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In micro and millimeter wave devices, integrating entire transceivers on a single chip is the vision for future wireless systems such as PDC, wireless LAN, RF-ID and MIMO systems. This has the benefit of cost and size reduction. However, antennas are considered to be the largest components of wireless systems, so that, it is necessary to miniaturize antennas. Studies are also made of an electrically small antenna (ESA), i.e., the antenna whose dimension is much smaller than one-wavelength, towards further reduction of the antenna size [1]. It is widely known, however, that in order to realize the miniaturized antenna, we must simultaneously realize a broadband impedance matching circuit, which compensates the narrow bandwidth peculiar to the small antenna with low radiation resistance, and we must attain large impedance-matching ratios to connect with semiconductor amplifiers with high internal impedances. Also, the small antenna is sensitive to the conductor resistance because of its low radiation resistance, and the decrease of the radiation efficiency often makes serious problem.

A 60 GHz millimeter-wave CMOS RFIC-on-chip dipole antenna
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This article presents a 60 GHz millimeter-wave RFIC-on-chip dipole antenna, fabricated with a 0.18 µm CMOS process. A planar dipole-antenna structure with an integrated microstrip via-hole balun was adopted to design this RFIC-on-chip antenna. The die size of the chip

New Movable Plate for Efficient Millimeter Wave Vertical on-Chip Antenna
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Abstract:A new movable plate concept is presented in this paper to realize mm-wave vertical on-chip antennas through MEMS based post-processing steps in a CMOS compatible process. By virtue of its vertical position, the antenna is isolated from the lossy

RF energy harvesting circuit with on-chip antenna for biomedical applications
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Abstract:A novel CMOS RF energy harvesting circuit with on-chip antenna is reported. The rectenna system consists of (a) a high efficiency differential full-wave rectifier circuit that converts RF energy to DC power source, and (b) a loop antenna to improve efficiency. To

122GHz Radar Sensor Based on a Monostatic SiGe-BiCMOS IC with an On-Chip Antenna
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Abstract:In this paper, a short range monostatic radar sensor operating at 122 GHz is presented. The millimeter-wave frontend, including the on-chip antenna, is based on an integrated circuit realized in SiGe BiCMOS technology. The setup of the radar sensor is

Substrate loss reduction in antenna-on-chip design
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State-of-the-art BiCMOS processes have transit frequencies fT well above 200 GHz, making them suitable for new emerging mm-wave applications in the 57-64 GHz band. Several integrated mm-wave antennas on silicon have been published in the past years with a

4G MC-CDMA multi antenna system on chip for radio enhancements (4MORE)
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ABSTRACT The IST project 4MORE will research and develop an innovative architecture suitable for the advanced signal processing techniques involved in MC-CDMA and employing multiple in terms of broadband capabilities, the

A 24-GHz fully-integrated CMOS transmitter with on-chip antenna
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2.2 Two-Steps Transmitter Figure 2-1 shows the block diagram of the two-steps transmitter architecture, which is similar to the heterodyne receiver architecture. First, the baseband I and Q channels undergo qudrature modulation at intermediate frequency of 1. Then, the

Antenna on the Cheap (er, Chip)
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Like many would-be 802.11 b hackers, I'm increasingly obsessed with pushing more bits further and faster for less cost (I believe the unofficial goal of our community wireless project is to provide infinite bandwidth everywhere for free. Of course, there are problems with

Simulation and Layout of On-Chip Microstrip Patch Antenna in Standard CMOS Technology
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Abstract: This paper provides the steps needed to design and simulate on-chip millimeter- wave Microstrip Patch Antenna using the electromagnetic field solver Sonnet to achieve the required matching impedance and hence the desired oscillation frequency. In addition,

Near Field On Chip RFID Antenna Design
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This chapter deals with the designing strategy and process integration for a small On-Chip- Antenna (OCA) with a small Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag on a chip-area 0.64 x 0.64 mm at 2.45 GHz for communication in near field. On the other hand, communication

A review on on-chip antenna for 2.4 ghz ism band rfid tag
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ABSTRACT RFID is one of the rapidly growing technologies for reliable wireless communication using radio frequency. This paper presents a bibliographical survey of the work published on three on-chip antenna topology for RFID tag operating at 2.4 GHz ISM

Design of 60-GHz millimeter-wave CMOS RFIC-on-chip CPW-fed slot antenna
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Recently, there exists an increasing demand for broadband multimedia applications for an everincreasing capacity of wireless networks. In particular, for dense local communications, the 60-GHz band for wireless personal area network (WPAN) applications is of special

