cryptography research papers 2011 section 2

Elliptic curve cryptography in javascript
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L Haustenne, Q De Neyer , Cryptography, 2011 ,
Abstract. We document our development of a library for elliptic curve cryptography in
JavaScript. We discuss design choices and investigate optimizations at various levels, from
integer multiplication and field selection to various fixed-based EC point multiplication 

 Implementation of elliptic curve cryptography on text and image
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M Kolhekar, A Jadhav , Journal of Enterprise Computing and Business , 2011 ,
ABSTRACT-In recent years, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) has attracted the attention of
researchers and product developers due to its robust mathematical structure and highest
security compared to other existing algorithms like RSA (Rivest Adleman and Shameer 

  Between Encrypt-and-MAC Composite (CMAC CTR) and Encrypt-then-MAC Composite (AES EAX) Modes of Operation in Cryptography Systems for Use in
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Abstract—In current mobile telecommunications systems, the security offered by these
networks are limited. In order to be used in use cases that require a high degree of security,
such as M2M (financial, voting system), more security guarantees are necessary. 

 Statistical and Information-Theoretic Methods for Power Analysis on EmbeddedCryptography
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B Gierlichs ,Katholieke Universtiteit Leuven-Facult of , 2011 ,
Abstract The physical security of embedded cryptographic devices became a topic of
paramount importance in the last decade. Physical attacks, which came to the attention of
the academic community in the mid 1990s, threaten the security of implementations of 

A new spin on quantum cryptography: avoiding trapdoors and embracing public keys
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L Ioannou, M Mosca ,Post-Quantum Cryptography, 2011 ,Springer
We give new arguments in support of signed quantum key establishment, where quantum
cryptography is used in a public-key infrastructure that provides the required authentication.
We also analyze more thoroughly than previous works the benefits that quantum key 

 Safety Measures Using Sextic Curve Cryptography
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WRS Emmanuel ,International Journal on , 2011
Abstract-This paper proposes Sextic Curve Cryptography, which is used to increase the
safety measures. The methods to find the critical points in the SCC based on Atriphtaloid
symmetric curve using point addition and point doubling also explored here. The 

Towards non-black-box lower bounds in cryptography
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R Pass, WL Tseng, M Venkitasubramaniam ,Theory of Cryptography, 2011 ,Springer
We consider average-case strengthenings of the traditional assumption that coNP is not
contained in AM. Under these assumptions, we rule out generic and potentially non-black-
box constructions of various cryptographic primitives (eg, one-way permutations, collision- 

Cubic Curves, Finite Geometry and Cryptography
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Abstract Some geometry on non-singular cubic curves, mainly over finite fields, is surveyed.
Such a curve has 9, 3, 1 or 0 points of inflexion, and cubic curves are classified accordingly.
The group structure and the possible numbers of rational points are also surveyed. A 

Resettable Cryptography in Constant Rounds–The Case of Zero Knowledge
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A fundamental question in cryptography deals with understanding the role that randomness
plays in cryptographic protocols and to what extent it is necessary. One particular line of
works was initiated by Canetti, Goldreich, Goldwasser, and Micali (STOC 2000) who 

 On the (im) possibility of perennial message recognition protocols without public-keycryptography
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Abstract A message recognition protocol (MRP) aims to exchange authenticated information
in an insecure channel using resource-restricted devices. During the initialization session of
the protocol, the parties exchange some authenticated information which the adversary 

Visual cryptography on graphs
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Abstract In this paper, we consider a new visual cryptography scheme that allows for sharing
of multiple secret images on graphs: we are given an arbitrary graph (V, E) where every
node and every edge are assigned an arbitrary image. Images on the vertices are public 

Cryptography secure against related-key attacks and tampering
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We show how to leverage the RKA (Related-Key Attack) security of blockciphers to provide
RKA security for a suite of high-level primitives. This motivates a more general theoretical
question, namely, when is it possible to transfer RKA security from a primitive P 1 to a 

 Share Authentication based Cheating Prevention in Naor-Shamir’s Visual Cryptography
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YC Chen, G Horng, DS Tsai ,, 2011 ,
Abstract. Visual cryptography (VC), first proposed by Naor and Shamir, is a variant of secret
sharing with many applications, such as providing secure services in communications. In
2006, Horng et al. showed that VC is vulnerable to cheating attacks. They also presented 

 Novel non-expanded visual cryptography scheme with block encoding
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YJ Huang, CC Lee, HC Wu, JD Chang ,Journal of , 2011 ,
Abstract. In the traditional visual cryptography, secret pixels are expanded to cause the size
of the recovered image is larger than the original one. Although many researches
successfully solve expansion problem, the quality of the recovered image is not better. In 

