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Advanced control of active filters in a battery charger application
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In this thesis, a high performance battery charger for electric vehicles (EVs) is investigated. By including active power line conditioning capabilities in the battery charger a viable concept for a fast charging infrastructure is obtained, beneficial both to the EV users and the

coin based universal mobile Battery Charger
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The coin-based mobile battery charger developed in this paper is providing a unique service to the rural public where grid power is not available for partial/full daytime and a source of revenue for site providers. The coin-based mobile battery charger can be quickly and easily

Battery Charger using Bicycle
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The report discusses the design of a DC-DC converter that can be inserted between the DC generator and the lead-acid battery which is being charged by the generator. The prime mover of the generator is connected to a flywheel which is rotated by the bicycling action

Analysis of spacecraft battery charger systems
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In spacecraft battery charger systems, switching regulators are widely used for bus voltage regulation, charge current regulation, and peak power tracking. In this paper, small-signal dynamic characteristics of battery charging subsystem of direct energy transfer (DET) and

Contactless power transfer system for electric vehicle battery charger
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A contactless power transfer system is desirable for the recharging of electric vehicles (EVs). Transformers with single-sided windings have been popular; however, transformers with double-sided windings are expected to be more compact and lightweight. A contactless

Embedded fuzzy module for battery charger control
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The present paper highlights utilization of solar energy for charging the lead-acid. The Fuzzy Logic Algorithm used in battery charging process improves the efficiency of battery charging process and enhances the battery life. A Fuzzy Module reads the real time battery voltage

Maximum-power-point-tracking solar battery charger
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W. STEPHEN WOODWARD Venable Hall, CB3290, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3290; e-mail: 1. This Maximum-Power-Point-Tracking charger used in small solar power systems, overcomes the

Simple switchmode lead-acid battery charger
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Lead-acid batteries are finding considerable use as both primary and backup power sources. For complete battery utilization, the charger circuit must charge the battery to full capacity, while minimizing over-charging for extended battery life. Since battery capacity

A review of an inductive power transfer system for EV battery charger
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The whole world is looking forward this year to reducing fuel consumption and creating a cleaner environment for future generations. The development of electric vehicles over the years has proved to be the best solution, despite the challenges they face to reduce their

Designing battery charger systems for improved energy efficiency
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While most modern electrical appliances receive their power directly from the utility grid, a growing number of everyday devices require electrical power from batteries in order to achieve greater mobility and convenience. Rechargeable batteries store electricity from the

A new ZVS-CV bridgeless PFC dual boost converter for pure electric vehicle battery charger
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In the next future pure electric vehicles will be more and more adopted as the unique viable city-car solution. The battery charger is a fundamental component for this type of vehicle. Generally it is composed by a front-end ac dc power factor corrected converter and a dc-dc

Simple MPPT-based lead acid charger using bq2031
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Lokesh Ghulyani and Ankur Verma PMP BMS Battery Charge ABSTRACT This application report is intended for users designing an MPPT-based lead acid battery charger with the bq2031 battery charger

A hybrid PWM-resonant DC-DC converter for electric vehicle battery charger applications
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In this paper, a new hybrid DC-DC converter is proposed for electric vehicle 3.3 kW on- board battery charger applications, which can be modulated in a phase-shift manner under a fixed frequency or frequency variation. By integrating a half-bridge (HB) LLC series

Developing affordable mixed-signal power systems for battery charger Applications
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As batterypowered electronic devices continue to become more common and more powerful, easily adaptable battery charger designs are needed. Using standard components, battery charger designs can be made simultaneously more flexible and more

Modeling, control and implementation of a lithium-ion battery charger in electric vehicle application
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The rapid development of Electric Vehicle powered by lithium-ion battery has resulted in significant interesting to charging device. However, the nonlinear characteristics of lithium- ion battery increase the complexity of charger designing. In this paper, to overcome the

Design And Construction Of Microcontroller Based Solar Battery Charger
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This research paper describes a microcontroller based battery charger by using solar energy. Solar-powered charging systems are already available in rural as well as urban areas. Solar energy is widely used around the worldwide. This system converts solar energy

Proper care extends Li-ion battery life
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Before covering the battery chargers role in extending battery life, lets review the Li-ion batterys characteristics A battery chargers role in extending battery lifetime is mainly determined by the chargers float voltage and charge termination method

Controlled battery charger for electric vehicles
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Due to rising fuel consumption, price of CO2 emissions and growing urban air pollution, the global interest of the automobile industry, politics and scientists in electric mobility is increasing in the recent years worldwide. Thus, future challenges will be the integration of

Wireless Battery Charger
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Portable electronic devices are very popular nowadays. As the usage of these portable electronic devices is increasing, the demands for longer battery life are also increasing. These batteries need to be recharged or replaced periodically. It is a hassle to charge or

Li-ion battery charger solutions for JEITA compliance
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Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries tend to become dangerous when they are overcharged at high temperatures. Safely charging these batteries has become one of the most important design specifications in batterypowered portable equipment. Progress has been made in CSE PROJECTS