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Strengthen cloud computing security with federal identity management using hierarchical identity-based cryptography
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L Yan, C Rong, G Zhao  Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
 In: Proceed- ings of the 1st IEEE International Conference on e-Science and Grid Computing
(e- Science 2005). IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos (2005) 13. Defining Cloud
Services and Cloud Computing,

 A survey on open-source cloud computing solutions
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Implementation Issues of A Cloud Computing Platform.
IEEE Data Engineering Bulletin, volume 32, issue 1. Vaquero, LM, Merino, LR Caceres, J.
Lindner, M. (2008) A break in the clouds: towards a cloud definition. 

 Guidelines on security and privacy in public cloud computing
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W Jansen, T Grance ,NIST Special Publication, 2011 ,
Page 1. Guidelines on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing Wayne Jansen Timothy
Grance Special Publication 800-144 Page 2. ii NIST Special Publication 800-144 Guidelines
on Security and Privacy in Public Cloud Computing Wayne Jansen Timothy Grance 

Grid and cloud computing: opportunities for integration with the next generation network
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Page 1. J Grid Computing (2009) 7:375–393 DOI 10.1007/s10723-009-9132-5 Grid and
Cloud Computing: Opportunities for Integration with the Next Generation Network  Within
this paper, oppor- tunities to integrate grid and cloud computing 

Identity-based authentication for cloud computing
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H Li, Y Dai, L Tian, H Yang  Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
 Identity-Based Authentication for Cloud Computing Hongwei Li1, Yuanshun Dai1,2, Ling Tian1,
and Haomiao Yang1  Abstract. Cloud computing is a recently developed new technology for
complex systems with massive-scale services sharing among numerous users. 

 Data management in the cloud: Limitations and opportunities
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Bulletin of the IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Data Engineering 1 Page 2.
hardware and in software. For many companies (especially for start-ups and medium-sized
businesses), the pay- as-you-go cloud computing model, along with having someone else 

 Special section: Federated resource management in grid and cloud computing systems
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Information Technology, Communications and Convergence (Inderscience Publishers).
He serves as the editor of IEEE TCSC Newsletter. He has also recently initiated
(as co-chair) IEEE TCSC Technical on Cloud Computing.

 Mobile healthcare information management utilizing cloud computing and android OS
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C Doukas, T Pliakas , Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol , 2010 ,
Abstract—Cloud Computing provides functionality for managing information data in a
distributed, ubiquitous and pervasive manner supporting several platforms, systems and
applications. This work presents the implementation of a mobile system that enables 

Token-based cloud computing
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Token-Based Cloud Computing 429
15. IBM.  Yao, AC: How to generate and exchange secrets. In: IEEE Symposium on Founda- tions
of Computer Science (FOCS 1986), pp. 162–167. IEEE, Los Alamitos (1986) 31. 

 Honoring SLAs on cloud computing services: a control perspective
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Abstract—This work contains a short survey of recent results in the literature with a view to
opening up new research directions for the problem of honoring SLAs on cloud computing
services. This is a new problem that has attracted significant interest recently, due to the 

 Cloud Computing
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F Travostino ,2008 ,
Trend Wars
Cloud Computing Interview with Russ Daniels and Franco Travostino 

A game-theoretic method of fair resource allocation for cloud computing services
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game-theoretic method of fair resource allocation for cloud computing services  253 Keywords
Cloud computing · Game theory · Resource allocation 1 Introduction 

Energy efficient utilization of resources in cloud computing systems
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IEEE Trans Parallel Distrib Syst 19(11):1458–1472 18. Srikantaiah S, Kansal A, Zhao F (2008)
Energy aware consolidation for cloud computing. In: Proc USENIX workshop on power aware
computing and systems in conjunction with OSDI, 2008, pp 1–5 19. 

 Where are we at with cloud computing?: a descriptive literature review
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“Cloud Computing: Does Nirvana Hide Behind the Nebula?,” IEEE
Software (26:2), pp 4-6.  “An Overview of the Granules Runtime for Cloud Computing,” eScience,
2008. eScience ’08. IEEE Fourth International Conference on, pp. 412-413. 

Accountability as a way forward for privacy protection in the cloud
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. Pearson, S.: Taking Account of Privacy when Designing
Cloud Computing Services. In: ICSE-Cloud 2009, Vancouver. IEEE, Los Alamitos 

 Efficient resource management for Cloud computing environments
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Abstract—The notion of Cloud computing has not only reshaped the field of distributed
systems but also fundamentally changed how businesses utilize computing today. While
Cloud computing provides many advanced features, it still has some shortcomings such 

 Implementation issues of a cloud computing platform
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Google has developed its infrastructure technologies for cloud computing in recent years, including
Google File System (GFS)[8], MapReduce [7] and Bigtable [6]. GFS is a scalable distributed file
system, which Copyright 2009 IEEE. Personal use of this material is permitted. 

