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ABSTRACT A general class of hypercube structures is presented in this paper for interconnecting a network of microcomputers in parallel and distributed environments. The interconnection is based on a mixed radix number system and the technique results in aIt has been barely 3 years since our third edition came out, and we are again in need of a new and improved fourth edition. This quick turnaround of editions of a successful book like this is indicative of the rapidly changing technology landscape. We are excited by ourAbstract-The problem of finding optimal routes in a packet- switched computer network can be formulated asa nonlinear multi- commodity flow problem. The application of traditional mathematical programming tech- niques to the solution of the routing problem for reasonably large networks Theory of operation. The general Ethernet approach uses a shared communications channel managed with a distributed control policy known as carriersense multiple access withcollision detection, or CSMA/CD. With this approach, there is no central controller Many of todays computers run with Bell Laboratories Unix operating system, including the PDP-11 and VAX series, Interdata 8/3 and Honeywell 6000.1 (2At least 5000 Unix systems are currently in opera-tion, as compared with approximately 1000 suchsystems at

Intergalactic Computer Network
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First, I apologize humbly for having to postpone the meeting scheduled for 3 1963 in Palo Alto. The ARPA Command Control Research office has just been assigned a new task that must be activated immediately, and I must devote the whole of the coming week to

Adding voice to an office computer network
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This paper describes the architecture and initial implementation of an experimental telephone system developed by the Computer Science Laboratory at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC CSL). A specially designed processor (Etherphone TM) connects

Multi-agent technologies for computer network security: Attack simulation, intrusion detection and intrusion detection learning
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This paper presents experience in application of multi-agent technology to design and implementation of multi-agent systems (MASs) intended to cooperatively solve the currently critical tasks in the area of computer network security assurance. These MASs are Agent

Packet switching in a multi-access broadcast channel with application to satellite communication in a computer network
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COMPUTER SYSTEMS MODELING AND ANALYSIS GROUP REPORT SERIES Richard R. Muntz, Editor Turn, R., Assignment of Inventory of a Variable Structure Computer , January 1 96 ENGRG Rept No. 63-5. Martin, DF, The Automatic Assignment and Sequencing of Computations

Secured binary codes generation for computer network communication
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In this study, new system of quantum cryptography for network communication is proposed. Optical tweezer in the form of potential well can be generated and propagate via a nonlinear modified add/drop interferometer system incorporated with a beam splitter and a time

A performance comparison of different back propagation neural networks methods in computer network intrusion detection
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This paper demonstrated that neural network (NN) techniques can be used in detecting intruders logging onto a computer network when computer users are profiled accurately. Next, the paper compares the performance of the five neural network methods in intrusion

Differential Epidemic Model of Virus and Worms in Computer Network .
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A differential electronic Susceptible-Infectious-Removed-Susceptible (e-SIRS) epidemic model of virus and worms in a computer network has been formulated. Latent period, immune period and time for self replication have been considered. Stability of the result is

Generation of quantum photon information using extremely narrow optical tweezers for computer network communication
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A system of microring resonator (MRR) is presented to generate extremely narrow optical tweezers. An add/drop filter system consisting of one centered ring and one smaller ring on the left side can be used to generate extremely narrow pulse of optical tweezers. Optical

Computer network traffic prediction: a comparison between traditional and deep learning neural networks
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This paper compares four different artificial neural network approaches for computer network traffic forecast, such as: 1) multilayer perceptron (MLP) using the backpropagation as training algorithm; 2) MLP with resilient backpropagation (Rprop);(3) recurrent neural

Two visual computer network security monitoring tools incorporating operator interface requirements
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The critical role of the human operator in security operations has not been a focus of existing tools created by security developers. In this paper we describe interface requirements for usable and effective security operations tools to assess security situational awareness onThetrend towards distributed computing and the used by the programs running on the network . Where desire to access geographically distributed informa- an operating system provides such services as a file tion in a timely manner have stimulated develop- system and program

Freires dream or Foucaults nightmare: Teacher-student relations on an international computer network
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There is much research and discussion on the effects of computer -mediated communication on classroom power structures. Many language teachers and researchers have reported evidence of egalitarianism in electronic communication networks. Others have discussed

Performance comparison between backpropagation algorithms applied to intrusion detection in computer network systems
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In this paper a topology of neural network intrusion detection system is proposed on which different backpropagation algorithms are benchmarked. The proposed methodology uses sampled data from KddCup99 data set, an intrusion detection attacks database that is a

An invariant property of computer network power
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Power has recently evolved as a potentially useful measure of computer network performance in that it suggests an appropriate operating point for simple nets. In this paper we elaborate on the observation that the average number in system is an invariant which

An overview of cyber attack and computer network operations simulation.
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An Overview of Cyber Attack and Computer Network Operations Simulation Sylvain P. Leblanc, Andrew Partington Computer Security Laboratory Royal Military College of Canada Ian Chapman, M lanie Bernier Centre for Operational Research