cloud computing research papers 2012-31

 Cloud Computing: Introduction to the Course, Terminology, and Concepts Week 1 Lecture
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Provide the students with the fundamental knowledge, understanding, and skills required
for designing, building, and evolving IT systems and infrastructures to exploit cloud
computing paradigm.• Cover not only the computing and software related topics of 

 Cloud Computing: A Catalyst for Commercial Success of Computing Trends
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Abstract-Internet is growing in many ways, be it the importance, functionalities, growth, users
and last but not the least, the ease with which it can be accessed. Way back the access was
via limited dialup connections at home, or the company network in the offices. Later its use 

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J Malhotra, MS Jadhav ,
Abstract:-This paper firstly introduces the characteristics and architecture of cloud
computing, then characteristics of E-Education. By combining these two characteristics we
can focus the application in order to improve the resources stability, balance and 

 Data Dynamics for Storage Security and Public Auditability in Cloud Computing
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S Kayalvizhi, S Jagadeeswari
Abstract-Cloud Computing has been envisioned as the next-generation architecture of IT
Enterprise. It moves the application software and databases to the centralized large data
centers, where the management of the data and services may not be fully trustworthy. The 

 An Auction Mechanism for Resource Allocation in Mobile Cloud Computing Systems
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Abstract—A mobile cloud computing system has various heterogeneous services and
resources to be allocated by the cloud service provider to mobile cloud users. Some of these
resources are substitutable (eg, users can use storage from different places) that they 

 Experimental Investigation on Grouping of Facts for Efficient Web Search in Cloud Computing
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S Saravanan
Abstract—The basic elements of a search engine process are crawling, storage, indexing
and ranking algorithms. The current approach towards design of search engines is
monolithic and infrastructure-heavy. In present paper, we discuss a modularized and a 

 Cloud Computing Services Accounting
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Abstract Cloud computing provides a new promising parading to offer services. It brings the
opportunity to develop new business models in the Internet. Classic accounting solutions fail
to full fill the new requirements of these services due to their structural design. To 

 Cloud Computing Operations Research
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Abstract This paper argues that the cloud computing industry faces many decision problems
where operations research could add tremendous value. To this end, we provide an OR
perspective on cloud computing in three ways. First, we compare the cloud computing