circular waveguide research papers 11

 Circular waveguide taper of improved design
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HG Unger ,Bell System Tech. J, 1958 ,
Transitions between round waveguides of different sizes for < ? transmission are required
to be free of mode conversion. Conical tapers with a gradual change of cone angle
transform cylindrical waves in the round waveguide into spherical waves in the transition 

 Theory of curved circular waveguide containing an inhomogeneous dielectric
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SP Morgan ,Bell Syst. Tech. J, 1957 ,
Generalized telegraphist’s equations are derived, following Schclhimo?, for all modes in a
curved circular waveguide containing an inhomogeneous dielectric. Particular attention is
paid to the coupling between the TEQ1 mode and other modes in the curved guide. The 

 The analysis of circular waveguide phased arrays
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N Amitay ,Bell Syst. Tech. J, 1968 ,
I n this work, a planar phased array of circular waveguides arranged in an equilateral
triangular grid is analyzed. The boundary value problem is ?rst formulated rather generally
in terms of a vector two dimensional-integral equation for an array of elements that are 

 Modeling bowl resonators using circular waveguide networks
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ABSTRACT We propose efficient implementations of a glass harmonica and a Tibetan bowl
using circular digital waveguide networks. Circular networks provide a physically meaningful
representation of bowl resonators. Just like the real instruments, both models can be 

 Iterative method for differential phase shift computation in the azimuthally magnetized circular ferrite waveguide
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GN Georgiev ,Proc. 27th Progr. In Electromagn. , 2010 ,
 Abstract— A reiterative technique is developed for finding in normalized form the
differential phase shift provided by the circular waveguide, completely filled with
azimuthally magnetized ferrite which propagates normal TE01 mode. 

 50GHz measurements of temperature dependence of complex permittivity of dielectric plates by a cut-off circular waveguide method
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T Shimizu , Symposium on Millimeter Waves. Digest, P- , 2001 ,
Abstract—A novel cut-off circular waveguide method with coaxial excitation is proposed to
measure the temperature dependence of complex permittivity of low loss dielectric plates in
the millimeter wave range. Measurement principal is based on a rigorous analysis by the 

 Wiener-Hopf analysis of the axial symmetric wave diffraction problem for a circular waveguide cavity
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DB Kuryliak, K Kobayashi, S Koshikawa , Workshop on Advanced ,
Abstract The axial symmetric diffraction problem for a circular waveguide cavity is rigorously
analyzed by means of the Wiener-Hopf technique. The incident field is taken as a uniform
ring source located on the interior cylindrical surface of the cavity. Introducing the Fourier 

Analysis of a disc-loaded circular waveguide for interaction impedance of a gyrotron amplifier
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V Kesari, PK Jain , journal of infrared and millimeter waves, 2005 ,Springer
A rigorous electromagnetic analysis of a circular waveguide loaded with axially periodic
annular discs was developed in the fast-wave regime, considering finite axial disc thickness
and taking into account the effect of higher order space harmonics in the disc-free region 

 Optimization and Experimental Characterization of a Broadband Circular Waveguide to Coaxial Transition
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E Weihreter, S Kuchler, YC Tsai ,Proc. 6th European Part , 1998 ,
Abstract Broadband coupling of higher order cavity modes to an external load is one
possibility to suppress multibunch instabilities in electron storage rings. A simple waveguide
to coaxial transition has been designed and a full size prototype was built, which features 

 Generation of the HE11 Mode from Monomode Smooth Circular Waveguide
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R Gonzalo, C del Río, J Teniente ,Proc. 21st International , 1996 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper, we present an original taper design to obtain the HE11 corrugated
circular waveguide mode exciting with a pure TE11 monomode smooth circular waveguide
mode. The proposed corrugated taper has a longitudinal section composed of two 

 A Cavity with Circular Waveguide for HOM Damping
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F Schönfeld, E Weihreter, R Apel ,Proc. 5th European , 1996 ,
1 ABSTRACT The suppression of multibunch instabilities driven by higher order modes
(HOM) of the rf-cavities is one of the challenges of third generation synchrotron radiation
sources. A cavity with three radial waveguides for HOM-damping has been proposed by 

 Dyadic Green’s function of an ideal hard surface circular waveguide with application to excitation and scattering problems
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Artificial surfaces with anisotropic impedance, characterized as hard and soft surfaces,
have been introduced in electromagnetics in the past two decades. A planar hard surface is
realized by loading a conducting surface with dielectric-filled corrugations in the direction