cdma-code division multiple access research papers 2012 section 2

 Fusion Performance in Wireless DS-CDMA Sensor Networks with Analog Relay Local Processing Scheme
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AM Fadhil, HM AlSabbagh, TY Abdallah ,network, 2012
Abstract The performance of decentralized detection in power constrained wireless sensor
network is analyzed. By using the distributed processing schemes with the analog relay
amplifier local processing, this system is proposed to be subjected to a total power 

 MC-CDMA Scheme in Wi-Fi Environment
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N Larbi, F Debbat, AB Stambouli ,2012
Abstract The combination of OFDM and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) is seen as
an attractive and practical solution to enhance the throughput and/or robustness for future
high-speed indoor WLANs. The multi-path Rayleigh channel represents a hostile 

 Comparative Study of CDMA and OFDM in WI-FI
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N Larbi, F Debbat, AB Stambouli ,2012
Abstract There have been extensive research efforts on simulating Wireless Local Area
Networks. Many papers have studied the performance of IEEE 802.11 WLANs by using
simulation under different channels and for different modulations. In this paper we first 

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S Venkatachalam, T Manigandan ,2012 ,
Recently, intense interest has focused on the transmission techniques which can support
high data rate transmission over wireless channels for applications including wireless
multimedia, wireless Internet access, and future-generation mobile communication 

 Power Control Based on Improved Pricing Mechanism in a CDMA Network?
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C LAI, Y YANG, L WANG, X WANG ,Journal of Computational , 2012
Abstract This paper proposes a new pricing mechanism to improve the fairness of utilization
of the network. The new pricing mechanism is developed on a noncooperative power control
game, in which the path gain and the signal-to-interference ratio are integrated together. 

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S Tamilselvan ,International Journal of Computer Science, 2012
Abstract-The main feature of the next-generation wireless systems will be the convergence
of multimedia services such as speech, audio, video, image, and data. This implies that a
future wireless terminal, by guaranteeing high speed data, will be able to connect to 

 A Soft Computing Based Adaptive Call Admission Control Scheme for Bi-Class Traffic inCDMA Cellular Network
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R Sindal, S Tokekar ,parameters, 2012
ABSTRACT Soft handoff in CDMA cellular system increases system capacity as compared to
hard handoff as interference is reduced by transmitting signals as lower power level. A
CDMA cellular system involving voice and data calls is considered in this paper. The 

Quadriphase DS-CDMA wireless communication systems employing the generalized detector
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V Tuzlukov ,Proc. of SPIE Vol, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Probability of bit-error er P performance of asynchronous direct-sequence code-
division multiple-access (DS-CDMA) wireless communication systems employing the
generalized detector (GD) constructed based on the generalized approach to signal 

 Ber Performance of HARQ MIMO-CDMA Systems in Multi user Environment
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T Yasodha, IJ Raglend ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract A new method for designing the spreading permutations based on space time block
code matrices for MIMO-CDMA systems has been proposed. In code division multiple
access (CDMA) systems, the calculated parity bits are used to select a spreading 

 Performance Analysis of Independent Component Analysis Algorithms for Multi-user Detection of DS-CDMA
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GT Raja, PK Chaitanya ,International Journal of , 2012
ABSTRACT The conventional detection process of direct sequence code division multiple
access (DS-CDMA) is limited by multiple access interference (MAI) due to loss of
orthogonality between spreading waveforms in multipath propagation channel 

 CDMA with Transmit Antenna Diversity Technique for Broadband Propagation Systems
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SA Alkhawaldeh ,World Applied Sciences Journal, 2012
Abstract: The combination of CDMA and space time block coding (STBC) has been
proposed for indoor environment where the delay spreads are very small and the channel is
flat fading. However, these schemes are not valid for the outdoor situation where the delay 

 Performance Evaluation of CDMA Router for Network-On-Chip
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AW Hinganikar, MA Gaikwad, RM Patrikar ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract This paper presents the performance evaluation of router based on code division
multiple access technique (CDMA) for Network-on-Chip (NoC). The design is synthesized
using Xilinx Virtex4 XC4VLX200 device. The functional behavior is verified using 

 Characterization of TDMA and W-CDMA Performance based on their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
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ABSTRACT Mobile Wireless Communication presents the users with seamless
communication where possible. TDMA is the Multiple Access Scheme used in GSM while
3G system uses W-CDMA. The former is designed majorly for voice and a little of data. 

