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Grid and cloud computing: opportunities for integration with the next generation network
T Rings, G Caryer, J Gallop, J Grabowski , of Grid Computing, 2009 ,Springer
Abstract Carrier-grade networks of the future are currently being standardized and designed
under the umbrella name of Next Generation Network (NGN). The goal of NGN is to provide
a more flexible network infrastructure that supports not just data and voice traffic routing, 

A game-theoretic method of fair resource allocation for cloud computing services
G Wei, AV Vasilakos, Y Zheng ,The Journal of Supercomputing, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract As cloud-based services become more numerous and dynamic, resource
provisioning becomes more and more challenging. A QoS constrained resource allocation
problem is considered in this paper, in which service demanders intend to solve 

Token-based cloud computing
AR Sadeghi,   Trust and Trustworthy Computing, 2010 ,Springer
Secure outsourcing of computation to an untrusted (cloud) service provider is becoming
more and more important. Pure cryptographic solutions based on fully homomorphic and

Do clouds compute? a framework for estimating the value of cloud computing
J Nimis , E-Business Systems. Markets, Services, and , 2009 ,Springer
On-demand provisioning of scalable and reliable compute services, along with a cost model
that charges consumers based on actual service usage, has been an objective in distributed
computing research and industry for a while. Cloud Computing promises to deliver on this 

Effectively and securely using the cloud computing paradigm
P Mell ,NIST, Information Technology Lab, 2009 ,
Cl d ti i dlf bli• Cloud computing is a model for enabling convenient, on-demand network
access to a shared pool of configurable computing shared pool of configurable computing
resources (eg, networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly 

What’s new about cloud computing security?
Y Chen, V Paxson , of California, Berkeley Report No. UCB/ , 2010 ,
ABSTRACT While the economic case for cloud computing is compelling, the security
challenges it poses are equally striking. In this work we strive to frame the full space of cloud-
computing security issues, attempting to separate justified concerns from possible over-

Is cloud computing ready for the enterprise
J Staten, S Yates, FE Gillett ,Forrester Research, , 2008 ,
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cloud computing is a new IT outsourcing model that doesn’t yet
meet the criteria of enterprise IT and isn’t supported by most of the key corporate vendors. It’s
wildly popular with startups, exactly fits the way small businesses like to buy things, and 

Open cirrusTM cloud computing testbed: federated data centers for open source systems and services research
R Campbell, I Gupta, M Heath, SY Ko , in cloud computing, 2009 ,
Abstract There are a number of important and useful testbeds, such as PlanetLab, EmuLab,
IBM/Google cluster, and Amazon EC2/S3, that enable researchers to study different aspects
of distributed computing. However, no single testbed supports research spanning systems

Outsourcing business to cloud computing services: Opportunities and challenges
HR Motahari-Nezhad, B Stephenson ,IEEE Internet Computing, , 2009 ,
Abstract: Advances in service oriented architecture (SOA) have brought us close to the once
imaginary vision of establishing and running a virtual business, a business in which most or
all of its business functions are outsourced to online services. Cloud computing offers a 

Service Level Agreement in cloud computing
 Cloud Workshops at OOPSLA, 2009 ,
Abstract. Cloud computing that provides cheap and pay-as-you-go computing resources is
rapidly gaining momentum as an alternative to traditional IT Infrastructure. As more and
more consumers delegate their tasks to cloud providers, Service Level Agreements (SLA) 

Identity-based authentication for cloud computing
H Li, Y Dai, L Tian  Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
Cloud computing is a recently developed new technology for complex systems with massive-
scale services sharing among numerous users. Therefore, authentication of both users and
services is a significant issue for the trust and security of the cloud computing. SSL 

Assessing the security risks of cloud computing
J Heiser ,Gartner Report, 2008
Organizations considering cloud-based services must understand the associated risks,
defining acceptable use cases and necessary compensating controls before allowing them
to be used for regulated or sensitive information. Cloud-computing environments have IT 

Searching for SNPs with cloud computing
Genome , 2009 ,
Abstract As DNA sequencing outpaces improvements in computer speed, there is a critical
need to accelerate tasks like alignment and SNP calling. Crossbow is a cloud-computing
software tool that combines the aligner Bowtie and the SNP caller SOAPsnp. Executing in 

Cloud computing privacy concerns on our doorstep
C ComPUtING ,Communications of the ACM, 2011 ,

communications of the acm 37 fidentiality, but the data was just about one conference.
Cloud computing solutions allow data to be aggregated across thousands of conferences 

Intercloud: Utility-oriented federation of cloud computing environments for scaling of application services
Algorithms and Architectures for , 2010 ,Springer
Cloud computing providers have setup several data centers at different geographical
locations over the Internet in order to optimally serve needs of their customers around the
world. However, existing systems do not support mechanisms and policies for dynamically 

/index/3Q57638J61N2313K.pdf” > FREE DOWNLOAD Enabling public verifiability and data dynamics for storage security in cloud computing
Computer Security–ESORICS , 2009 ,Springer
Cloud Computing has been envisioned as the next-generation architecture of IT Enterprise.
It moves the application software and databases to the centralized large data centers, where
the management of the data and services may not be fully trustworthy. This unique 

