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The emergence of big data technology and analytics
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The Internet has made new sources of vast amount of data available to business executives. Big data is comprised of datasets too large to be handled by traditional database systems. To remain competitive business executives need to adopt the new technologies and

Video Analytics : Technology Maturity, Deployment Challenges, and Roadmap
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5. Integration with other sensors/softwareâ–ª Motion, heat sensor, audio, Video Analytics 6. Video data managementâ–ª Indexing, visualization, retrieval of dataâ–ª Data= video+ associated Meta-data (Annotations) obtained with Video Analytics 7. Video analytics for automation and

Key-word spotting the base technology for speech analytics
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A new emerging application in which ASR engines can be used is automatic call analysis. Such an application usually includes: speech recognition, speech analysis and data mining as well as other base technologies and tools. In such an application, the speech recognition

Video Analytics technology : the foundations market analysis and demonstrations
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This report provides the history and background information related to the PROVE-IT (VA) project conducted by the CBSA under the funding from Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) Centre for Security Science (CSS) Public Security Technical Program

Update tutorial: Big Data analytics : Concepts, technology , and applications
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In 201 I wrote a paper on big data analytics that the Communications of the Association for Information Systems published (volume 34). Since then, we have seen significant advances in the technologies, applications, and impacts of big data analytics . While the original

Technology -enhanced learning analytics system design for engineering education
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The field of technologically enhanced learning (TEL) allows for the visualization of different patterns of user behaviors. These trends represent the usages of the technology based educational content. The visualization of this information leads to the formation of a

Learning analytics : Negotiating the intersection of measurement technology and information technology
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In this chapter, we will review the current state of play in the area of overlap between learning analytics (LA), specifically data mining and exploratory analytics , and the field of measurement science. We will review the logic of measurement science, as instantiated

Canadas E-Health Journey and HIMSS Analytics Canada Information and Communications Technology Study
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Why are so many Canadian provincial healthcare delivery organizations now participating in the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Analytics Canada Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Study The answer is tied to the

Adaptive Tools And Technology In Big Data Analytics
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Internet rise to 3 billion. Beside human activity in social networks, billions of connected devices, sensor and instrument uninterrupted make amount of data. Irrespective of how data created, a natural question comes to mind is: How we could manage data analytics and

Predictive analytics solution for fresh food demand using heterogeneous mixture learning technology
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The shrinking workforce is an urgent issue in the retail industry, which relies heavily on part- time and temporary help. In a situation where decreasing manpower can directly result in a reduction in business, we believe that the demand for labor-saving systems and

Big Data Analytics : Disruptive Technology in the Water Industry
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Over the last several years, I have been introduced to a realm of science and technology that many of us in the water industry dont know much about and really should pay closer attention to. In fact, it is a field of new science that barely has a name. Lets just call it big

Big Data Analytics -A Leveraging Technology for Indian Commercial Banks
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Abstract Background/Objectives: Big Data are said to be an extremely huge data set that has to be analyzed, handled, managed and validated through a typical data management tools. Banks are one of the financial services industries that handles enormous amount of

Technology Status Visualisation Using Patent Analytics : Multi-Compartment Refrigerators Case
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Developers of new products and services need to do thorough analysis of information available in patent databases, since this is of most important in order to have a contemporary status on defined topics of interest and determination of the possibility to

Big Data Analytics in the Cloud-System Invariant Analysis Technology Pierces the Anomaly
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Following the recent dissemination of innovative concepts such as cloud computing, ubiquitous computing and Internet of Things (IoT), an increasing number of ICT systems aggregates a large amount of data from various devices, stores and shares them in data

State of People Analytics Technology
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To understand the current state of people analytics , we went wide and deep into the literature published on this topic over recent years. We reviewed over 30 published pieces which included academic papers published in journals, web articles, blogs, and research

Big Data and Analytics Technology Transforming Health Care
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The paper provides Big Data and Analytics potential benefits and its impact in the world. The importance of big data analytics technology in transforming health care industry. How the big data analytics is evolving in healthcare into a promising field for improving outcomes and

Get smart with TIs embedded analytics technology
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This white paper explains how TI, together with members of the TI Design Network, are today empowering leading-edge embedded analytics systems in some of the most prominent application areas, including automotive, surveillance, access control and

Investigating Accountants Resistance to the Adoption of Data Analytics Technology
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Some time ago, a call to action in the accounting profession was sounded: become a profession founded on data analytics or become a profession bound for the history books. Accounting firms and corporations are investing to the development of data analytics

Video Analytics Technology for Disaster Management and Security Solutions
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A wide variety of disaster prevention and security technologies are needed to prevent disasters, accidents, criminal acts, and other threats to peoples way of life and the infrastructure of society, and to detect and respond quickly when they do occur. In the case