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Mobile cloud computing : the future of cloud
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The cloud model as defined by NIST promotes On-demand self service: A consumer can unilaterally provision computing capabilities, such as server time and network storage, as needed automatically without requiring human interaction with each service provider

Android blood donor life saving application in cloud computing
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Computing In order to enhance voluntary blood donation in developing countries like India is based on well- defined frameworks and operational guide for VII. CONCLUSION This project aims to create a web application known as cloud application for android mobiles

Face recognition for social media with mobile cloud computing
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In this paper, we implement augmented reality without marker on Android platform, but we use the face as a primary The system in this paper was designed to combine the computation which is run on mobile device and the advantage of cloud computing as explained in [4

An Agent-based Optimization Framework for Mobile - Cloud Computing .
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An Agent-based Optimization Framework for Mobile - Cloud Computing of the proposed framework in terms of application execution time and energy consumption on the mobile device . A Motorola Atrix 4G device (with Dual-core 1GHz processor) [19] running the Android 2.3 [17

Real-time mobile - cloud computing for context-aware blind navigation
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set and draining the battery of the mobile device by running the detection algorithm on the device signals in a picture captured by the camera of the Android mobile phone With the help of Cloud Computing , we will be able to run all detection algorithms (those detecting the

AgroMobile: a cloud -based framework for agriculturists on mobile platform
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the advantages of cloud computing technologies on to a simple mobile device particularly the mobile phones , reducing the And use virtualization concept so that other that the Android OS other platforms can also use M. Lariviere, Kaizen and Cloud Computing for Agriculture

Survey on mobile cloud computing
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Fig.7. Mobile cloud Approach with parallel storage V. FUTURE OF MOBILE COMPUTING technology Examples:PDA Cell Phone -Cell Phones working with WLANsCell Phones with MP3 players 2. Wired devices thing of the pastLand lines 3. Android app development VI

A remote sensor network using android things and cloud computing for the food reserve agency in Zambia
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Blockchain technology is perhaps the de facto example of what is entailed by cloud computing as it is a It is also important to note that the Android Things OS does not come with any app publish/subscribe protocol over TCP/IP with a level of quality of service defined and was

Android application to enhance performance of internship program implementing cloud computing platform and infrastructure
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Mobile computing framework is defined as computing systems that be easily moved physically and Cloud computing uptake has only recently begun and many systems are in the proof-of-concept A List of Cloud services is shown in Fig.1. Windows Azure Mobile Services

A mobile - cloud pedestrian crossing guide for the blind
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in the frame and sending a response as appropriate back to the mobile device over a TCP and status of pedestrian signals in a picture captured by the camera of the Android mobile phone With the help of Cloud Computing , we will be able to run all detection algorithms (those

Adaptive multimedia learning delivered in mobile cloud computing environment
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In Table a comparison of the different mobile device media platforms is based on different formats and coding protocols for Apple, Android and Symbian Future mobile cloud computing applications should be able to provide conversion of media types to a compatible

Keystroke dynamic authentication in mobile cloud computing
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v. KDA can help to improve privacy and security of mobile cloud computing . 1.3 Problem Statement MCC How to create the secure communication between mobile user and cloud servers defined keystrokes duration as an attributes to measuring keystrokes of mobile users

Issues in Adopting Agile Development Principles for Mobile Cloud Computing Applications.
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Each of these services contain multiple components defined as functions based on the architecture Fig 2. Android Application Architecture and alignment with WCF This work bridges the gap existing in the software engineering, cloud computing and mobile application

Mobile Learning System based on Cloud Computing .
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mobile devices with the mobile learning system based on cloud computing (such as mobile phones , PDA, etc.) Function The mobile learning system designed in this paper is based on cloud computing , mobile learning can be realized only need the Android client provides

Mobile cloud computing for data-intensive applications
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useful to have a mobile cloud computing platform available that allows us to build applications that that were compiled using a Sun compiler will not run on the Android phones Since mobile phones do not have machine names as traditional desktop computers and servers do

Security in fog computing through encryption
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overcome the problems or issues of security, a new technique called fog- computing is evolved are security issues in fog even after getting the encrypted data from cloud , we implemented We took android mobile as an edge device and deployed the encryption over datasets into

Mobile Computing and Cloud maturity-Introducing Machine Learning for ERP Configuration Automation.
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This database is created on the HTML page and its population is not done as usual via data input. The supported platforms are Android , iPhone, Android , WebOs and Tizen Cloud computing can be defined as a solu- Page 5. 44 Informatica Economică vol. 1 no

Cloud computing support for enhanced health applications
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Indiana University, USA, November 30 December pp 5 Doukas, C Mobile Healthcare Information Management Utilizing Cloud Computing and Android Operating System , Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) Annual International

Measurement and monitoring of soil moisture using cloud IoT and android system
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a system for monitoring and measurement of soil moisture using Cloud IoT and Android system The device is to record the real- time data using Cloud technology and Blynk Using mobile computing technology the person can observe the data anywhere and can react quickly

Increase the performance of mobile smartphones using partition and migration of mobile applications to cloud computing
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There are several of researches about Mobile Cloud Computing can be found in [2 2 23 partition and offloading calculation on cloud and mobile , we implement cloud clone application to take decision of performing all application processes on an android mobile device or to

Using cloud computing in higher education: A strategy to improve agility in the current financial crisis
M Mircea ,Communications of the IBIMA, 2010 ,
Abstract In the current financial crisis and being challenged by growing needs, universities
are facing problems in providing necessary information technology (IT) support for
educational, research and development activities. The objective of this paper is to find 

Combining Business Intelligence with Cloud Computing to delivery agility in actual economy
M Mircea, B Ghilic-Micu ,Journal of Economic , 2011 ,
Abstract. The present economic crisis experienced by all the states of the world orients more
and more the information technology industry towards efficiency. One of the instruments that
can provide efficiency to an organization is Cloud Computing. At the same time, any 

A Khan ,International Journal of ComputerScience , 2011 ,
More of us use our mobile phones as mini-computers that travel with us and keep us
connected 24 hours a day, and that number will surely continue to grow. Mobiles are now
integral part of business world and importance of mobile database is inevitable. According 

Data Security Model for Cloud Computing
WB Dai Yuefa, G Yaqiang, Z Quan ,2009 ,
Abstract-With the development of cloud computing, Data security becomes more and more
important in cloud computing. This paper analyses the basic problem of cloud computing