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Geometric tomography
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the authors book [21], the following definition is offered: Geometric tomography is the area of mathematics dealing with the retrieval of information about a geometric object from data about its sections, or projections, or both. The use of the word geometric here is deliberately The aim of that book was to address what we perceived of as a lack, at the time, of a comprehensive contemporary reference work on the rapidly expanding area of positron emission imaging. The scope was intentionally wide. The original proposal for a 350 page Some physicists be drawn to biology because of the challenge that lies in the vast complexity of biological matter; what attracted me initially was the curious paradox that makes electron microscopy of macromolecules possible phase contrast, the contrast that

Ultrahigh-resolution optical coherence tomography
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In the past two decades, optical coherence tomography (OCT) has been established as an adjunct diagnostic technique for noninvasive, high-resolution, cross-sectional imaging in a variety of medical fields. The rapid development of ultrabroad bandwidth light sources has

Positron emission tomography
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Peter E. Valk passed away on December 1 2003 in Berkeley, California. David Townsend wrote in the In Memoriam that was published in the February 2004 issue of the Journal of Nuclear Medicine: He will be deeply missed by his many friends and colleagues throughout

Optical biopsy and imaging using optical coherence tomography
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Medical imaging technologies can improve both the diagnosis and the clinical management of disease. Imaging modalities such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are examples of technologies that emerged from

Correlation of computed tomography and positron emission tomography in patients with metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumor treated at a single institution
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Purpose Response Evaluation Criteria in Solid Tumors (RECIST) are insensitive in evaluating gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs) treated with imatinib. This study evaluates whether computed tomography (CT) findings of GIST after imatinib treatment correlate with Ever sinee the first seismometers were plaeed on the surfaee of the Earth near the end of the 19th eentury, seismie waves have been used to loeate remote objects. The first applieations involved the loeation of earthquake epicenters in far-away regions. Efforts during the first World

Standardized low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography (sLORETA): technical details
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Scalp electric potentials (EEG) and extracranial magnetic fields (MEG) are due to the primary (impressed) current density distribution that arises from neuronal post-synaptic processes. A solution to the inverse problem, ie the computation of images of electric

Clinical applications of cone-beam computed tomography in dental practice
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Les systèmes de tomodensitom trie à faisceau conique ont t conçus pour offrir une visualisation des tissus durs de la r gion maxillofaciale. La tomodensitom trie à faisceau conique permet dobtenir des images de r solution inframillim trique dune grande qualit Over the years a number of atom probe books have been written by various authors [1 10], so why write another one you might ask. We believe that this book is unique in specifically targeting atom probe adopters who are new to the technique. The book introduces new

Is computed tomography safe
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PERSPECTIVE n engl j med 363; 1 nejm. org july 2010 2 brain-perfusion CT when a muchlower-dose, routine head CT would have sufficed. Although it has not been shown directly that CT increases cancer risk, radiation is a known carcinogen, and extensive

Application of annihilation coincidence detection to transaxial reconstruction tomography
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We evaluated the coincidence detection method in terms of spatial resolution and sensitivity as a func tion of object depth, effect of pulse-height analysis on resolution and efficiency, correction for attenu ation, overall detection efficiency, and cold spot con trast. A prototype

In vivo human retinal imaging by Fourier domain optical coherence tomography
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We present what is to our knowledge the first in vivo tomograms of human retina obtained by Fourier domain optical coherence tomography . We would like to show that this technique might be as powerful as other optical coherence tomography techniques in the

Prediction of vertebral body compressive fracture using quantitative computed tomography
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We performed quantitative computed tomography ill vitro on the first and third lumbar vertebrae in human cadavera using a dibasic potassium phosphate phantom for calibration. The quantitative computed- tomography numbers exhibited a significant positive correlationPOSITRON emission tomographic (PET) studies of human attention have begun to dissect isolable components of this complex higher brain function, including a midline attentional system in a region of the anterior cingulate cortex 1 3. The right hemisphere play aBiological soft tissues are almost transparent to hard X rays and therefore cannot be investigated without enhancement with a contrast medium, such as iodine. On the other hand, phase contrast X ray imaging is sensitive to light elements 1 8. This is because the

Review of polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography and Stokes vector determination
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Polarization sensitive optical coherence tomography (PSOCT) provides depth resolved measurements of the polarization state of light reflected from turbid media such as tissue. The theory and calculation of the Stokes vector of light reflected from turbid media isSA Bop Neoplasias are most responsive to medical intervention at early stages, prior to undergoing metastasis. When these disorders arise from known premalignant states, and if a detection method exists, the high-risk population can be screened to reduce patient morbidity and

Low-resolution electromagnetic tomography a new method for localizing electrical activity in the brain
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The question of localizing electrical sources in the brain from surface recordings (electric or magnetic) has attracted the EEG/MEG community for some time now (Fender, 1987; Williamson and Kaufman, 1987; Wikswo et al.). Most attempts are based on