Data protection-aware design for cloud services
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Gartner: Forecast: Sizing the Cloud; Understanding the Opportunities in Cloud Services (March
2009) 2. Pearson, S.: Taking Account of Privacy when Designing Cloud Computing Services.
In: ICSE- Cloud 2009, Vancouver. IEEE, Los Alamitos (2009); HP Labs Technical 

Securing personal health records in cloud computing: Patient-centric and fine-grained data access control in multi-owner settings
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With the emergence of cloud computing, it is attractive for the PHR service providers to shift their
PHR applications and storage into the cloud, in order to enjoy the elastic resources and reduce
the operational cost.  Securing Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing 91 

 Cloud computing privacy concerns on our doorstep
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C ComPUtING ,Communications of the ACM, 2011 ,
 The problem of data privacy in gen- eral is of course well known, but cloud computing
magnifies it.  The ACM or IEEE might be considered suitable, although they contribute to
decisions about publications and appointments of staff and fellows. 

 Data Security Model for Cloud Computing
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WB Dai Yuefa, G Yaqiang, Z Quan, T Chaojing ,2009
 Hype,and Reality for Delivering IT Services as Computing Utilities 2008 [2] Jean-Daniel
Cryans,Criteria to Compare Cloud Computing with Current Database Technology 2008 [3]
Christopher Moretti,All-Pairs: An Abstraction for Data- Intensive Cloud Computing IEEE 2008 [ 

 The fog over the grimpen mire: Cloud computing and the law
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M Mowbray ,Scripted Journal of Law, Technology and Society, 2009 ,
 A particular issue with cloud computing is that if data undergoes nontrivial  7 D Fraser, The

Cloud Computing Value Chains: Understanding Businesses and Value Creation in the Cloud
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Cloud Computing Value Chains:  Abstract. Based on the promising developments in Cloud
Computing tech- nologies in recent years, commercial computing resource services (eg Ama-
zon EC2) or software-as-a-service offerings (eg came into existence. 

Cryptographic cloud storage
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 IEEE Computer Society, Los Alamitos (2000) 33. Wang, Q., Wang, C., Li, J., Ren, K., Lou,
W.: Enabling public verifiability and data dynamics for storage security in cloud computing. In:
Backes, M., Ning, P. (eds.) ESORICS 2009. LNCS, vol. 5789, pp. 355–370. 

 An analysis of the cloud computing security problem
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Meiko Jensen, Jörg Schwenk, Nils Gruschka and Luigi Lo Iacono,
“On Technical Security Issues in Cloud Computing,” in IEEE ICCC, Bangalore 2009,
Bernd Grobauer, Tobias Walloschek and 

 On the impossibility of cryptography alone for privacy-preserving cloud computing
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, and A. Perrig. Multi-dimensional range query over encrypted data. In
IEEE S&P, pages 44–55, 2000. [24] B. Stone and A. Vance. Companies slowly join
cloud-computing. New York Times, page B1, 19 April 2010. [25] L. Sweeney. 

 Cloud Computing through mobile-learning
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NM Rao, C Sasidhar, VS Kumar ,International Journal of Advanced , 2010
 REFERENCES [1] Bacigalupo, David; Wills, Gary; De Roure, David; Victor, A Categorization
of Cloud Computing Business Models: IEEE/ACM May 2010.  of Messina, Messina, Italy Virtual
Business Networks With Cloud Computing and Virtual Machines: IEEE/ICUMT Oct 2010. 

Introducing the trusted virtual environment module: a new mechanism for rooting trust in cloud computing
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By allowing information owners to customize their protection requirements, they have flexibility
to use cloud computing services that were previously  TVEMs are software devices and any attacker
with access to certain ports (eg, PCI, IEEE 1394 FireWire), hardware monitoring 

 Understanding cloud computing: Experimentation and capacity planning
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Understanding Cloud Computing: Experimentation and Capacity Planning Daniel A.
Menascé Paul Ngo Dept.  Abstract Cloud computing is based on the notion of shared computational,
storage, network, and application resources provided by a third party. 

 Abstractions for cloud computing with Condor
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Conclusion In this chapter, we have demonstrated several abstractions for cloud computing.
An abstraction  Generating Parallel Programs from the Wavefront Design Pattern. In IEEE
International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), page 165, 2002. 

