cloud computing research paper-08

cloud computing research paper-08

Enabling efficient fuzzy keyword search over encrypted data in cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD 2009 , ABSTRACT. As Cloud Computing becomes prevalent, more and more sensitive information are being centralized into the cloud. For the protection of data privacy, sensitive data usually have to be encrypted before outsourcing, which makes effective data utilization a very

Ginkgo: Automated, application-driven memory overcommitment for cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Continuous advances in multicore and I/O technologies have caused memory to become a very valuable sharable resource that limits the number of virtual machines (VMs) that can be hosted in a single physical server. While today s hypervisors implement a wide

Privacy-preserving data sharing in cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Storing and sharing databases in the cloud of computers raise serious concern of individual privacy. We consider two kinds of privacy risk: presence leakage, by which the attackers can explicitly identify individuals in (or not in) the database, and association

Cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD Page 1. Cloud Computing Information Security and Privacy Advisory Board Bill Whyman Customer adoption: security, trust, performance • Industry disruption: winnerslosers

Open science in the cloud: towards a universal platform for scientific and statistical computing
FREE The UK, through the e-Science program, the US through the NSF-funded cyber infrastructure and the European Union through the ICT Calls aimed to provide the technological solution to the problem of efficiently connecting data, computers, and people with the goal of

Learning Curves and Stochastic Models for Pricing and Provisioning Cloud Computing Services
FREE Dept. of Integrated Systems Engineering Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210 {gera. he paradigm of cloud computing has started a new era of service computing. While there are many 111research efforts on developing enabling

Towards sustainability in portable computing through cloud computing and cognitive radios
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT It is imperative to consider the concept of sustain-able portable computing as the role of such devices increases our lives. With the emergence of the cloud computing paradigm, there will be an increased reliance on wireless communication from portable

Technical Challenges of Forensic Investigations in Cloud Computing Environments
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Cloud Computing is arguably one of the most discussed information technology topics in recent times. It presents many promising technological and economical opportunities. However, many customers remain reluctant to move their business IT

An Optimistic Parallel Simulation Protocol for Cloud Computing Environments
FREE ABSTRACT Cloud computing offers the ability to provide parallel and distributed simulation services remotely to users through the Internet. Services hosted within the cloud can potentially incur processing delays due to load sharing among other active services, and

A Proposed Architecture of Cloud Computing for Education System in Bangladesh and the Impact on Current Education System
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT In this modern era the developing countries will be remain mired in poverty unless they preoccupy more on widening the technology and innovation to everywhere throughout the country including urban to small rural areas. The essence of Computer is now swelling

Leveraging cloud computing in Geodatabase Management
FREE ABSTRACT In this work, we leverage Cloud computing technologies in scaling out data management in geographical databases. In particular, we tackle the issue of data indexing in parallel. First, spatial data is partitioned and indexed in a Hadoop MapReduce cluster.

An Ontology-Supported Ubiquitous Interface Agent for Cloud Computing-Example on Bluetooth Wireless Technique with Java Programming
FREE ABSTRACT This paper focused on designing of a ubiquitous interface agent based on the ontology technology and interaction diagram with the backend information agent system, ie, OntoIAS, in cloud computing environments. Through the techniques of packet decoding

Cloud Computing: The Need for Portability and Interoperability
FREE The business benefits of cloud computing are clear: the ability to leverage virtualized infrastructure for greater efficiency, and to be able to dial up - or dial down - a specific service, based directly on business need. Rapid provisioning is a key element in supporting this scalability and

Large-scale parallel computing of cloud resolving storm simulator
FREE DOWNLOAD A sever thunderstorm is composed of strong convective clouds. In order to perform a simulation of this type of storms, a very fine-grid system is necessary to resolve individual convective clouds within a large domain. Since convective clouds are highly complicated

Cloud computing based on service-oriented platform
FREE DOWNLOAD Cloud computing is a recent concept for using information and communications technology (ICT), in which ICT resources, such as servers and storage devices, existing in the Cloud (Internet) are used via a network. It offers the following advantages to customers: They do

Cloud Computing: A solution to Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Geographical Information Systems or Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) is a collection of tools that captures, stores, analyzes, manages, and presents data that are linked to geographical locations. GIS plays an essential role in wide range of areas and is


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