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The Network is the Computer: The Changing Direction of Classroom Computing
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DD Thornburg ,
 Ordinary people wishing to access a computer network had to do so through an
external modem,typically operating at a speed of only 1200 bits/s, although modems
operating at up to 9600 bits/s were soon coming to market. 

 Protecting the Network Through Desktop Computer Security
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WP Flinn ,2005 ,
 Information Systems Security: Protecting the Network Through Desktop Computer Security When
one thinks of protecting a computer network, visions of highly secure firewalls, authentication
servers, secure networking systems, and even sophisticated message encryption 

 Challenges in Sharing Computer and Network Logs
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A Slagell ,Collaborative Computer Security and , 2010 ,
 In the CD-ROM proceedings of the Computer Network Forensics Research Workshop.
Slagell, A.Yurcik, W. (2005). Sharing Computer Network Logs for Security and Privacy:
A Motivation for New Methodologies of Anonymization. 

 Investigating the Use of Virtualization with Xen in Computer Science Network Programming Classes
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DV Green ,
 A description of a CS networking class here at Clemson is shown below: CP SC 360
Networks and Network Programming 3(3,0) Introduction to basic concepts of computer
network technologies and network programming. Topics 

Models of dynamic relations among service activities, system state and service quality on computer and network systems
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  Information, Knowledge , 2010 ,IOS Press
 When competing service requests with specific service quality requirements come to a computer
network system providing services, the system must determine if its limited system resources
can satisfy these service requests at the required level of service quality and 

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M McClaren ,Rohwedder, W. J, Ed. Computer-Aided Environmental ,ERIC
 educators all over North America. Thus, as a member of the US Steering Committee
of Project WILD, I have been able to give computer network access to all the Canadian
and US coordinators for the project. We have also facilitated 

 Analysis of ANN-based Echo State Network Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks
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S Saravanakumar, TA Mohanaprakash, MR Dharani ,
 critical. A single intrusion of a computer network can result in the loss of unauthorized
utilization or modification of large amounts of data and cause users to question
the reliability of all of the information on the network. IDSs 

 Dynamics and Optimal Shelter for Computer Virus Propagation in Network?
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J Ren ,Journal of InformationComputational Science, 2011
Page 1. Journal of InformationComputational Science 8: 9 (2011) 1735–1745
Propagation in Network ? Jianguo Ren * , Xiaofan Yang College 

 Network–wide Statistical Modeling, Prediction and Monitoring of Computer Traffic
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J Vaughan, S Stoev ,2011 ,
 October 17, 2011 Abstract Computer network use is becoming increasingly widespread,
both in terms of number of users and variety of applications.  The analysis of computer network
traffic on a single link has been the focus of a number of studies. 

 Dependability of Computer and Network Systems
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N Ye ,2006 ,
 21.1 Introduction Industrial Engineering (IE) and computer/network technologies are
intertwined in many ways, but usually in the direction of applying computer/network
technologies to help solve IE problems. These applications 

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HKA Akiyama, TKE Kikutani ,IEEE Transactions , 1985 ,
 TRISTAN computer network  The high-level services offered to the users in the TRISTAN computer
network are: (1) remote execution by one of the EXEC, EXEC-P or IMEX commands and its answer
by the REMIT command, and (2) uniform file access throughout the system. 

 A flexible computer-to-computer protocol for DISNET: Instrument System NETwork
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Page 1. Journal of Automatic Chemistry, Volume 6, Number 4 (October-December
1984), pages 192-196 A flexible computer-to-computer protocol for DISNET: a
Distributed Instrument System NETwork Paul J. Gemperline and 

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X WANG ,American Journal of Engineering and Technology , 2011
 As the widespread use of computer network, the propagation of computer virus has shifted from
the previous disc to the internet, for example, the webpage unintentionally clicked, the document
downloaded from some websites, or the E-mail opened can transmit virus. 

 Tra¥ c Characteristics of the T2 NSFNET Backbone Kimberly C. Claffy and George C. Polyzos Hans-Werner Braun kcdcs. ucsd. edu, polyzosdcs. ucsd. edu
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KC Claffy ,
Page 1. Tra¥c Characteristics of the T2 NSFNET Backbone Kimberly C. Claffy and George C.
Polyzos Hans-Werner Braun, Department
of Computer Science and Engineering Applied Network Research Group 

 Cause-Effect Dynamics of Computer and Network Systems for QoS
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  BM Aranda ,
 When competing service requests with specific QoS requirements come to a computer network
system providing services, the system must determine if its limited system resources can
accommodate the service requests and provide the services at the required QoS level. 

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