cloud computing research paper and project-10

cloud computing research paper and project-10

Cloud Computing–Outsourcing 2.0 or a new Business Model for IT Provisioning?
FREE The term cloud computing is sometimes used to refer to a new paradigm–some authors even speak of a new technology–that flexibly offers IT resources and services over the Internet. Gartner market research sees cloud computing as a so-called emerging

Towards Analyzing Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing Environments
FREE DOWNLOAD There is a growing trend of using cloud environments for ever growing storage and data processing needs. However, adopting a cloud computing paradigm may have positive as well as negative effects on the data security of service consumers. This paper primarily

IT auditing to assure a secure cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT In this paper we discuss the evolvement of cloud computing paradigm and present a framework for secure cloud computing through IT auditing. Our approach is to establish a general framework using checklists by following data flow and its lifecycle. The checklists

Cloud Computing through mobile-learning
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Cloud computing is the new technology that has various advantages and it is an adoptable technology in this present scenario. The main advantage of the cloud computing is that this technology reduces the cost effectiveness for the implementation of the

Cloud Computing
FREE ABSTRACT Cloud  computing–a relatively recent term, defines the paths ahead in computer science world. Being built on decades of research it utilizes all recent achievements in virtualization, distributed computing, utility computing, and networking. It implies a service

State of public sector cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Obama Administration is changing the way business is done in Washington and bringing a new sense of responsibility to how we manage taxpayer dollars. We are working to bring the spirit of American innovation and the power of technology to

Special section: Federated resource management in grid and cloud computing systems
FREE Welcome to the special issue of Future Generation Computer System (FGCS) journal. This special issue compiles a number of excellent technical contributions that significantly advance the state-of-the-art in federated management [1–3] of Grid and Cloud computing

An evaluation of KVM for use in cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD In this paper we describe a virtual cluster based on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) as an alternative to VMWare and Xen. Specifically we show how the virtual cluster is built and tailored to fit virtual organizations. The technique presented in this paper, known as

Securing personal health records in cloud computing: Patient-centric and fine-grained data access control in multi-owner settings
FREE DOWNLOAD Online personal health record (PHR) enables patients to manage their own medical records in a centralized way, which greatly facilitates the storage, access and sharing of personal health data. With the emergence of cloud computing, it is attractive for the PHR service

Securecloud: Towards a comprehensive security framework for cloud computing environments
FREE ABSTRACT Cloud computing has recently gained tremendous momentum but still is in its infancy. It has the potential for significant cost reduction and the increased operating efficiencies in computing. Although security issues are delaying its fast adoption, cloud

Enabling Large Scale Scientific Computations for Expressed Sequence Tag Sequencing over Grid and Cloud Computing Clusters
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT. Compute-intensive biological applications are heavily reliant on the availability of computing resources. Grid based HPC clusters and emerging Cloud computing clusters provide a large scale computing environment for scientific users. However, large scale

Mathematical proof of the inevitability of cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Cloud computing represents a new model and underlying technology for IT. However, the value of cloud computing may beAbstracted as the value of any on-demand utility: rental cars, taxi cabs, hotel rooms, or the like.

Using cloud computing for E-learning systems
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Cloud computing is growing rapidly, with applications in almost any area, including education. E-learning systems usually require many hardware and software resources. There are many educational institutions that cannot afford such investments, and cloud

Where are we at with cloud computing?: a descriptive literature review
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Cloud computing is an exciting area for research, because of its relative novelty and exploding growth. In this paper, we present a descriptive literature review and classification scheme for cloud computing research. The former consists of 58 articles published since


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