comparison between java and .net

Java Is Difficult to code and it allows various advanced frameworks to minimize that effect
through struts,hibernate and eclipse is not the best IDE so it is hardwork but it allows to work in many platform unix and other free

Why open source software /free software (OSS/FS) Look at the numbers
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This paper provides quantitative data that, in many cases, using open source software /free software is a reasonable or even superior approach to using their proprietary competition according to various measures. This papers goal is to show that you should consider using

The effects of extrinsic motivations and satisfaction in open source software development
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As a new phenomenon in the software industry, Open Source Software (OSS) development has attracted a high level of research interest. Examining what motivates participants in OSS projects and how to enhance the effects of motivations has received increased attention in
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.Net is easy ,Allows Multiple Language People To integrate their application easily
C# is mix Of java and C++ and it has allow SOAP to share class libraries with java and vice versa. gives Server side Processing allows Dynamic gives ability to have simple language to code Desktop Application.Visual Studio is By Far Best IDE.CLR in .net allows .net to be platform Independent but Still Microsoft did not give too much important to that right now.
But they Will .
Re: comparison between java and .net

Java has been much more conservative about adding features to the language.
c# has many constructs that java lacks such as
linq, extension methods and events. it also allows you to drop down to low level pointer arithmetic (using unsafe blocks). .net was designed to be a cross language platform and can also be programmed using managed c++ that gives even more interoperability with native code.

i also feel the standard api is stronger in .net especially for async programming (using Tasks) and ui (wpf). .net also has a vast amount of documentation from microsoft on msdn.

what java has though is a stronger support in the linux community and of course on the android platform. it may also be easier to learn java since it has less language features. especially if you’re new to programming in general

if you’re programming on windows though, i’d say .net is the best choice, it has better tools and you’re learning a language that you can use across desktops, servers, web programming, phones and embedded.