Concurent Transmisions for Multi-hop Bluetooth 5
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Bluetooth is an omnipresent communication technology, available on billions of connected devices today. While it has been traditionally limited to peer-to-peer and star network topology, the recent Bluetooth 5 standard introduces new operating modes to allow for

Synchronous Transmissions Based Flooding over Bluetooth 5.0 for Industrial Wireless Applications
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The release of Bluetooth 5.0 and the Mesh standards has undoubtedly positioned Bluetooth as a leading wireless technology for the Internet of Things. The doubling of the physical data rate of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) from 1Mbps to 2Mbps and the support of multihop mesh

Design and Implementation of an Internet-of-Things Roadside Parking System Based on Raspberry Pi 3 and Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh Sensor Network
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In this paper, we propose an Internet of Things (IoT) parking management solution for roadside parking spaces. This solution includes software and sensor hardware installed at each parking space. Because the smartphone is prevalent nowadays, we also design a

BadBluetooth: Breaking Android Security Mechanisms via Malicious Bluetooth Peripherals
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Bluetooth is a widely used communication technology, especially under the scenarios of mobile computing and Internet of Things. Once paired with a host device, a Bluetooth device then can exchange commands and data, such as voice, keyboard/mouse inputs, network

Evaluation of the Use of a City Center through the Use of Bluetooth Sensors Network
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In order to achieve the objectives of Smart Cities, public administrations need to take measures to regulate mobility, which undoubtedly requires a high level of information and sensorization. Until the implementation of the connected vehicle takes place, it is still

ECG Monitoring Using Smart Phone and Bluetooth
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ECG analysis have proved out to be very useful in the human heart beat analysis and subsequently diagnosis of various human cardiovascular diseases. Design of the real time ECG analyzers is difficult since real time environment is not always available for the

A New Parking-Space Detection System Using Prototyping Devices and Bluetooth Low Energy Communication
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Parking in crowded city areas usually causes serious problems. Drivers spend an amount of time, effort, and fuel while finding someplace to park their vehicles. Although there are many solutions for free parking space indication; they are only suitable for parking lots inside the

MBS Bluetooth Plugin Documentation
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Page 1. MBS Bluetooth Plugin Documentation 0.1 Introduction This is the PDF version of the documentation for the Xojo (Real Studio) Plug-in from Monkeybread Software Germany. Plugin part: MBS Bluetooth Plugin 0.2 Content 1 List

Criterion Validity of Force and Power Outputs for a Commonly Used Flywheel Resistance Training Device and Bluetooth App
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Abstract Weakley, J, Fern andez-Vald es, B, Thomas, L, Ramirez-Lopez, C, and Jones, B. Criterion validity of force and power outputs for a commonly used flywheel resistance training device and bluetooth app. J Strength Cond Res XX (X): 000 000, 2019 Flywheels

Tracking Anonymized Bluetooth Devices
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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices use public (non-encrypted) advertising channels to announce their presence to other devices. To prevent tracking on these public channels, devices may use a periodically changing, randomized address instead of their permanent

Android based Security Lock System with Password Reconfigurable Option using Bluetooth and Microcontroller
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Our essential motive of designing this tool is to provide a greater secured multilevel protections and password reconfigure Options Using PAN (Personal Area Network) protocol gadgets like Bluetooth and Microcontroller. Android clever telephone are included to this

Initial control of a sub-actuated robotic hand using Bluetooth -transmitted brain waves
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Sub-actuated robotic hands are increasing targets for studies and research on the biomedical engineering field, with several types of drives and degrees of freedom. Brain waves captured by EEG equipment have been used to prostheses control. The present work

Skill Level Assessment of Batsman Using Single Bluetooth Low Energy Inertial Measurement Unit
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This paper proposes a BLE ( Bluetooth low energy) wearable sensor based framework which consists of MEMS (microelectromechanical system) motion sensors (an inertial measurement unit having 3 axes acceleration, angular velocities, and magnetic field) to

A Review on Home Automation using Voice Via Bluetooth Through Raspberry PI 3
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Technology plays a major role in making our home more automated and hence laid back. This review aims to design and implement a cost efficient and yet adoptable, flexible, secure and modern home automation system. This paper review aims to design a prototype

Capacity Analysis Laboratory Testing 2.4 GHz WLAN and Bluetooth Version 3 4 using Time Study Method
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As the amount of production increases (especially the production of telecommunication equipment) which also influences the increasing demand for wlan and bluetooth testing, it is necessary to analyze the adequacy and operational readiness of the resources (in this case

Architecture For Measurement of Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Display of Scrolling Message On LED Display By Using Bluetooth Interface With Arduino
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The measurements of temperature and relative humidity remotely by using the appropriate sensors are not only important in environmental or weather monitoring but also crucial for many industrial purposes. A device for weather monitoring has been developed as