computer network research paper 32

 Modelling computer network security
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O Leulescu, T Petrescu, N Militaru ,
Cuvinte cheie. Retea de calculatoare, informatii, securitate, model, protectia datelor.
Abstract. Securitatea retelelor este un serviciu important oferit pentru protectia datelor si
confidentialitatea informatiilor. Folosirea unui model de sceuritate adecvat este importanta 

 Computer Network Based E-learning Model for Educational Institutions through E-publications
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Abstract E-learning has the power to transform the way we learn, and to bring high quality,
accessible learning to everyone-so that every learner can achieve his or her full potential.
One form of elearning that piques learners’ as well as developers’ interest is educational 

 Self-similarity and computer network traffic
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M Taqqu ,
Ethernet local area network traffic appears to be approximately statistically self-similar. This
discovery, made about eight years ago, has had a profound impact on the field. I will try to
explain what statistical self-similarity means, how it is detected and indicate how one can 

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L Roomets ,Universityystems Exchange ,ERIC
The Massachusetts State College Computer Network was established in October of 1973 to
provide a computing and data proceSsing resource for the eleven state colleges of
Massachusetts. The network itself consists of a Control Data Cyber 72 computer lc3cated 

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T Jinoong, Z Ge, ZI Nan, J Wencai ,Transactions of , 2000 ,
Abstract: The wavelength routing technology applied to computer interconnection networks
is introduced in this paper. By analyzing the relation between wavelength and network
routing, we describe a concept of wavelength used as network IP address, and propose a 

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L Kaklauskas ,2009 ,
Abstract. The article deals with statistical university network traffic, by applying the methods
of selfsimilarity and chaos analysis. The object of measurement is Šiauliai University LitNet
network node maintaining institutions of education of the northern Lithuania region. Time 

 Software Package of Computer Network Course in Education
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Q Yingxu ,Network security, 2010
Abstract—The computer network course is the required course that college computer-related
professional sets up, in regard to the current teaching condition, the teaching of this course
has not formed a complete system, some new knowledge points can’t be added in 

 Comprehensive Evaluation Model for Computer Network Security with Linguistic Information
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Y Li, X Shan
Abstract In this paper, we investigate the multiple attribute group decision making (MAGDM)
problems for for evaluating the computer network security with linguistic information. We
utilize the pure linguistic weighted arithmetic averaging (PLWAA) operator to aggregate 

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SB Sadiq-Hussain ,
ABSTRACT: The provision of reasonably priced electrical energy is essential to maintain
and improve the standard of living. Conserving electrical energy has recently become a
distinctive element of our everyday life, at home and in the office. Electrical energy 

 Performance evaluation of a Wireless Computer Network
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JB Lewoc, A Izworski ,Performance evaluation, 2012
Abstract This paper presents a predicted target architecture of an integrated manufacturing
and management system for a manufacturer of household appliances, based on a
metropolitantype infranet and an industrial process control and monitoring wireless 

 Applications of Optimization and Optimal Control Theory to Computer Network Security
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ABSTRACT Computer network security is a high-profile problem that continues to grow in
importance as computer networks become more ubiquitous and as our lives depend on
them more. The combination of the increasing complexity of computer networks and 

 Global Stability of Worms in Computer Network
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BK Mishra ,
Abstract An attempt has been made to show the impact of non-linearity of the worms through
SIRS (susceptible–infectious–recovered-susceptible) and SEIRS (susceptible–exposed–
infectious–recovered-susceptible) e-epidemic models in computer network. A very 

 SIjRS E-Epidemic Model With Multiple Groups of Infection In Computer Network
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BK Mishra ,International Journal of Nonlinear , 2012 ,
Abstract: In order to protect cyber world from different kind of malicious objects, we strived to
develop SI1I2I3RS (Susceptible, Infectious due to worm, Infectious due to virus, Infectious
due to Trojan Horse, Recovered and Susceptible) model for the transmission of malicious 

 Factor Analytic Approach to Computer Network/Information Security Awareness in South-Western Nigeria
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BK Alese, OJ Olojo, M Tech, OS Adewale
ABSTRACT This study was designed to investigate Computer Network Security awareness
using a factor analytic approach with Principal factoring method. The principal objective of
the study principally was to determine and identify how many latent constructs actually 

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L Kleinrock ,
Summary A discussion of the need and structure of computer networks precedes a
comparison of a number of sonetvorks. Various analytic, simulation, and measurement
approaches are discussed and referenced and the interplay between these-methods is 

 ICS311 Assignment 1 Broadcasting in a Computer Network
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K Fujiwara ,2004 ,
A computer network is commonly represented by a weighted, undirected graph G=(V, E).
This paper considers a problem of broadcasting data from one computer to all other
computers so that the completion time of all data transmissions for the broadcast is 

 Improvement of the Computer Network Transmission Band Usage by Packing Agent Technology
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SP Tomasz Bartczak ,
Abstract-In this paper the algorithms which could improve transmission band for computer
network has been shown. The analysis of file size distribution has shown that the typical
website has more than 40% of files with sizes smaller than 1kB. Additionally, these small 

 Multi-Agent System for Informational Support of Collaborative Researchers Work in aComputer Network
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Abstract The article considers the model of researchers’ interaction when conducting a
collaborative project. We also propose a multi-agent system architecture for informational
support of the process of collaborative research using Internet technologies.

 Toolbox to analyze computer-network interaction
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M Peuhkuri ,Computer, 1997 ,
ABSTRACT Understanding the nature of data communications requires tools to collect data
from the computer, the network and their interaction. A tool is needed to get better
understanding of the processes generating traffic to the network.

 Real-Time Multi-Node Data Transmission: Designing a Low Latency Computer Network
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O JamesTola ,
Abstract There is a need to create a model for the distribution of data in computer networks
such that almost every computer system on the network participates in the consumption and
re-distribution of the data and no computer system is over-loaded in the process. This