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Cryo electron tomography is a combination of cryogenic techniques for specimen preparation, electron microscopy for data collection, and tomographic Electron cryotomography (ECT) is an emerging technology that allows thin samples such as macromolecular complexes and small bacterial cells to be imaged Electron cryotomography is an imaging technique used to produce high-resolution three-dimensional views of samples, typically biological macromolecules and cells.

Native architecture of the Chlamydomonas chloroplast revealed by in situ cryo -electron tomography
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Chloroplast function is orchestrated by the organelles intricate architecture. By combining cryo -focused ion beam milling of vitreous Chlamydomonas cells with cryo -electron tomography , we acquired three-dimensional structures of the chloroplast in its native state

Soft X-ray microscopy with a cryo scanning transmission X-ray microscope: II. Tomography
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Using a cryo scanning transmission X-ray microscope Soft X-ray microscopy with a cryo scanning transmission X-ray microscope: I. Instrumentation, imaging and spectroscopy we have obtained tomographic data-sets of

Cryo -electron tomography reveals novel features of a viral RNA replication compartment
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Positive-strand RNA viruses, the largest genetic class of viruses, include numerous important pathogens such as Zika virus. These viruses replicate their RNA genomes in novel, membrane-bounded mini-organelles, but the organization of viral proteins and RNAs

Visualization of the type III secretion mediated Salmonella host cell interface using cryo -electron tomography
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Many important gram-negative bacterial pathogens use highly sophisticated type III protein secretion systems (T3SSs) to establish complex host-pathogen interactions. Bacterial-host cell contact triggers the activation of the T3SS and the subsequent insertion of a translocon

Computed tomography based on cryo X-ray microscopic images of unsectioned biological specimens
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This thesis describes the application of computed tomography based on cryo X-ray microscopic images (CTCXM) to unstained hydrated specimens of the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and of cell nuclei of Drosophila melanogaster, in order to

Cryo -electron tomography : the realization of a vision
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The ultimate goal of electron microscopy (EM) in the biological sciences is to provide a structural framework for a mechanistic understanding of processes at the molecular or cellular level. Biological structures are inherently three dimensional and therefore two

A method to study the time-dependent remodeling of high density lipoproteins by individual-particle electron cryo – tomography
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High density lipoprotein (HDL) levels are inversely associated with cardiovascular risk. HDL comprises numerous subclasses of particles which are diverse in terms of size, shape, structure and function. In terms of defining HDL as a therapeutic target, it is important to

Cryo -electron tomography
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Calcium-or voltage-sensitive probes have made it possible to watch neurons in action. But observing larger neural networks together at the same time is challenging, as many relevant imaging techniques are afflicted by a trade-off between temporal resolution and field of view

Recent developments in FEIs in situ cryo -electron tomography workflow
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Studying the molecular machinery of cells from atomic details to the cellular context and beyond is a great challenge for cell biology. It requires the integration of dynamic and structural information obtained using different ranges of spatial resolution. In order for this to

Computational tools to improve visualization by cryo -electron tomography
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Cryo -electron tomography (CryoET) can directly visualize frozen, hydrated macromolecules inside cells without staining artifacts or fluorescent tags at nanometer resolution. However, imaging tilted specimens is limited to±60 tilt, causing a missing wedge of data that induces

Opening windows into the cell: Focused-ion-beam milling for cryo -electron tomography
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MPI Biochemistry, Martinsried, Germany. Cryo -electron tomography ( cryo -ET) is a biophysical tool that provides unprecedented insights into the 3-D organization of cells in their native state at molecular resolution, free of artefacts such as fixation, staining, or

FGF21 trafficking in intact human cells revealed by cryo -electron tomography with gold nanoparticles
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The fibroblast growth factor FGF21 was labeled with molecularly defined gold nanoparticles (AuNPs), applied to human adipocytes, and imaged by cryo -electron tomography ( cryo -ET). Most AuNPs were in pairs about 80 Å apart, on the outer cell surface. Pairs of AuNPs were

Cryo electron microscopy and electron tomography will play a crucial role in the future of drug development
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Systems Biology obtained through various in vitro assays, designed to mimic the in vivo situation. However, the interaction between macromolecules is dependent on their micro- environment, and in vitro assays frequently fail to predict interactions since they are artificial

3D structures of sCD4-bound states of trimeric SIV envelope glycoproteins determined using cryo -electron tomography
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The trimeric envelope glycoprotein spikes (Env) displayed on the surface of SIV and HIV-1 virions are composed of three heterodimers of the viral glycoproteins gp120 and gp41. Although binding of gp120 to cell surface CD4 and a chemokine receptor are known to elicit

Electron cryo – tomography of nanowires in Shewanella Oneidensis MR-1
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The dissimilatory metal-reducing bacterium Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 is known to make nanowires,conductive cell appendages used in electron transport. Novel live fluorescence imaging techniques recently clarified that the conductive filaments in S. oneidensis are not

Electron cryo – tomography provides insight into procentriole architecture and assembly mechanism
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Centriole is an essential structure with multiple functions in cellular processes. Centriole biogenesis and homeostasis is tightly regulated. Using electron cryo – tomography (cryoET) we present the structure of procentrioles from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. We identified a

Cryo -Stem tomography provides morphological and chemical characterization of precipitated calcium-phosphate clusters sequestered in mitochondria of intact
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We recently demonstrated that cryo -scanning transmission electron tomography (CSTET) provides tomographic reconstructions of vitrified cells with superior information transfer at high tilts and for thicker specimens than defocus phase contrast (Wolf et al., 2014). In

Visualizing Infection Initiation of Bacteriophage P22 by Cryo -Electron Tomography
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For successful infection, bacteriophages must overcome multiple barriers in the bacterial cell envelope to translocate viral DNA and proteins into the host cell. However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the phage infection initiation remain poorly understood. Here, we

Supramolecular architecture of rhodopsin in native photoreceptors revealed by cryo -electron tomography
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26a Sunday, February 3, 2013 cryo -electron tomography . This technique ascertains that rhodopsin is preserved in a close-to-native state. Briefly: retina is fixed by high-pressure freezing, ultra-thin sectioned and visualized by cryo -electron tomography . In the

Cellular Landscape of Viral Maturation by X-ray Cryo -nano Tomography
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The observation of the cellular landscape at molecular resolution is an important step to understand how the cell is organized to produce the key functions of life, and how these functions are disturbed by pathogenic events as virus infections. Tomographic procedures

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