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Aircraft Yaw Control System using LQR and Fuzzy Logic Controller
ABSTRACT This paper presents a comparative assessment of modern and intelligent
controllers based on time response specification performance for a yaw control of an aircraft
system. The dynamic modeling of yaw control system is performed and an autopilot that

Digital Control of Magnetic Levitation System using Fuzzy Logic Controller
 38, No.1, 271-284 (2010). [2] KHAng, G.Chong, and Y.Li, PID Control System Analysis,
Design and Technology , IEEE Trans .on Control System Technology, vol.13, no.4,

Fuzzy Logic Based Water Bath Temperature Control System
ABSTRACT Since last two decade a substantial amount of research has reported in the field of
control of non-linear dynamical system using fuzzy logic [1]. The work presents in this paper
water bath temperature control system which is most widely used process in the process

Stability of state-proportional integral derivative (PID) feedback control system with time delay
This article proposes a method to compute the maximum allowable delay time (t) for linear-
timeinvariant-time-delayed-systems (LTI-TDS) with state-PID feedback control. It presents
the main theorem with corollary, and computing steps to obtain. t Stability of a LTI-TDS

Modeling of High-Speed Traction Motors Control System Based on Train Communication Network
ABSTRACT In this study, a modeling method is presented for networked traction control
systems by introducing Networked Control Systems (NC Ss) into the asynchronous traction
motor driving system. The NCSs of El\/[Us is base on the Train Communication Network (

Stability Study of Fuzzy Control Processes Application to a Nonlinear Second Order System
 If one of the subsystems is unstable, the closed loop fuzzy control system remains stable.
So the following section is devoted to the description of the fuzzy control system
containing a PI- fuzzy controller and the system to be controlled.

Control System Modeling of Hydraulic Actuator With Compressible Fluid Flow
The paper treats Riemann's partial differential equations in the form (1), where variable µ is
defined by relation (2). Corresponding boundary conditions are defined in various forms,
such as boundary conditions of pressure and flow on the fixed and movable boundaries.

Application of Simple Adaptive Control to Water Hydraulic Servo Cylinder System
 initial conditions. Thus, the adaptive controller is limited in its use for real plants.
In the 80s, some research groups developed an advanced novel adaptive control
system, called simple adaptive control (SAC) [10] . This can be

Modelling and control of distillation columns as a 5 5 system
S Skogestad ,Dechema Monographs ,
 However, in order to obtain a simpler control system, single loops are ususally used
Fig.  The reason is at least threefold: 1. Distillation control is an inherently difficult problem,
or at least it is difficult to find an appropriate control system.

Knowledge base learning control system-part 2: intelligent controller
ABSTRACT In Part 1 of this article, a generic architecture was reported in conjunction with
knowledge base learning control system (KBLCS). When implemented, the architecture is
mapped onto a specialized software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) methods such as

System for Robot Control Inspired By the Functionality and Organisation of the Human Nervous System
 ABSTRACT This paper presents a model of a control system for robot systems inspired by the
functionality and organisation of human neuroregulatory system. Our model was specified using
software agents within a formal framework and implemented through Web Services.

Knowledge base learning control system-part 1: generic architecture
ABSTRACT Different levels of intelligence hierarchically require data, information and
knowledge. Knowledge base control systems (KBCSs) represent an artificial intelligence-
based paradigm that accounts for the use, generation and management of knowledge in

Regular paper Control System of Electro-Mechanical Coupling Dynamics Test-bed of Construction machinery Hybrid Power System
An electro-mechanical coupling dynamics test-bed of construction machinery hybrid power
system is set up. Vibration characteristics under different operating conditions of engine,
motor and hydraulic pump will be tested. The control strategy of the system is put forward.

ABSTRACT This paper is based on the client server technology, in which different clients are
connected to a centralized host machine to share files and folders. Clients should login to
the server and they can upload, download and delete file from the server machine. Server .

Modeling and experiment of a morphing wing integrated with a trailing edge control actuation system
 to draft ratio and flight performance. Morphing wing technology combines the lift
and control surfaces into a seamless wing and integrates the primary structure
together with the internal control system. It makes use of the wing

Attitude Determination and Control System Implementation for 3-Axis-Stabilized Nanosatellites
In this thesis, a procedure is created for Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)
implementation for 3-axis stabilized nanosatellites. The procedure is modified from the
European Cooperation for Space Standardization ECSS to achieve a straightforward

A Comparative Study of Performance of Different Control Architectures for Reactor System
 0.1 10 1 s+ 1 20 1 s+ 2 20 1 s+ Figure 4: Transfer Function Approach of Feedback Control Figure
3 shows the general block diagram of the feedback system where as figure 4 shows the transfer
function approach of block diagram of the proposed control system. ANALYSIS OF REPETITIVE CONTROL SYSTEM
ABSTRACT This paper deals with the robustness analysis of discrete time repetitive control
systems. The paper is divided in two parts. In the first one, the repetitive control algorithm is
introduced. The second part is devoted to the robustness analysis of the proposed .