 DeSVi: An architecture for detecting SLA violations in cloud computing infrastructures
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DeSVi: An Architecture for Detecting SLA Violations in Cloud Computing
Infrastructures Vincent  Abstract. Cloud computing is a promising paradigm for the
implemen- tation of scalable on-demand computing infrastructures. Self 

 Deploying database appliances in the cloud
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A Aboulnaga, K Salem, AA Soror  IEEE Data Eng. , 2009 ,
 Above the clouds: A Berkeley view of cloud computing. Technical report, EECS Department,
University of California, Berkeley, Feb 2009.  Web search for a planet: The Google cluster
architecture. IEEE Micro, Jan/Feb 2003. [7] Surajit Chaudhuri and Vivek R. Narasayya. 

 Enabling Large Scale Scientific Computations for Expressed Sequence Tag Sequencing over Grid and Cloud Computing Clusters
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Youseff, Lamia; Butrico, Maria; Da Silva, Dilma: Toward a Unified Ontology of Cloud Computing,
Page(s): 1-10 In Proceedings of  Marlon Pierce SWARM: Scheduling Large-scale Jobs over the
Loosely-Coupled HPC Clusters Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference 

 Cloud Computing
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N Mirzaei , Institute Report, Community Grids Lab, Indiana , 2008 ,
 [10] R. Buyya, CS Yeo, and S. Venugopa, Marketoriented cloud computing: Vision, hype, and
reality for delivering it services as computing utilities In Proceedings of the 10th IEEE International
Conference on High Performance Computing and Communications (HPCC-08 

Cloud Computing–Outsourcing 2.0 or a new Business Model for IT Provisioning?
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 Cloud Computing  Outsourcing 2.0 or a new Business Model for IT Provisioning?  1
Introduction .. 33 2 The Cloud Computing Concept: Definition of a new Phenomenon .. 

SwinDeW-C: a peer-to-peer based cloud workflow system
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Furht, A. Escalante (eds.), Handbook of Cloud Computing, DOI 10.1007/978-1-4419-6524-
0_13, C Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2010 Page 2. 310 X. Liu et al.  Therefore, cloud
computing can provide scalable resources on demand to system requirement. 

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A Khan, KK Ahirwar ,International Journal of ComputerScience and , 2011
 IDEAS IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, 452. [7] Toby Velte, Anthony Velte,
Robert C. Elsenpeter, Cloud Computing: A Practical Approach, Tata McGraw Hill
Professional, 2009. [8] Research Report by ABI Research in 2009. 

Cloudwf: A computational workflow system for clouds based on hadoop
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C Zhang, H De Sterck  Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
 The novelty of the system lies in its ability to take full advantage of what the underlying cloud
computing framework can provide, and in  In: Proceedings of the ACM/IEEE conference on
(retrieval date 

 Cloudrank: A qos-driven component ranking framework for cloud computing
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Abstract The rising popularity of cloud computing makes building high quality cloud
applications a critical and urgentlyrequired research problem. Component quality ranking
approaches are crucial for making optimal component selection from a set of functionally 

 Cloud computing landscape and research challenges regarding trust and reputation
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Computing Conference. Wash- ington DC: IEEE Computer Society Press, 2008, pp.
CSA, Security guidance for critical areas of focus in cloud computing
v2.1, Cloud Security Alliance, Tech. Rep., 2009. [8] ENISA 

 Cloudstone: Multi-platform, multi-language benchmark and measurement tools for web 2.0
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W Sobel, S Subramanyam, A Sucharitakul, J Nguyen ,Proc. of CCA, 2008
 Load Testing of Web Sites. IEEE Internet Computing 6(4), July/August 2002 [5] Tim O’Reilly. What
is Web 2.0?  Proc. NSDI 2006. [7] W. Sobel et al. Scaling Ruby on Rails in a Cloud Computing
Environment. UC Berkeley Technical Report EECS-2008-130 (in preparation). 

 On the varieties of clouds for data intensive computing
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 There is not yet a standard definition for cloud computing, but a good working definition is to say
that clouds provide on demand resources or services over a network, often the Internet, usually
at the scale and with the reliability of a data center.  Copyright 2009 IEEE. 

 E-Learning on the Cloud
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M Al-Zoube ,International Arab Journal of e-technology, 2009
 [7] Sedayao J., Implementing and Operating an Internet Scale Distributed Application using
Service Oriented Architecture Principles and Cloud Computing Infrastructure, iiWAS2008