cdma-code division multiple access research papers 2012

 Hopping strategies for adaptive fh-cdma ad hoc networks under external interference
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JP Elsner, R Tanbourgi, J Schmid ,IEEE Int. Conf. on , 2012 ,
CDMA ad hoc network under the influence of external interference where node positions are
modeled by a homogeneous Poisson point process. The optimum channel assignment that
balances internal network interference due to spatial reuse and external interference is 

 Performance Evaluation of Rake and Pre-Rake Receiver for a Wireless DS-CDMA System
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M Rai, AS Saini ,International Journal of Engineering and , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A new method to deal with multi path fading environment for DS–CDMA
wireless networks has been proposed. Here, depending upon the statistical nature of the
channel, signal is transmitted as a sum of various spreaded signals; each one delayed 

 Fuzzy MIMO detector for MC-CDMA systems with carrier frequency offset over multipath fading channels
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JH Deng, SM Liao ,EURASIP Journal on Wireless , 2012 ,
Abstract A multistage fuzzy minimum output energy (MOE) detector is proposed for multiple
input multiple output (MIMO) multi-carrier code-division-multiple access (MC-CDMA) uplink
systems with carrier frequency offset (CFO) over multipath fading channels. The first stage 

 Performance Analysis of 2-D Optical Codes with Cross Correlation Value of One and Two in Optical CDMA System
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A Agarwal, N Agarwal ,Academic , 2012 ,
Abstract: Optical Code-Division Multiple Access (OCDMA) is an optical processing system
which allows multiple users to share the same bandwidth simultaneously without interfering
with each other using unique optical codes. In this paper, we analyze the performance of 

Kalai–Smorodinsky Bargaining Solution for Optimal Resource Allocation over Wireless DS–CDMAVisual Sensor Networks
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K Pandremmenou, LP Kondi ,Proc. of SPIE- , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Surveillance applications usually require high levels of video quality, resulting
in high power consumption. The existence of a well–behaved scheme to balance video
quality and power consumption is crucial for the system’s performance. In the present work 

 Performance Analysis of Two-Layer Spreading scheme based FEC encoded MC–CDMAwireless communication system under implementation of various
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a comprehensive study has been made on the performance
evaluation of a two-layer spreading scheme based MC-CDMA wireless communication
system. The ½-rated convolutionally encoded system under present study incorporates 

 Analysis of Performance Improvement Using GMSK Modulation Technique in Wireless DS-CDMA Communication Systems
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M Rai, A Nigam ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2012
Abstract-This paper presents an analytical framework for DS-CDMA network with two-branch
diversity schemes for a Rayleigh fading channel. An analytical expression for the probability
density function of the signal to noise ratio (SNR) at the output of a two-branch maximal 

 Effect of Gaussian Channel Estimation Error on IBI Cancellation and Circular Property Loss Restoration for Broadband DS-CDMA Combining FDE Without CP
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Abstract-In broadband DS-CDMA uplink transmission using frequency-domain equalization
(FDE) without cyclic prefix (CP) insertion, the transmission performance degrades due to
inter block interference (IBI) and circular property loss. The schemes were proposed to 

 Design and Performance Analysis of a Novel 32-User Spectral Phase-Encoded system operating at 4.5 Gb/s for Fiber-Optic CDMA Networks
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SR Bhosale, SB Deosarkar ,Design and Performance, 2012
ABSTRACT Multiple access techniques are required to meet the demand for high-speed
and large-capacity communications in optical networks, which allow multiple users to share
the fiber bandwidth. Optical code-division multiple-access (O-CDMA) is receiving 

 Simulation Based Performance Analysis of MC CDMA and CDMA over Rayleigh Fading Channel
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M Faisal, J Uddin, IH Haider ,International Journal on Internet and , 2012 ,
Abstract—Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access Schemes (MC-CDMA) have been
recently introduced in existing CDMA based systems to improve security, data transmission
rate and to minimize Inter Symbol Interference (ISI). CDMA experiences severe multipath 

