A blockchain, originally block chain, is a growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of the data.

Privacy-Preserving Data Certification in the Internet of Things: Leveraging Blockchain Technology to Protect Sensor Data
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A constantly growing pool of smart, connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices poses completely new challenges for business regarding security and privacy. In fact, the widespread adoption of smart products might depend on the ability of organizations to offer

Introduction to the Minitrack on Novel Uses, Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain for Digital Services
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The first Open Data Services Mini-track was organized in HICSS-46, followed by a workshop discussing Open Data service research agenda in HICSS-47, a minitrack focusing on different aspects of open data services in HICSS-48, on digital service innovations based

When Internet of Things Meets Blockchain : Challenges in Distributed Consensus
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Blockchain has been regarded as a promising technology for Internet of Things (IoT), since it provides significant solutions for decentralized network which can address trust and security concerns, high maintenance cost problem, etc. The decentralization provided by blockchain

Security Token Offerings on the Blockchain : Capital Market Access for SMEs
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Startups and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) often face barriers to access capital markets and financing options. The financial system is especially restricted for young and innovative firms. This paper examines whether these restrictions could be overcome by

Comparative Analysis of Blockchain -based Smart Contracts for Solar Electricity Exchanges
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With the advent of blockchain technology and the increasing penetration of rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems, a new opportunity for energy trading through smart contracts has emerged. Challenges arise in such transactive markets to ensure individual rationality

How the blockchain enables and constrains supply chain performance
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Purpose The purpose of this paper is to understand the enabling and constraining roles of blockchain technology in managerial work practices and to conceptualise the technology performance relationship in supply chain management. Design/methodology/approach A

Proof of concept for an XBRL report indexer with integrity and non-repudiation secured by Blockchain using a smart contract: XBRLchain demo
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Financial reports are nowadays being published in the structured format XBRL (Engel, Hamscher, Shuetrim, Kannon, Wallis, 2003) and academic research has been carried out focusing on the advantages and pending challenges (Perdana, Rodd, Rodhe, 2014)

ORGANISATION OF TOMORROW: How Ai, Blockchain and Analytics Turn Your Business Into a Data Organisation
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Emerging technologies change organisations as we know them. Organisations that want to remain competitive in a changing environment, need to anticipate shifting behaviours of stakeholders and technologies. Technologies such as big data analytics, blockchain and

Anonymous multi-hop locks for blockchain scalability and interoperability
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Tremendous growth in cryptocurrency usage is exposing the inherent scalability issues with permissionless blockchain technology. Payment-channel networks (PCNs) have emerged as the most widely deployed solution to mitigate the scalability issues, allowing the bulk of

Data Collection, Storage and Processing for Water Monitoring based on IoT and Blockchain Technolo-gies
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Wastewater might represent an interesting resource in terms of water reuse and preservation of the environment. However, this is not always well purified, resulting instead in a source of pollution with both environmental and economic consequences. The following

NeuroMesh: IoT Security Enabled by a Blockchain Powered Botnet Vaccine
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ABSTRACT Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices are ubiquitous and growing rapidly in number. However, IoT manufacturers have focused on the functionality and features of the devices and made security an afterthought. Since IoT devices have small memory capacities and

A Blockchain -Based Authentication Protocol for WLAN Mesh Security Access
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In order to deploy a secure WLAN mesh network, authentication of both users and APs is needed, and a secure authentication mechanism should be employed. However, some additional configurations of trusted third party agencies are still needed on-site to deploy a

Secured decentralized archiving healthcare data using blockchain with IoT
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Blockchain technology has unprotected its immense adaptability in hot off the press years as a departure from the norm of super convenience store sectors. In which sought ways in incorporating its abilities directed toward their operations. While so far most of the focus has

Introduction to the Minitrack on Blockchain Engineering
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This is the first year of the Blockchain Engineering minitrack. This minitrack is a timely forum because the global interest in blockchain has rapidly increased beyond cryptocurrencies and enterprise blockchain is expected to become a mainstream in few

Securing Cognitive Radio Vehicular Ad Hoc Network with Fog Node based Distributed Blockchain Cloud Architecture
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Cognitive radio, ad hoc networks applications are continuously increasing in wireless communication globally. In vehicles environment, cognitive radio technology with mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) enables vehicles to monitor the available channels and to

Blockchain -Based Trusted Electronic Records Preservation in Cloud Storage
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Cloud storage represents the trend of intensive, scale and specialization of information technology, which has changed the technical architecture and implementation method of electronic records management. Moreover, it will provide a convenient way to generate

Features of Blockchain Voting: A Survey
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Since people have recognized the potential of Blockchain technology, many researchers tried to find real-life applications of Blockchain . Blockchain has become famous after its first application which was Bitcoin, a digital currency based on Blockchain technology, inheriting

Blockchain in Handicraft Supply-chain Management
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Supply-chain Management involves a network of facilities that function through the procurement of materials, the transformation of these materials into intermediate and final products, and its distribution to consumers. An efficient management of such a system is

The Value of Operational Transparency for Supply Chain Finance and Implications for Blockchain Adoption
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In this paper, we develop a new theory that shows signaling a firms fundamental quality (eg, its operational capabilities) to lenders through inventory transactions to be more efficient it leads to less costly operational distortions than signaling through loan requests, and we