Silicon prototype of an bandwidth reconfigurable UWB RFID tag with on-chip antenna.
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Abstract:Inexpensive and power efficient transmitters are essential in tiny RFID tags. Increasing the data rate while reducing the power consumption is possible by using UWB Impulse Radio as communication scheme. Moving the complexity to a reader station in a

Integrated on-chip antenna on silicon for millimeter-wave applications
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Abstract:Integration of millimeter wavelengths (mm-wave) antenna on silicon technologies enables complex, low cost systems for high rate communications and sensing applications. In this paper, a patch antenna integrated on silicon for millimeter wave applications is

An Investigation of On-chip Antenna Characteristics Related to Energy Harvesting Applications
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The way a certain antenna operates is highly dependent on the dielectric medium in which it is placed. Dielectric media can be characterized by their dielectric constant, which is also called relative permittivity. When no electric field is applied, the positive and negative

Design and tolerance analysis of a 5.7 GHz chip-size microstrip antenna on high resistivity silicon
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This paper reports the FEM model, design, fabrication and characterization of a square patch antenna built on high-resistivity silicon (HRS) for operation at 5.7 GHz [Figure 1]. The HRS high dielectric constant of 11.7 leads to antenna size reduction enabling the antenna

Differential 60 GHz Antenna-on-Chip in mainstream 65 nm CMOS technology
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Abstract:The integration of a differential antenna in mainstream 65 nm CMOS was investigated. A 60 GHz prototype integrated circuit (IC) was developed, including a seal-ring and on-chip calibration structures. Measured results show excellent impedance matching

A 280GHz CMOS On-chip Composite Right/Left Handed Transmission Line based Leaky Wave Antenna with Broadside Radiation
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Abstract:A 280GHz leaky wave antenna with broadside radiation is demonstrated by 13- unit-cell periodic composite right/left handed transmission line (CRLH-T-Line) in 65nm CMOS with stacking high-resistivity dielectric layer to enhance antenna radiation

Wavelength-Tunable on-Chip True Time Delay Lines Based on Photonic Crystal Waveguides for X-Band Phased Array Antenna Applications
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CTu3I.7.pdf CLEO Technical DigestOSA 2012 Wavelength-Tunable on-Chip True Time Delay Lines Based Che-Yun Lin1, Amir Hosseini2, Harish Subbaraman2, Zheng Xue1, Alan X. Wang3, and Ray T. Chen1* 1 The University of Texas at Austin, 10100 Burnet Rd,

An Energy Efficient 1 Gb/s, 6-to-10 GHz CMOS IR-UWB Transmitter and Receiver With Embedded On-Chip Antenna
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Abstract:We report a high data rate (upto 1 Gbps) Ultra-wideband (UWB) transceiver for very low power applications. The transmitter side, including pulse generator (PG), power amplifier (PA) and on-chip antenna, consumes only 7 pJ/b (3 pJ/bw/o PA). The novel UWB

Wideband Half-Cloverleaf Shaped On-Chip Antenna for 160 GHz–200 GHz Applications
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Abstract:A wideband on-chip antenna for the frequency range of 160GHz to 200GHz has been developed and taped out in the IHP SG13 process. Simulation results show a maximum absolute gain of 2.2 dBi at 200 GHz. The antenna is designed for high-speed

A Terahertz High-efficiency On-Chip Antenna
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Abstract:Novel high efficiency Terahertz on-chip antenna is presented. The proposed antenna is based on IHP SiGe process SG13G2. We use the SiO2 layer as a low-loss substrate. The antenna structure is shielded from the lossy bulk of the chip with a

An On-chip W-Band Bowtie Slot Antenna in Silicon
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Abstract:This paper presents a W-band fully on-chip bowtie slot antenna over a grounded low resistivity silicon substrate fabricated in 180 nm BiCMOS process. The measured results show that the proposed antenna could provide a wide input bandwidth covering the whole

Design and Performance Evaluation of On-chip Antenna for Ultra Low Power Wireless Transceiver
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Abstract In this paper, on-chip antennas applicable to ultra low power wireless transceiver are designed and evaluated. Using 0.18 SiGe MMIC process, 4 types of antenna with 1x1mm 2 dimensions are fabricated. The on-wafer measurement in a microwave probe

60 GHz Antenna-on-Chip (AoC) using Asymmetric Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC) on0.18 µm CMOS technology
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Abstract This paper presents a 60 GHz Antenna-on-Chip (AoC) designed using 0.18 µm CMOS process. AoC performance is enhanced using asymmetric Artificial Magnetic Conductor (AMC). As asymmetric AMC shields AoC from the lossy CMOS substrate, gain

