web caching performance research papers

Improving web server performance by caching dynamic data
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A Iyengar, J Challenger , of the USENIX Symposium on Internet , 1997 ,static.usenix.org
Abstract Dynamic Web pages can seriously reduce the performance of Web servers. One
technique for improving performance is to cache dynamic Web pages. We have developed
the DynamicWeb cache which is particularly well-suited for dynamic pages. Our cache 

 A study on web caching architectures and performance
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Abstract As World Wide Web usage has grown dramatically in recent years, so has grown
the recognition that Web caches (especially proxy caches) will have an important role in
reducing server loads, client request latencies, and network traffic. In this survey we 

 Evaluation of Performance of Cooperative Web Caching with Web Polygraph
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Abstract This paper presents a framework for evaluating the performance of cooperative
Web cache hierarchies. Web Polygraph is employed to provide an environment for
simulation, to generate desired workloads, and to obtain performance statistics from the 

Improving the performance of semantic web applications with SPARQL query caching
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The performance of triple stores is one of the major obstacles for the deployment of semantic
technologies in many usage scenarios. In particular, Semantic Web applications, which use
triple stores as persistence backends, trade performance for the advantage of flexibility 

 Probabilistic methods for web caching and performance prediction of IP networks and webfarms
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K Psounis ,2002 ,ceid.upatras.gr
Page 1. Probabilistic Methods for Web Caching and Performance Prediction of IP Networks and
Web Farms Konstantinos Psounis Ph.D. Stanford University Page 2. 2 Motivation • Networking
problems suffer from the curse of dimensionality – Typical causes 

 Testing and Improving Web Application Performance
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T Zwanzinger ,2004 ,cocoon.ifs.tuwien.ac.at
 Stat- istical analysis may show that the seen confidence intervals can be computed
without having to make assumptions on the distribution of the samples. The following
section describes ways to heighten web application performance. 

Transparent Web caching with minimum response time
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Q Zou ,2002
 Another way to increase Web caching performance is to expand solutions fkom the level of a
single  distributed Web caching systerm. In Chapter 3. we descni the proposed MRT scheme.
Simulation results and analysis are reported in Chapter 4. Finaiiy, in Chapter 5 we 

 Method for Performance Analysis of Web Caching Hierarchical Structures
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MAS BARBOSA, CAPS MARTINS ,inf.pucminas.br
Page 1. 1 Method for Performance Analysis of Web Caching Hierarchical Structures  Key-Words:
web caching, web caching hierarchical structures, web, caching. performance analysis. 1
Introduction In the last years, the Internet has evolved of amazing form. 

Tulip: A new hash based cooperative web caching architecture
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we have analyzed the overhead and speedup in dynamic algorithm. From Page 12. 312
XU, BHUYAN AND HU our analysis, although the dynamic algorithm brings extra computational
overhead, it can still efficiently improve the web caching performance. 

 Web Log Mining for Improvement of Caching Performance
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R Soonthornsutee, P Luenam ,Proceedings of the International , 2012
Page 1. ? Abstract— The objective of this study is to build a model of cache replacement policy
for improvement of web caching performance. The integration approach of cluster analysis and
classification are used to create a classifier for predicting the cache life time. 

 Time-Domain Analysis of Web Cache Filter Effects (Extended Version)
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G Bai, C Williamson ,pages.cpsc.ucalgary.ca
 We refer to our work as time-domain analysis of cache filter effects, to distinguish it from
the former frequency-domain effect.  These empirical studies identify several common
workload characteristics that are relevant to Web caching performance.