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Signal flow graph techniques for sequential circuit state diagrams
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Summary-This paper considers the application of signal flow REGULAR EXPRESSIONS FOR SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS graph techniques to the problem of characterizing sequentialcircuits by regular expressions. It is shown that the methods of signal flow We

An example of easy synthesis of active filter and oscillator using signal flow graphmodification and controllable current conveyors
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The paper deals with synthesis of active frequency filters and oscillators for applications in the video band. The synthesis is based on the modified signal flow graph design approach in the current mode. The commercially available high frequency current conveyors and

The Matrix Expression of the Signal Flow Graph and Its Application in System Analysis Software
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ABSTRACT -Signal Flow Graph is expressed in matrix form and Mason's Formula is expressed in an analytical way instead of its topology form. This result can be used in Control System CAD software to get system models both symbolically and numerically. This approach is

Exploiting bounded signal flow for graph orientation based on cause-effect pairs.
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Abstract Background: We consider the following problem: Given an undirected network and a set of sender–receiver pairs, direct all edges such that the maximum number of signal flows defined by the pairs can be routed respecting edge directions. This problem has

Signal-flow-graph identities for structural transformations in multirate systems
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ABSTRACT Signal-flow-graph (SFG) transformations by means of identities are frequently used to obtain efficient structures. In contrast to timedomain approaches these transformations are graphical and therefore easier to handle. In this paper well-known

Characteristic analysis on an interleaver with a fiber loop resonator by using a signal flow graph method
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We propose an interleaver based on the Mach–Zehnder interferometer with a resonator incorporated in one arm. By using the method of signal flow graph, we get the simple closed- form expressions for transmission of this interleaver. The result indicates that the widths of

Symbolic signal flow graph methods in switched-capacitor design
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In previous chapters the use of symbolic methods has been largely dedicated to the lower levels of analog circuit design encompassing circuit elements such as amplifiers and comparators [1, 2, 3]. In this chapter we shall describe symbolic signal flow graph (SFG)

A novel signal flow graph based solution for calculation of first and second derivatives of dynamical nonlinear systems
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ABSTRACT In this paper, the problem of calculation of first and second derivatives in general non-linear dynamical systems is addressed and an attempt of solution by means of signal flow graph (SFG) techniques is proposed. First and full second derivatives of an

SymbSI-a program for the symbolic signal flow graph generation of switched current circuits
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Abstract This paper describes a program capable of generating the symbolic signal flow graph (SFG) of switchedcurrent (SI) filtering circuits. Such program can be easily integrated in a previously developed environment for the automatic analysis of switched-capacitor (

Signal-Flow Graph Network Analysis
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Abstract A novel type of signal-flow graph is preraph is presented creating minimum number of nodes for independent voltages only. The graph will be derived by inspection of the network using special transforming T-graphs. The method is useful for the analysis of medium-size active

Signal Flow Graph Analysis of Linearized Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy PI Controller
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ABSTRACT A systematic procedure for developing the signal flow graph model of linearized Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy PI controller is presented in this paper. This proposed method provides ease of model formulation and avoids the mathematical complexity

High-Order Active Filter Design Based on Component-Level Signal Flow Graph Method
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HUANG Yuan Xin 1, a LI Kun 1, b XUAN Xiu Wei 1, c and TENGJian Fu 1, d 1Tianjin Key Laboratory of Film Electronic and Communication Device Tianjin University of Technology, Tianjin 300384, PR China,,

What is the characteristic polynomial of a signal flow graph
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2. Discussion Signal flow graphs for modelling system interconnections are due to Mason (1953; 1953). Of course, when making such interconnections, the stability of the interconnection is nontrivially related to the open-loop transfer functions that weight the

Signal flow graph block approach to the design of the universal mixed-mode multi-loop filter and study of non-ideal properties
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ABSTRACT The paper deals with the universal active filter design in current mode based on diamond transistors is presented. Circuit has abilities to work in high frequency range and adjustable features. All types of second order transfer functions are available. Theoretical

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In this paper, a design procedure for the realization of all current-mode biquadratic transfer functions is presented. The synthesis technique is deduced from a signal flow graph representation using current follower transconductance amplifiers (CFTAs). The proposed

Signal Flow Graph Modeling of Double-Gate RF MOSFET
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ABSTRACT For an electronic switch generally analysis is around analog and digitals systems. These are designed by the basic MOSEFT. The Double-Gate (DG) MOSFET is a renowned as the prime candidate for the scaling of MOSFET to the shortest channel length. To

96.1 The Signal Flow Graph
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Here, the u's are excitations or forcing functions. It should be noted that these equations represent an oversimplified case, and that it is common to see the coefficients as functions of the Laplace transform variable, s, to provide an s-domain representation of a system of

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ABSTRACT This paper shows that the current-mode FTFN-based lowpass lter obtained from the optimal voltage-mode op-amp-based Sallen and Key lowpass lter (Saraga Design) using driving point impedance and signal-ow graph (DPI/SFG) method

The analysis of signal flow graph containing sampled-data elements.
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Summary In this paper the author reduces the input-output analysis of a signal flow graph containing sampled-data elements to the analysis of a signal flow graph consisting purely of basic (linear) elements. By this reduction, the algebraic formula of the output signals

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