cloud computing research paper-11

cloud computing research paper-11

Considerations on the Interoperability of and between Cloud Computing Standards
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Cloud computing has gaining importance in the recent past due to the conjunction of well-known key features, such as virtualization and pay-by-use, which together form an innovative concept. Even if cloud computing does not have a widely accepted definition, it

Cloud computing and the issue of privacy
FREE DOWNLOAD BY STEPHEN ARNOLD former Oracle (oracle. com) executive, and the Oracle relational database management system is the data management heart of the company. Salesforce. com was among the first cloud computing companies to market to companies unable or

Which Cloud Computing Platform Is Right For You
FREE DOWNLOAD ExECuTIvE SummARY Cloud computing platforms are more than just shared, multitenant infrastructures on the public Internet. There are actually three infrastructure-as-a-service cloud deployment options available to enterprises today, each with unique characteristics

Cloud Computing Challenges and related security issues
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT The field of cloud computing is still in its infancy as far as implementation and usage, partly because it is heavily promoted by technology advancement and is so high resource dependent that researches in academic institutions have not had many

Cloud computing for small research groups in computational science and engineering: current status and outlook
FREE ABSTRACT Cloud computing could offer good business models for small computational science and engineering (CSE) research groups because these groups often do not have enough human resources and knowledge to manage the complexity of computational and data

RC2: A living lab for cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT In this paper we present our experience in building the Research Compute Cloud (RC2), a cloud computing platform for use by the worldwide IBM Research community. Within four months of its official release RC2 has reached a community of 260

FREE DOWNLOAD Applying double-sided combinational auctions to resource allocation in cloud computing

FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT We believe that a market-based resource allocation will be effective in a cloud computing environment where resources are virtualized and delivered to users as services. We propose such a market mechanism to allocate services to participants efficiently. The

Open Cloud Computing Interface-Use cases and requirements for a Cloud API
FREE ABSTRACT This document is an informal description of Use Cases and requirements for the OOCI Cloud API. Created by the Open Cloud Computing Interface working group. This document records the needs of IaaS Cloud computing managers and administrators in the

To move or not to move: The economics of cloud computing
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Cloud-based hosting promises cost advantages over conventional in-house (on- premise) application deployment. One important question when considering a move to the cloud is whether it makes sense for my application to migrate to the cloud. This question is

From Cloud Computing to Language Engineering, Affective Computing and Advanced Intelligence
FREE DOWNLOAD This paper discusses the definition, intension, and extension of language engineering, affective computing, and advanced intelligence, as well as the relationship among the three fields. By reporting the latest progress and future prospects, we attempt to unify language

Cloud computing landscape and research challenges regarding trust and reputation
FREE DOWNLOAD ABSTRACT Cloud Computing is an emerging com-puting paradigm. It shares massively scalable, elastic resources (eg, data, calculations, and services) transparently among the users over a massive network. The Cloud market is growing rapidly and bringing up


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