Strengthen cloud computing security with federal identity management using hierarchical identity-based cryptography
L Yan, C Rong  Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
More and more companies begin to provide different kinds of cloud computing services for
Internet users at the same time these services also bring some security problems. Currently
the majority of cloud computing systems provide digital identity for users to access their 

Cloud Computing
W Kim ,Status and Prognosis”, in Journal of Object Technology, 2009 ,
Wikipedia n/a Cloud computing is Internet-(? cloud-?) based development and use of
computer technology (? computing?). In concept, it is a paradigm shift whereby details are
abstracted from the users who no longer need knowledge of, expertise in, or control over 

Toward a cloud computing research agenda
K Birman,  SIGACT News, 2009 ,
Abstract The 2008 LADIS workshop on Large Scale Distributed Systems brought together
leaders from the commercial cloud computing community with researchers working on a
variety of topics in distributed computing. The dialog yielded some surprises: some hot 

Cloud computing: An overview
L Qian, Z Luo, Y Du  Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
In order to support the maximum number of user and elastic service with the minimum
resource, the Internet service provider invented the cloud computing. within a few years,
emerging cloud computing has became the hottest technology. From the publication of 

The case for cloud computing in genome informatics
LD Stein ,Genome Biol, 2010 ,
Abstract With DNA sequencing now getting cheaper more quickly than data storage or
computation, the time may have come for genome informatics to migrate to the cloud.  The
case for cloud computing in genome  *Correspondence: 

The NIST definition of cloud computing
P Mell ,National Institute of Standards and Technology, 2009 ,
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) developed this document in
furtherance of its statutory responsibilities under the Federal Information Security
Management Act (FISMA) of 2002,

Cloud computing
BT OGRAPH ,Communications of the ACM, 2008 ,
TEIN 10 communications of the acm| JULY 2008| voL. 51| no. 7 news ing platform of the
vendor’s choosing. Updates and bug fixes are deployed in minutes.(But the challenges of
diversity don’t entirely disappear; the serverside software must be able to interact with a 

A performance analysis of EC2 cloud computing services for scientific computing
S Ostermann, N Yigitbasi, R Prodan  Cloud Computing, 2010 ,Springer
Cloud Computing is emerging today as a commercial infrastructure that eliminates the need
for maintaining expensive computing hardware. Through the use of virtualization, clouds
promise to address with the same shared set of physical resources a large user base with 

Cloudbus toolkit for market-oriented cloud computing
Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
This keynote paper:(1) presents the 21st century vision of computing and identifies various
IT paradigms promising to deliver computing as a utility;(2) defines the architecture for
creating market-oriented Clouds and computing atmosphere by leveraging technologies 

A privacy manager for cloud computing
Y Shen  Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
We describe a privacy manager for cloud computing, which reduces the risk to the cloud
computing user of their private data being stolen or misused, and also assists the cloud
computing provider to conform to privacy law. We describe different possible architectures 

High performance parallel computing with clouds and cloud technologies
 Cloud Computing, 2010 ,Springer
Infrastructure services (Infrastructure-as-a-service), provided by cloud vendors, allow any
user to provision a large number of compute instances fairly easily. Whether leased from
public clouds or allocated from private clouds, utilizing these virtual resources to perform 

Science clouds: Early experiences in cloud computing for scientific applications
K Keahey, R Figueiredo, J Fortes  Cloud computing and , 2008 ,
The Science Clouds provide EC2-style cycles to scientific projects. This document contains a
description of technologies enabling this project and an early summary of its experiences. 
The Science Clouds project was initiated by the University of Chicago (UC) and the 

Cloud computing: a perspective study
L Wang, , X He , Generation Computing, 2010 ,Springer
Abstract The Cloud computing emerges as a new computing paradigm which aims to
provide reliable, customized and QoS guaranteed dynamic computing environments for end-
users. In this paper, we study the Cloud computing paradigm from various aspects, such 

What cloud computing really means
E Knorr ,InfoWorld, 2008 ,
As a metaphor for the Internet,” the cloud” is a familiar cliché, but when combined with”
computing,” the meaning gets bigger and fuzzier. Some analysts and vendors define cloud
computing narrowly as an updated version of utility computing: basically virtual servers [1] 

Community cloud computing
 Cloud Computing, 2009 ,Springer
Cloud Computing is rising fast, with its data centres growing at an unprecedented rate.
However, this has come with concerns over privacy, efficiency at the expense of resilience,
and environmental sustainability, because of the dependence on Cloud vendors such as 

/index/n2646591h5447777.pdf” > FREE DOWNLOAD Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges
Q Zhang, L Cheng ,Journal of Internet Services and , 2010 ,Springer
Abstract Cloud computing has recently emerged as a new paradigm for hosting and
delivering services over the Internet. Cloud computing is attractive to business owners as it
eliminates the requirement for users to plan ahead for provisioning, and allows