 Performance of OFDM-CDMA System using Modified Space-Shift Keying Technique
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NM Shafik ,International Journal of Information, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Many reasons cause multi-carrier CDMA to be the best technology in the latest
mobile generations known by fourth generation for mobile. As well known, the greatest
enemy for any wireless communication is multi-path fading which usually result in 

 Analytical Evaluation of a Hybrid Chaotic Shift Keying [CS-QCSK] in a CDMA System
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K Thilagam, K Jayanthi ,International Journal of Computer , 2012
ABSTRACT In recent years, various chaos based modulation schemes were evolved, of
which the CS-DCSK modulation technique provides a better BER performance and
bandwidth efficiency, due to its code domain approach [10]. The QCSK modulation 

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F SATTAR, M MUFTI ,Nucleus, 2012 ,
This paper presents a mathematical framework for analysis of effect of counter mode (CTR)
encryption on the traffic capacity of packet communication systems based on direct-
sequence, code-division, multiple-access (DS-CDMA). We specify QoS constraints in 

 FPGA Implementation of Low Complexity VLSI Architecture for DS-CDMA Communication System
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ABSTRACT The principal goal of this research work is focused on designing and then
testing the performance of source and channel coding and decoding circuits implemented
on FPGA for Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) Transceiver using extremely simple 

 Block-spread CDMA: Unifying Multiple Access in Cellular Networks
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Block-spread CDMA: Unifying Multiple Access in Cellular Networks Dr. Justin P. Coon
Research Manager  Block-spread CDMA Page 5. 5 BS-CDMA: Concept BS-CDMA can be viewed
as being dual to DS-CDMA • DS-CDMA: Each symbol is spread with a chip sequence 

 Performance analysis of Matched filter using Multiuser detection in CDMA
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V kumar Puri, K Arora
Abstract: Performance analysis of matched filter using mud algorithm in code division
multiple access (CDMA). The design is based on the step by step practical implementation
of matched filter (MF) detection. A model of matched filter is created and the simulated 

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L Bhat, KL Sudha
ABSTRACT Direct sequence-code division multiple access (DS-CDMA) technique is used in
cellular systems where users in the cell are separated from each other with their unique
spreading codes. In recent times DSCDMA has been used extensively. These systems 

 Design and Performance Analysis of Eight Users 2-D and Spectral Phase Encoding O-CDMAtime Domain Systems
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SR Bhosale, SL Nalbalwar, SB Deosarkar
Abstract. In optical code division multiple access (OCDMA) system, many users share the
same transmission medium by assigning unique pseudo-random optical code (OC) to each
user. In this paper the performance of 2-D and Spectral Phase Encoding O-CDMA System 

 Statistical Multipath Signal Detection in CDMA for Ad hoc Network.
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H Umadevi, KS Gurumurthy, C Gowda
Abstract: Mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) represent complex distributed systems that
comprise wireless mobile nodes that can freely and dynamically self-organize into arbitrary
and temporary,”ad-hoc”network topologies, allowing people and devices to seamlessly 

 Multi User Detector in CDMA Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography
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MR Rao, BP Rao ,International Journal
ABSTRACT: Code division multiple access (CDMA) is used in various radio communication
techniques due to its advantages. In CDMA one of the most important processes is multi
user detection (MUD). There are numerous methods for MUD in CDMA, but in most of the 

 A Robust Watermarking Scheme In Direct Sequence CDMA Based On Orthogonal PN Sequence
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Abstract In this paper, We introduced a novel method DS-CDMA based watermarking
scheme on the basis of orthogonal pseudorandom sequence subspace projection, In this
paper a new idea to eliminate the correlation between the code sequences and the host