 The Approaches to Prevent Cell Phone Cloning in CDMA Enviornment
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A Goel, M Sharma, P Pathak ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT The rapid growth of mobile communication has changed the vision of cellular
phones security. An easy accessibility condition causes cellular phones to be vulnerable
against numerous and potentially devastating threats from hackers. Up to the moment, 

 Evaluation of CDMA System Performance in Wireless Telecommunication
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MY Ali, MMA Rahman, SMS Alam, RK Mistry ,2012
Abstract—Code Division multiple Accesses (CDMA) is one of the effective and efficient
technologies is used in 2nd generation (2G) and 3rd generation (3G) wireless
communication. Multipath delay spread, channel noise, Doppler effects, peak to average 

 Comparism of Adaptive Modulation Based MC-CDMA System and Adaptive Modulation Based OFDMA System for Future Wireless Communication
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KM Palaniswamy, V Palanisamy ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract Adaptive Modulation Based MC-CDMA System and Adaptive Modulation Based
OFDMA System are the Two Transmission Systems which are best suited for Future
Wireless Communication ensuring LargeBandwidth, HighData rate and ErrorFree Data 

 Simulation of GDFT for CDMA
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V Patil, MT Jaikaran Singh ,Simulation, 2012
ABSTRACT Generalized Discrete Fourier Transform (GDFT) with nonlinear phase is a
complex valued, constant modulus orthogonal function set. GDFT can be effectively used
discrete multi-tone (DMT), orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and code 

Multicode Sparse-Sequence CDMA: Approach to Optimum Performance by Linearly Complex WSLAS Detectors
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Y Sun, J Xiao ,Wireless Personal Communications, 2012 ,Springer
Abstract This paper investigates the performance-complexity tradeoff of the wide-sense
likelihood ascent search (WSLAS) detectors in large multicode sparse-sequence CDMA. It is
illustrated that when each sequence has sparsely only 16 nonzero chips, in a channel 

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N Gupta, M Sharma ,International Journal of Computer Science, 2012
Abstract-with the advent of digital media copyright protection is main concern. To protect
copyright of images DWT DCT image watermarking is used. In this CDMA approach of
embedding watermark is taken so that maximum number of watermarks can be embedded 

 Joint power and rate allocation in CDMA-based underlay cognitive radio networks for a mixture of streaming and elastic traffic
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M Dashti, P Azmi ,EURASIP Journal on Wireless , 2012 ,
Abstract This article investigates the issue of radio resource allocation strategies for
cognitive networks based on the underlay approach, while adhering to the interference
constraint on the primary user. Joint rate and power allocation problem is considered for 

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ABSTRACT Third Generation (3G) mobile devices and services will transform wireless
communications into on-line, real-time connectivity. 3G wireless technology will allow an
individual to have immediate access to location-specific services that offer information on 

 Adaptive Equalization of Ber in Multicode Multicarrier Direct Sequence CDMA System
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SP Chakkravarthy, N Nagarajan ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract A New mathematical analysis is presented for efficient computation of BER of
Multicode Multicarrier Direct Sequence CDMA System in presence of Multipath Rayleigh
Fading. A New explicit expression is derived for optimizing BER of a Multicarrier system 

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T Dowluri, SUVR Kumari ,2012 ,
Abstract Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) is a method of transmitting radio
signals by rapidly switching a carrier among many frequency channels, using a
pseudorandom sequence known to both transmitter and receiver. It is utilized as a multiple 

 High-Efficiency Power Amplifier for LTE/W-CDMA System
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Y Kumagai, Y Funyu, H Maeda ,FUJITSU Sci. Tech. J, 2012
Long Term Evolution (LTE) systems are attracting attention as next-generation mobile
communication systems. Such systems have come to transfer and manage large volumes of
data at high speed. Therefore, base stations have urgent requirements for devices that are 

 Frequency Domain Interference Rejection Combining for CDMA Systems?
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Z HAO, H ZHAO, S SHAO, Y TANG ,Journal of Computational , 2012
Abstract CDMA signals transmitting over multipath fading channels suffer from intersymbol
interference (ISI) and multiple access interference (MAI). In this paper, we propose a
frequency domain interference rejection combing (FD-IRC) algorithm for uplink single