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A novel dynamic immunization strategy for computer network epidemics
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 Z Han ,Information Security Practice and , 2006 ,Springer
Current immunization strategies for computer network epidemics are based on the
assumption that the vaccines are ready before the epidemics, and it is obviously unrealistic
in computer network. Our study of the targeted immunization on Susceptible-Infected- 

 Computer Network Use Expands Teaching and Learning opportunities
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NL McCaslin ,NACTA journal, 1992 ,
Abstract Colleges and universities are continuously challenged lo stay aOreast with an
ongoing technological revolution. Many of the new types of technology available come and
go with tinle.[lowever, microcomputers have and will continue to make great strides in 

 Cyber Crime based Curve Fitting Analysis in Internet Traffic Sharing in Computer Network
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D Shukla, K Verma, J Dubey ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT Many well-developed countries are having broadband services for there
network connection but under developed countries are still having the dial-up-setup
connection network. The cyber crime users are growing fast in the entire world and 

 Elasticity Variation under Rest State Environment In Case of Internet Traffic Sharing inComputer Network
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D Shukla, S Gangele, K Verma ,International Journal of , 2011
Abstract The traffic sharing problem was introduced by Naldi (2002) in the form of a
probability model using Markov Chains. This model was extended by Shukla and Thakur
(2010) by introducing a rest state. The importance of new state was that user does not 

 Impacts of computer-mediated communication on travel and communication patterns: the Davis Community Network study
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PN Balepur ,1998
 Page 28. 16 Davis Community Network is a community-based computer network, established
to provide a level of telecommunications capability to Davis residents and businesses well
beyond what was previously available to the average home or office. 

 FMS: A computer network fault management system based on the OSI standards
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N Jailani ,Malaysian journal of computer Science, 1998 ,
ABSTRACT Deals with the management of network faults using management applications
based on the OSI standards. Presents the problem domain and a prototype system that
provides several fault management applications. Keywords: Network Management, Fault 

 Using the World-Wide Computer Network, Internet
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O Edvardsen ,Chemical Sciences. Acta Chemica , 1995 ,
Modern computer and information technology has opened up many possibilities for
communicating various types of information e?iciently throughout the world. A non-technical
introduction to some of the available resources on the computer network, Internet, is given 

 Evaluation of network reliability for a computer network subject to a budget constraint
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  Journal of Innovative Computing, Information and , 2010 ,
Abstract. This paper constructs a multistate flow network composed of multistate edges to
model a computer network. Each edge has lead time, capacity, and cost parameters.
Therefore, the minimum transmission time through a single path is not a fixed number. 

 PLA Computer Network Operations: Scenarios, Doctrine, Organizations, and Capability
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J Mulvenon ,Beyond the Strait: PLA Missions Other Than Taiwan ,
Theorists in the Chinese military have long been at the forefront of doctrinal thinking about
cyber conflict, arguing that computer network attack offers Beijing some important
asymmetric advantages against adversaries with superior technology. Yet the actual 

 Maintenance reliability of a computer network with nodes failure in the cloud computing environment
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Abstract. With the development of information technology, the cloud computing service has
become a new paradigm for the business and industry. In a cloud computing environment,
the computer network (CN) can be constructed as a multistate network with several 

 Suboptimal feedback control of TCP flows in computer network using random early discard (RED) mechanism
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NU Ahmed ,Mathematical Problems in Engineering, 2005 ,
We consider a dynamic model that simulates the interaction of TCP sources with active
queue management system (AQM). We propose a modified version of an earlier dynamic
model called RED. This is governed by a system of stochastic differential equations driven 

 Assessing the Computer Network Operations Threat of Foreign Countries
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DE Denning ,Information strategy and warfare: A guide to theory , 2007 ,
As the introduction to this book so aptly stated, advances in information technologies
simultaneously empower and imperil those who use them. They empower by facilitating
communications and the flow of information; they emperil by introducing new 

 Computer Network Visualisation
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R Zschech, P Coddington ,2000 ,
Abstract Computer networks and especially the Internet are by their very nature
tremendously complicated. This is because networks include many hosts and connections
between them. Computer visualisation techniques offer the opportunity to display 

 Security Analysis of a Computer Network
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J Vykopal ,Masaryk University Brno, master thesis, 2008 ,
Abstract In this thesis, methods for security analysis at the IP layer are presented and
evaluated. The evaluation is mainly focused on deployment in real high speed networks.
Next, a solution comprising selected method is proposed. The goal of this solution is to 

 Computer Network Attack and the Laws of Armed Conflict: Searching for Moral Beacons in Twenty-First-Century Cyberwarfare
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ME Haber ,2002
A thesis presented to the Faculty of the US Army Command and General Staff College in partial
fulfillment of the requirements for the degree  MASTER OF MILITARY ART AND SCIENCE
General Studies  MATTHEW E. HABER, MAJ, USAF BA, University of Pittsburgh, 

 Time and Time Interval Measurement with Application to Computer and Network Performance Evaluation
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DL Mills ,Electrical Engineering Technical Memorandum, , 1996 ,
 most experiments in which time is involved, it is necessary to develop estimates of time, frequency
and measurement errors from a series of time measurements between the clocks of a number
of computers and ancillary devices interconnected by some kind of computer network 

Hotel network security: A study of computer networks in US hotels
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J Ogle, E Wagner, MP Talbert ,2008 ,
 Over three decades later and only slightly modified, this is still the standard computer network
used in almost every LAN in the world. Hub: An inexpensive, unsophisticated device which simply
forwards all information it gets on any of its ports to every computer on its network. 

 Computer Simulation Model for a CSMA/CD Local Area Network Utilizing a Multirate Voice Coding Technique for Load Control
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  Sciences Laboratory Technical Report TR-TISL, 1985 ,
CONTROL Victor S. Frost Edward M. Friedman Telecommunications 

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L LI ,American Journal of Engineering and Technology , 2011
 ABSTRACT An index system of security evaluation of computer network system is constructed
based on the tree-shaped security evaluation model of computer network system in terms
of the problem of security evaluation of computer network system. 

 Introduction the Cisco Networking Academy Program into Educational Process of PreparationComputer Network Specialists at Kryvyi Rih Technical University
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Abstract Basic principles and necessity of introduction the Cisco Networking Academy
Program at Kryvyi Rih Technical University are outlined in the article. Advantages of using
this program in the educational process are given.