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Analysis and Comparison of Buffer Sharing Strategies in a Message Switched Computer Network Node
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TP Yum ,Proceedings of the National Science , 1983 ,
ABSTRACT Three buffer allocation strategies are analyzed: l) CS-CP strategy—Complete
Sharing scheme is used in the input buffer and Complete Partitioning scheme is used for the
output buffer, 2) CS-CS strategy-Complete Sharing scheme is used for both the input and 

 Queueing Network Models of Packet-Switching Networks* SS Lam Department of Computer Science University of Texas
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JW Wong ,1981 ,
Page 1. Queueing Network Models of Packet-Switching Networks* SS Lam
Department of Computer Science University of Texas Austin, Texas 78712 JW Wong
Department of Computer Science University of Waterloo Waterloo 

 Using the Security Protocol Game to teach computer network security
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LGC Hamey ,
Abstract: The Security Protocol Game is a highly interactive game for teaching secure data
communications protocols. Students use the game to simulate security protocols and
explore possible attacks against them. The power of the game lies in the representation it 

 vLab: A Cloud based Resource and Service Sharing Platform for Computer and Network Security Education
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A Kadne ,2010
 The goal of this research is to develop a cloud based resource and service sharing platform for
Computer network security education aka Virtual Lab. Page 3. ii To My Beloved Family Page
4. iii  sharing platform for Computer network security education, aka Virtual Lab. 

 Managing Network Elements in the Computer Network
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Abstract-This paper describes the process of development network management application
in the IT infrastructure using the Java Management Extension (JMX). Control system, based
on SNMP protocol, consists of management applications, management agents and 

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 different network users. In the packet switching computer network host computers
are connected to the so called commu- nication sub-network, consisting of high speed
transmission __ lines and switching computers. The sub 

 Modelling Dataflow in Computer Network
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G Max ,
Abstract. Traffic behaviour in a large-scale network can be viewed as a complicated
nonlinear system. To describe the long-term network traffic behaviour is very difficult in case
of large-scale network. The servers may become overloaded during temporary traffic 

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SG Henderson, B Biller, MH Hsieh, J Shortle ,
ABSTRACT Co-design modeling is considered key toward handling the complexity and
scale of network systems. The ability to separately specify the software and hardware
aspects of computer network systems offers new capabilities beyond what is supported in 

 Graph Mining of Motif Profiles For Computer Network Activity Inference
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W Turkett Jr, E Fulp, C Lever ,2011 ,
ABSTRACT An important component of network resource management and security
enforcement is recognizing the applications active on a network. Unfortunately payload
encryption and the use of non-standard ports render traditional application identification 

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G Maria ,2005
ABSTRACT The Reflective Tutorial Dialogue System (ReTuDiS) is an open learner
modelling system for text comprehension. The system makes diagnosis of the learners’
cognitive profile and engages them in a reflective dialogue. In this paper we present the 

 Tra Ic Characteristics of the T2 NSFNET Backbone Kimberly C. Claffy and George C. Polyzos Hans-Werner Braun kcdcs. ucsd. edu, polyzosdcs. ucsd. edu
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KC Claffy
Page 1. Tra Ic Characteristics of the T2 NSFNET Backbone Kimberly C. Claffy and George C.
Polyzos Hans-Werner Braun, Department
of Computer Science and Engineering Applied Network Research Group 

 Computer Security Meets Digital and Network Forensics: New Ideas in Forensically Sound Adaptive Security
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R Hunt, M Shore ,
 It has evolved as a science concerned with security but from a different viewpoint. The term
digital artefact can include a computer system, storage device, electronic documents or even
a sequence of data packets transmitted across a computer network. 

 Session 7 Natural Language: Speech SYSTEM ORGANIZATIONS FOR SPEECH UNDERSTANDING: Implications of Network and Multiprocessor Computer
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LD Erman, RD Fennel, VR Lesser ,Advance papers of the , 1973
 The geographical constraints suggest the use of a computer network facility as a means by which
one might assemble this total recognition system.  Roberts, LG and BD Wessler (1970), “Computer
Network Development to Achieve Resource Sharing”, Proc. SJCC, 36. 

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S Saravanan, MA Rajan, A Venkatraman, N Sriraam
 TM using computer communication network can be transmitted all Bio-signal of ECG,
EMG, EEG, blood pressure, temperature and all images with high quality[1][2]. Index
Terms: Telemedicine, Computer Network, Distributed Sharing.