Medical students use AR technology to practice surgery in a controlled environment.

Knowledge-based augmented reality
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Knowledge-based Augmented Reality Presented

Augmented reality : Technologies, applications, and limitations
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In the near future we may enrich our perception of reality through revolutionary virtual augmentation. Augmented reality (AR) technologies offer an enhanced perception to help us see, hear, and feel our environments in new and enriched ways that will benefit us in fields

Collaborative augmented reality
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Science fiction has foreshadowed many of the great technical advances in communication. In Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey, Dr. Floyd calls home using a videophone, one of the first film appearances of videoconferencing. Little more than a decade later, in Star Wars

Augmented reality in education
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In the Arts Center of Christchurch New Zealand there is an empty dusty basement room. This room isnt much different from other basement rooms, however visitors are treated to a very unique experience. Upon entering, they hear a voice telling then to come closer into the

First steps towards handheld augmented reality
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In this paper we describe the first stand-alone Augmented Reality (AR) system with self- tracking running on an unmodified personal digital assistant (PDA) with a commercial camera. The project exploits the ready availability of consumer devices with a minimal need

Spatially augmented reality
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To create an effective illusion of virtual objects coexisting with the real world, see-through HMD-based Augmented Reality techniques supplement the users view with images of virtual objects. We introduce here a new paradigm, Spatially Augmented Reality (SAR)

Going out: robust model-based tracking for outdoor augmented reality .
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This paper presents a model-based hybrid tracking system for outdoor augmented reality in urban environments enabling accurate, realtime overlays for a handheld device. The system combines several well-known approaches to provide a robust experience that surpasses

Augmented reality in architectural construction, inspection and renovation
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We present our preliminary work in developing augmented reality systems to improve methods for the construction, inspection, and renovation of architectural structures. Augmented reality systems add virtual computer-generated material to the surrounding physical world. Our augmented

Collaborative augmented reality in education
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Technological advances enable the use of innovative learning tools for education. This work gives a brief insight into the potential and challenges of using collaborative Augmented Reality (AR) in education within the greater context of immersive virtual learning

Audio augmented reality : a prototype automated tour guide
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Augmented reality (or computer augmented environments as it is sometimes called) uses computers to enhance the richness of the real world. It differs from virtual reality in that it doesnt attempt to replace the real world. Our prototype automated tour guide superimposes

Augmented reality : A new way of seeing
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SEE-THROUGH DISPLAY of a city street is shown in this artists rendition of an augmented – reality system that could be in use by the end of this decade. The display superimposes graphics and text from wireless networks (for example, a bus schedule and a movie preview)

Augmented reality for construction tasks: Doorlock assembly
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Augmented Reality is a technology that integrates pictures of virtual objects into images of the real world. Besides the technical problems still to be solved, for industry to be interested in this technology the additional amount of work needed to use the technology in relation to

Studierstube-an environment for collaboration in augmented reality
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Introduction. We propose an architecture for multi-user augmented reality , with applications in visualization, presentation, and education. In many situations, augmented reality is preferable over fully immersive virtual environments, because the visual quality of the real

Interactive augmented reality
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Augmented reality is the merging of synthetic sensory information into a users perception of a real environment. Until recently, it has presented a passive interface to its human users, who were merely viewers of the scene augmented only with visual information. In contrast

Windows on the world: 2 D windows for 3 D augmented reality
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We describe the design and implementation of a prototype When we think of the use of head- mounted displays and 3D heads-up window system intended for use in a 3D environ- interaction devices to present virtual worlds, it is often in ment. Our system includes a see

Web3D and augmented reality to support engineering education
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Traditional methods of educating students have well-proven advantages, but some deficiencies have also been detected. A typical problem has been how to engage students with appropriate information and communication technologies (ICT) during the learning

Archeoguide: first results of an augmented reality , mobile computing system in cultural heritage sites
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Augmented Reality -based Cultural Heritage On-site GUIDE . ARCHEOGUIDE is an IST project, funded by the EU, aiming at providing a personalized electronic guide and tour assistant to cultural site visitors. The system provides on-site help and Augmented Reality

Finger tracking as an input device for augmented reality
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This paper concerns techniques for visual tracking of pointing devices. The first section introduces the motivation by describing the potential for applying real time computer vision to man machine interaction. The problem of tracking is then addressed as a problem of

Enhancing cultural tourism experiences with augmented reality technologies
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This paper describes the development of an interactive visualization system based on Augmented Reality Technologies and the integration into a tourist application. The basic idea is the combination of the commonly known concept of tourist binoculars with

Digital dualism versus augmented reality
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And some have a bias to see the digital and the physical as separate; what I am calling digital dualism. Digital dualists believe that the digital world is virtual and the physical world real. This bias motivates many of the critiques of sites like Facebook and the rest of the /n


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