 A Multiple Watermarking Scheme for Gray-Level Images using Visual Cryptography and Integer Wavelet Transform
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Abstract. A multiple watermarking scheme for gray-level images by using visual
cryptography, modified histogram, integer wavelet transform, and the wavelet tree is
presented. The process rearranges the share image and embeds it in the coefficients of 

 Variable Length Key based Visual Cryptography Scheme for Color Image using Random Number
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K Shyamalendu, M Arnab ,International Journal of Computer , 2011
Abstract Visual Cryptography is a special type of encryption technique to obscure image-
based secret information which can be decrypted by Human Visual System (HVS). It is a
kind of secret-sharing scheme that encrypts the secret image into n number of shares. It is 

 Enhancing cryptography education via visualization tools
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X Simms, H Chi ,ACM Southeast Regional Conference, 2011 ,
ABSTRACT Visualization has become a very popular tool in teaching Information Assurance
courses. This paper presents several visualization strategies to engage students in learning
cryptography concepts, algorithms, protocols and applications in a blended learning 

 KN secret sharing visual cryptography scheme for color image using Random number
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S Kandar, A Maiti ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2011
Abstract: Visual Cryptography is a special encryption technique to hide information in
images in such a way that it can be decrypted by the human visual system. The benefit of the
visual secret sharing scheme is in its decryption process where without any complex 

 Comments on a password authentication and update scheme based on elliptic curvecryptography
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DB He ,2011 ,
Email: hedebiao@ 163. com Abstract: The security of a password authentication and update
scheme based on elliptic curve cryptography proposed by Islam et al.[SK Hafizul Islam, GP
Biswas, Design of improved password authentication and update scheme based on 

 A General Purpose Cryptography Survey
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A Gabrielson, H Levkowitz ,11th Workshop on Visual Analytics , 2011 ,
Abstract—For far too long an end-user’s interaction with an application using cryptography
has been ignored. Cryptography needs to be simplified and evolve such that users do not
need to know they are even using it. While the required user-input must remain minimal 

 Nullifying the Impacts of Security Threats on e-Business using Cryptography with e-BSP
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NK Tyagi, R Mangal ,
ABSTRACT e-Business has changed the virtual hypothetical marketplace a total true,
secured and more effective than traditional selling/purchasing or transaction world for the
today’s customers. Till now it was a normal ever changing trend for the business 

 Fast Quadrupling of a Point in Elliptic Curve Cryptography
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Abstract Ciet et al. proposed a very elegant method for trading inversions for multiplications
when computing 2P+ Q from given points P and Q on elliptic curves of Weierstrass form. In
this paper we extend their method and present a fast algorithm for computing 4P with only 

 Critical attacks in code-based cryptography
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R Niebuhr ,WEWoRC 2011, 2011
Abstract. In this paper we present a survey on critical attacks in code-based cryptography. In
particular, we consider three cryptosystems–McEliece, Niederreiter, and HyMES–and
analyze their vulnerability against a number of these attacks. All cryptosystems show a 

 Performance Evaluation of RSA Variants and Elliptic Curve Cryptography on Handheld Devices
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J Bhatta, LP Pandey ,IJCSNS, 2011 ,
Abstract Handheld devices like mobile phones, PDAs have become very popular. They
need modern security mechanisms such as the SSL protocols for their connectivity to the
unsafe Internet. On the background of security mechanisms, cryptographic approaches 

Effects of depolarizing quantum channels on BB84 and SARG04 quantum cryptography protocols
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YC Jeong, YS Kim, YH Kim ,Laser Physics, 2011 ,Springer
Abstract We report experimental studies on the effect of the depolarizing quantum channel
on weak-pulse BB84 and SARG04 quantum cryptography. The experimental results show
that, in real world conditions in which channel depolarization cannot be ignored, BB84 

 Boolean Networks for Cryptography and Secure Communication
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Abstract The extremely high complexity of many networks is a natural indicator of their
potential for cryptography and secure communication. We show how simple Boolean
networks can be used for cryptographic (Hash code generator) and communication 

 Survey Paper: Cryptography Is The Science Of Information Security
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M AbuTaha, M Farajallah, R Tahboub ,International Journal of , 2011 ,
Abstract Cryptography in the past was used in keeping military information, diplomatic
correspondence secure and in protecting the national security. However, the use was
limited. Nowadays, the range of cryptography applications have been expanded a lot in 

[BOOK] Finite-field Wavelets with Applications in Cryptography and Coding
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F Fekri, F Delgosha ,2011 ,
4.1 Background Review 61 4.1. 1 Degree-1 Paraunitary Building Block over GF (2) 61 4.1. 2
Degree-2 Paraunitary Building Blocks over GF (2) 61 4.1. 3 Lapped Orthogonal Transforms
over GF (2) 62 4.2 Unitary Matrices over GF (2r) 62 4.3 Paraunitary Matrices over Fields of