26.1 A 410GHz CMOS Push-Push Oscillator with an On-Chip Patch Antenna
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The maximum oscillation frequency is limited by the unity maxi-mum available power gain frequency, fmax of a transistor. To obtain even higher frequencies, the push-push oscillator architecture [5, 6] using the second harmonic has been used to generate a 192GHz signal

Small Size 60 GHz CMOS Antenna-on-Chip
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Page 1. Small Size 60 GHz CMOS Antenna-on-Chip Gain and Efficiency enhancement using asymmetric Artificial Magnetic Conductor and 4 cells of asymmetric AMC Proposed design 3/4 *Bao et. al., "60-GHz AMC-Based Circularly Polarized On-Chip Antenna Using Standard

RF Energy Harvesting for Implantable ICs with On-chip Antenna
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ABSTRACT Nowadays, as aging population increasing yearly, the health care technologies for elder people who commonly have high blood pressure or Glaucoma issues have attracted much attention. In order to care of those people, implantable integrated circuits (

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ABSTRACT We have demonstrated the feasibility of integrated antenna on Si for on-chip wireless interconnect using ultra wide bandwidth technique. 3-D finite element simulation have been done using ANSOFT High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS). It has been

Waveguide-Integrated Optical Antenna nanoLEDs for On-Chip Communication
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Nano-optoelectronic devices such as nano-emitters [1, 2] show great promise for use in future ultra-low power optical interconnects. Such systems have the possibility of displacing traditional metal interconnects on integrated circuits to significantly reduce on-chip power

Investigation of UWB antenna on-chip integration in CMOS process towards energy-autonomous implantable biosensors
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Abstract. This paper discusses about the possibility of ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna integration into an integrated circuit (IC) chip together with other parts of the electronics system in a standard CMOS manufacturing technology. Recently, researches has come to

180 GHz On-Chip Integrated Bow-Tie Antenna
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Abstract:This paper presents an on-chip bow-tie antenna that will be used for high-speed short-range communication between computer chips. The antenna design with a size of less than 1.5 mm2 has been tailored for a SiGe technology and was successfully tapped-out.

KVS Rao, PV Nikitin, and SF Lam 3870 Circuit Model of Microstrip Patch Antenna onCeramic Land Grid Array Package for Antenna-Chip Codesign of Highly
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PAPERS Antenna Design for UHF RFID Tags: A Review and a Practical Application . KVS Rao, PV Nikitin, and SF Lam 3870 Circuit Model of Microstrip Patch Antenna on Ceramic Land Grid Array Package for Antenna-Chip Codesign of Highly Integrated RF Transceivers . . . .

Size Reduction of the Waveguide Feed Circuit for a Millimeter-Wave Dipole Antenna on a Thick Resin Layer on the Back Side of a Silicon Chip at 60GHz
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Recently, there are many discussions on integration of an antenna on a 60 GHz silicon CMOS chip. When the antenna is integrated on the same layer of a RF circuit, the radiation efficiency is quite low due to the small height (typically 10 mm) of the RF circuit layer. Re: antenna design on chip chip antenna

Chip antennas are semiconductor integrated circuits (IC) used to collect or radiate electromagnetic waves. Chip antennas are widely used in wireless communication devices such as cellular phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), as well as in satellite radio applications.

Chip antennas function much like the larger aerial antennas used to transmit or receive signals. These small chip antennas are affected by the other components in a circuit layout and therefore must be designed carefully. Antenna design guidelines include ensuring that the chip antenna is free from the surrounding ground plane to preserve the antenna’s radiation pattern. Antenna design also involves making sure the length of the microstripline that feeds the antenna from the circuit is in proportion to the length and width of the ground plane.

A chip antenna is a common semiconductor component in a cell phone. A cell phone antenna can be embedded in the body of the phone itself or be partially external, depending on the design of the printed circuit board (PCB) that controls the functions of the phone. A cellular antenna may be designed for use in either Bluetooth or wireless LAN devices, or may be configured for use in both. Chip antennas must comply with electronics standards published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (research). research 802.11b was the first widely accepted wireless networking standard, operating in the 2.4 GHz range. This was followed by the 802.11a amendment, which operates in the 5 GHz range.

Chip antennas are also used as components in a satellite radio antenna. Satellite radio is a digital radio system that functions wherever there is line of sight between the radio antenna and the communications satellite. Chip antennas are also used in radio frequency identification applications, similar to the function that a barcode serves for inventory control or data collection.

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