circular waveguide research papers

Layout of a broadband circular waveguide to coaxial transition
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F Schöfeld, E Weihreter, YC Tsai ,Proc. 5th European Part. , 1996 ,
1 ABSTRACT Broadband coupling of higher order cavity modes to an external load is one
way to suppress multibunch instabilities in electron storage rings. A numerical study is
presented on the transmission properties of a waveguide to coaxial transition which 

Transverse electric scattering from a gap on a circular waveguide
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JK Park ,Radio Science, 2001 ,
Abstract. Electromagnetic transverse electric wave scattering from a circumferential gap on a
conducting circular waveguide is theoretically investigated. The Fourier transform/series
technique is used to constitute a set of simultaneous equations for the discrete modal 

 A relation for the loss characteristics of circular electric and magnetic modes in dielectric lined waveguide
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 1′.£’6 neglect the dielectric losses. I. INTRODUCTION Recent studies’ indicate many
modes not of the circular electric type may have very low loss in dielectric lined
circular waveguide. In these studies the duality principle was 

 Use of the 0, 1 H Mode in Circular Waveguide for Microwave Pulse Compression
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CE Baum ,Circuit and Electromagnetic System Design Note, 2009 ,
 Note 64 30 October 2009 Use of the 0,1 H Mode in Circular Waveguide for Microwave
Pulse Compression  Abstract This paper explores the use of the low-loss 0,1 H mode
in circular waveguide for microwave pulse compression. 

 A ridged circular waveguide ferrite load for cavity HOM damping
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E Weihreter, V Duerr ,this conference, 2006 ,
Abstract The layout of an optimised homogenous circular ridged waveguide with ‘in
vacuum’ferrite tiles is presented to further improve the HOM damping characteristic of a
normal conduction 500 MHz cavity, which has been developed for the use in SR sources. 

 Splitting of super-broadband pulses by simple inhomogeneities of circular and coaxial waveguide
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KY Sirenko ,Telecomm. Radio Eng, 2008 ,
 ( ), E gt f magnitudes for moment when the main body of the pulse crosses the jump
in circular waveguide cross-section ((a) 1 2 1 2 1, 1.83, 2, 4 a a d d = = = = ; the axis
of symmetry of the structure coincides with the z ,axis).