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I/O virtualization bottlenecks in cloud computing today
J Shafer ,Proceedings of the 2nd conference on I/O , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT Cloud computing is gaining popularity as a way to virtualize the datacenter and
increase flexibility in the use of computation resources. This type of system is best
exemplified by Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud and related products. Recently, a new 

An analysis of the cloud computing security problem
M Almorsy,  the proc. of the 2010 Asia Pacific Cloud , 2010 ,
Abstract—Cloud computing is a new computational paradigm that offers an innovative
business model for organizations to adopt IT without upfront investment. Despite the
potential gains achieved from the cloud computing, the model security is still questionable 

Cost and benefit of the SLA mapping approach for defining standardized goods in cloud computing markets
VC Emeakaroha, M Risch , Cloud Computing ( , 2010 ,
Abstract Due to the large variety in computing resources and, consequently, the large
number of different types of Service Level Agreements (SLAs), any market for computing
resources faces the potential problem of a low market liquidity. To counteract this problem, 

Honoring SLAs on cloud computing services: a control perspective
CA Yfoulis ,Proceedings of EUCA/IEEE , 2009 ,
Abstract—This work contains a short survey of recent results in the literature with a view to
opening up new research directions for the problem of honoring SLAs on cloud computing
services. This is a new problem that has attracted significant interest recently, due to the 

A survey on cloud computing
A Goyal ,University of British Columbia , 2009 ,
Cloud computing provides customers the illusion of infinite computing resources which are
available from anywhere, anytime, on demand. Computing at such an immense scale
requires a framework that can support extremely large datasets housed on clusters of 

Above-campus services: shaping the promise of cloud computing for higher education
B Wheeler ,Educause Review, 2009 ,
Cloud computing has arisen as the in-vogue description for the massive aggregation of a
wide variety of IT services delivered via fast digital networks—much like power generation
and the electrical grid of a public utility. The idea is not new. In fact, the concept of today’s 

Cloud computing research and security issues
Computational Intelligence and , 2010 ,
Abstract—Cloud computing, a rapidly developing information technology, has aroused the
concern of the whole world. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared
resources, software and information, are provided to computers and devices on-demand, 

/index/4673386L71564N37.pdf” > FREE DOWNLOAD Adapting market-oriented scheduling policies for cloud computing
Algorithms and Architectures for Parallel Processing, 2010 ,Springer
Provisioning extra resources is necessary when the local resources are not sufficient to meet
the user requirements. Commercial Cloud providers offer the extra resources to users in an
on demand manner and in exchange of a fee. Therefore, scheduling policies are required 

Cloud Computing Value Chains: Understanding Businesses and Value Creation in the Cloud
AB Mohammed, J Altmann ,Economic Models and Algorithms , 2010 ,Springer
Based on the promising developments in Cloud Computing technologies in recent years,
commercial computing resource services (eg Amazon EC2) or software-as-a-service
offerings (eg Salesforce. com) came into existence. However, the relatively weak business 

Mobile healthcare information management utilizing cloud computing and android OS
C Doukas, T Pliakas ,Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med , 2010 ,
Abstract—Cloud Computing provides functionality for managing information data in a
distributed, ubiquitous and pervasive manner supporting several platforms, systems and
applications. This work presents the implementation of a mobile system that enables 

How cloud computing works
J Strickland ,Howstuffworks, 2008 ,
Let’s say you’re an executive at a large corporation. Your particular responsibilities include
making sure that all of your employees have the right hardware and software they need to
do their jobs. Buying computers for everyone isn’t enough you also have to purchase 

Federal cloud computing strategy
V Kundra ,position paper of the CIO of the US government, 2011 ,
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Federal Government’s current Information Technology (IT)
environment is characterized by low asset utilization, a fragmented demand for resources,
duplicative systems, environments which are difficult to manage, and long procurement 

Privacy and Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing.
LJ Sotto, BC Treacy ,World Communications Regulation , 2010 ,
In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments of the
information technology industry. The ability to leverage economies of scale, geographic

Why open source software /free software (OSS/FS) Look at the numbers
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This paper provides quantitative data that, in many cases, using open source software /free software is a reasonable or even superior approach to using their proprietary competition according to various measures. This papers goal is to show that you should consider using

The effects of extrinsic motivations and satisfaction in open source software development
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As a new phenomenon in the software industry, Open Source Software (OSS) development has attracted a high level of research interest. Examining what motivates participants in OSS projects and how to enhance the effects of motivations has received increased attention in
and automated systems to drive down costs makes 

Implementation issues of a cloud computing platform
B Peng, B Cui ,Data Engineering, 2009 ,
Abstract Cloud computing is Internet based system development in which large scalable
computing resources are provided “as a service” over the Internet to users. The concept of
cloud computing incorporates web infrastructure, software as a service (SaaS), Web 2.0 

Secure Document Service for Cloud Computing
JS Xu, RC Huang, WM Huang  Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
The development of cloud computing is still in its initial stage, and the biggest obstacle is
A cryptographic key generation scheme for multilevel data security
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In 1982, and Taylor proposed an elegant solution to rhe partially ordered multilevel key distribution problem, using a cryptographic approach. Since then, continuing research has been conducred to try to realize and simplify their scheme. Generally speaking, there are

Towards achieving data security with the cloud computing adoption framework.
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Offering real-time data security for petabytes of data is important for Cloud Computing. A recent survey on cloud security states that the security of users data has the highest priority as well as concern. We believe this can only be able to achieve with an approach that is

Data security model for cloud computing
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With the development of cloud computing, Data security becomes more and more important in cloud computing. This paper analyses the basic problem of cloud computing data security . With the analysis of HDFS architecture, we get the data security requirement of cloud

Data security in cloud computing with elliptic curve cryptography
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Cloud computing is one of todays hottest research areas due to its ability to reduce costs associated with computing while increasing scalability and flexibility for computing services. Cloud computing is Internet based computing due to shared resources, software and the protection of data from accidental or malicious modification, destruction, or disclosure (FIPS); the science and study of methods of protecting data in computer and communications systems against unauthorized disclosure, transfer, delay, modifications, or

Privacy and Data Security Risks in Cloud Computing.
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In recent years, cloud computing has emerged as one of the fastest-growing segments of the information technology industry. The ability to leverage economies of scale, geographic distribution,

Robust data security for cloud while using third party auditor
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Cloud computing has been envisioned as the next-generation technology of IT industries. The Cloud is a platform where data owner remotely store their data in the cloud to enjoy the high quality applications and services. The client or data owner send their data to data

Enhancing data security using video steganography
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Information security has become the area of concern as a result of widespread use of communication medium over the internet. This paper focuses on the data security approach when combined with encryption and steganographic techniques for secret communication
. How to guarantee the privacy of user data is a worthwhile study. This paper
has proposed a secure document service mechanism based on cloud computing. Out of