bluetooth device scanning

 ScreenSpot: Multidimensional resource discovery for distributed applications in smart spaces
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These realizations give us a good basis for conducting further research in this area.
Through the implementation, it is clear that the Bluetooth device scanning amounts
for the majority of the latency experienced by the end users. 

 A Formal Model of the Bluetooth Inquiry Protocol
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H Brakman, V Driessen, J Kavuma ,Formal Methods in the , 2006 ,
 Informally, inquiring can be seen as the process of trying to find a Bluetooth device in the direct
neighbor- hood. Similarly, inquiry scanning is the process of a Bluetooth device scanning the
environment for inquiring devices that are trying to communicate. 

 Has anyone seen my Goose?
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 Goose only performs Bluetooth device scanning, by invok- ing the Network Manager, when the
Forwarding Manager is going to send data over Bluetooth. This guarantees that the information
about nearby devices is updated at the time of sending information. 

 Bluetooth Hotspots for Smart Spaces Interaction
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their devices. Users on public spaces may suggest music and artists to be played
just changing their device names to specific tags. Bluetooth device scanning based
systems also include car traffic monitoring. For example, in 

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M Sharma ,2009 ,
Page 1. Individual Study – Final Report 1 | Page SOS – SENDING ON DEMAND
STRESS SIGNAL SPRING 2009 Submitted By – Mukul Sharma Page 2. Individual
Study – Final Report 2 | Page CONTENTS Acknowledgement 

 Effective Resources Sharing
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NV Rodriguez ,2009 ,
Page 1. Effective Resources Sharing by Narseo Vallina Rodriguez First Year Report University
of Cambridge October 2009 Page 2. Effective Resources Sharing Narseo Vallina Rodriguez
University of Cambridge 2009 Supervisor: Prof. Jon Crowcroft ii Page 3. Table of Contents 

 Player perception of context information utilization in pervasive mobile games
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 Then there are two environment context rituals (R533 and R532) which were played
more than once per player. An interesting observation is that the ritual (R534) that required
Bluetooth device scanning was played only once on average.