence of malicious nodes, one of the main challenges in 

 On Demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Adhoc Network
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S Dalal, MSS HOD ,
Abstract––In an ad hoc network, mobile nodes communicate with each other using multi-hop
wireless links. There is no stationary infrastructure such as base stations. The routing
protocol must be able to keep up with the high degree of node mobility that often changes 

 Secure Routing Protocols for Mobile Adhoc Networks
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K Parik, KP Yadav ,
ABSTRACT A mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is a selfconfiguring infrastructure-less
network of mobile devices connected by wireless links. ad hoc is Latin and means” for this
purpose. Each device in a MANET is free to move independently in any direction, and will 

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GM Padmaja, CR Lakshmi
Abstract Now a Days, the use of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) has become very
important communication medium through which several users communicate, large
amountofinformationex change including some mission critical applications, and as such 

 Fault Tolerant Resource Management with Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for Mobile AdhocNetworks
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SBMSV Saritha, SC Puspalatha ,
Management with Mutual Exclusion Algorithm for mobile adhoc networks (MANET). To
reduce the message cost, the algorithm uses the DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) technique,
which enforces MUTEX only among the hosts currently competing for the critical section. 

 Performance Comparison of Routing Protocols Based on Different Models in Mobile AdhocNetwork
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A Agrawal, R Paulus, AK Jaiswal, A Singh ,
(MANET) are no infrastructure, no centralized administration and self-configuring networks.
The primary motivation of MANET deployment is to increase portability, flexibility and
mobility but, mobility causes an unpredictable change in topology and makes routing 

 An Approach To Detect The Wormhole Attack In Vehicular Adhoc Networks
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Abstract-In VANET there is no centralised infrastructure due to which it is vulnerable to
various security attacks. One of such attack is wormhole attack, it enables an attacker to
capture packets at one location and tunnels them to another location making a wormhole 

 A Comparative Study on Cellular, Sensor and Adhoc Networks
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JV Shiral
ABSTRACT A cellular network is an asymmetric radio network which is made up of fixed
transceivers or nodes, maintain the signal while the mobile transceiver which is using the
network is in the vicinity of the node. An ad-hoc network is a local area network (LAN) that 

 Security Threats in Mobile Adhoc Network: A Review
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TP Singh, S Kaur, V Das ,
Abstract: A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) is a self-organizing, infrastructure less, multi-
hop network. The wireless nature of MANET gives the security to the designers, although
security problems in MANETs give more attention but in last some days researchers have 

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GT Chavan
Abstract: A mobile Ad hoc network (MANET) is a collection of wireless nodes that forms a
network without central administration. The nodes in such kind of network serve as routers
as well as hosts. The nodes can forward packets on behalf of other nodes and run user 

 Prefetching based Cooperative Caching in Mobile Adhoc Networks
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N Chauhan, LK Awasthi
Abstract—To reduce the query latency and improve the cache hit ratio, prefetching can be
used. In the prefetching, access to remote data is anticipated and the data is fetched before it
is required. Since caching and prefetching are both well recognized for improving client 

 A Efficient Way To Minimize the Impact of Gray Hole Attack in Adhoc Network
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MCS Dhamande, HR Deshmukh ,
Abstract—This paper analyzes the gray hole attack which is one of the possible attacks in ad
hoc networks. In this we are mainly focus on the impact of gray hole attack on adhoc network
also find its consequences. Ad hoc network is a wireless network without having any