cryptography research papers 2011

Endomorphisms for faster elliptic curve cryptography on a large class of curves
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Abstract Efficiently computable homomorphisms allow elliptic curve point multiplication to be
accelerated using the Gallant–Lambert–Vanstone (GLV) method. Iijima, Matsuo, Chao and
Tsujii gave such homomorphisms for a large class of elliptic curves by working over. We 

Position-based quantum cryptography: Impossibility and constructions
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The aim of position-based cryptography is to use the geographical position of a party as its
only credential. In this work, we study position-based cryptography in the quantum setting.
We show that if collaborating adversaries are allowed to pre-share an arbitrarily large 

 Securing peer-to-peer mobile communications using public key cryptography: New security strategy
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Mobile phones are considered to be the most common communication devices in history.
Recently, mobile phones are not only used for casual greetings but also, sending and
receiving important data such as, social security numbers, bank account details and 

Memory-constrained implementations of elliptic curve cryptography in co-Z coordinate representation
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It has been recently shown that sharing a common coordinate in elliptic curve cryptography
implementations improves the performance of scalar multiplication. This paper presents new
formulæ for elliptic curves over prime fields that provide efficient point addition and 

Cryptography with tamperable and leaky memory
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A large and growing body of research has sought to secure cryptographic systems against
physical attacks. Motivated by a large variety of real-world physical attacks on memory, an
important line of work was initiated by Akavia, Goldwasser, and Vaikuntanathan [1] where 

 Visual cryptography for biometric privacy
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Abstract—Preserving the privacy of digital biometric data (eg, face images) stored in a
central database has become of paramount importance. This work explores the possibility of
using visual cryptography for imparting privacy to biometric data such as fingerprint 

Leakage-resilient cryptography from the inner-product extractor
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S Dziembowski, S Faust ,Advances in Cryptology–ASIACRYPT 2011, 2011 ,Springer
We present a generic method to secure various widely-used cryptosystems against arbitrary
side-channel leakage, as long as the leakage adheres three restrictions: first, it is bounded
per observation but in total can be arbitrary large. Second, memory parts leak 

 Visual Cryptography Scheme for Color Image Using Random Number with Enveloping by Digital Watermarking
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Abstract Visual Cryptography is a special type of encryption technique to obscure image-
based secret information which can be decrypted by Human Visual System (HVS). This
cryptographic system encrypts the secret image by dividing it into n number of shares and 

 Solving circuit optimisation problems in cryptography and cryptanalysis
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NT Courtois, D Hulme, T Mourouzis ,2011 ,
Abstract. One of the hardest problems in Modern heuristic techniques for combinatorial problems. Advanced topics in computer science
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Decision Tree and Ensemble Learning Based on Ant Colony Optimization Google Books Result Modern heuristic techniques for combinatorial problems . Faculty library sciences Series: Advanced topics in computer science series; Alternative call (PDF) Modern Heuristic Search Methods

Software Agents Michael R. Genesereth Logic Group Computer Science Department Stanford University
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The software world is one of great richness and diversity. Many thousands of software products are available to users today, providing a wide variety of information and services in a wide variety of domains. While most of these programs provide their users with significant Classical complexity theory analyzes and classifies problems by the amount of a resource, usually time or space, that is required by algorithms solving them. It was a fundamental idea, going back to the work of Hartmanis and Stearns in the early 1960s, to measure the required

The combinatorics of network reliability, International Series of Monographs on Computer Science
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This book develops combinatorial tools which are useful for reliability analysis, as demonstrated with a probabilistic network model. Basic results in combinatorial enumeration are reviewed, along with classical theorems on connectivity and cutsets. More developed

Languages and machines: an introduction to the theory of computer science
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Languages and machines : an introduction to the theory of computer . Theory of Computing 2015/2016 (FUB MSc in Computer Science ) Languages and Machines, which is intended for computer scientists in the theoretical foundations of their subject, gives a mathematically sound In the late 1960s and early 1970s, the concepts of graph transformation and graph grammars started to become of interest in picture processing and computer science . The main idea was to generalize well-known rewriting techniques from strings and trees to Parsing is the process of structuring a linear representation in accordance with a given grammar. This definition has been kept abstract on purpose to allow as wide an interpretation as possible. The linear representation may be a sentence, a computer

The Cambridge distributed computing system. International computer science series
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The Development of Component-based Information Systems Google Books Result The Cambridge Distributed Computing System is an early discontinued distributed operating system, . (International computer science series) Bibliography: p. The 100 Best Computer Science Programs in the

Logic and the challenge of computer science
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Nowadays computer science is surpassing mathematics as the primary field of logic applications, but logic is not tuned properly to the new role. In particular, classical logic is preoccupied mostly with infinite static structures whereas many objects of interest in

Computer science unplugged
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For kids ages 7 to 14: This educational 50 minute show is an action-packed, zany time exploring neat ideas in computer science . It has been performed for over 20 years in classrooms, science museums, science festivals, and at educational events. Kids, and the

The Profession of IT, Is Computer Science Science
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COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM draw on the same fundamental principles. In 1989, we used the term computing instead of computer science , mathematics, and engineering. Today, computing science, engineering, mathematics, art

Discrete mathematical structures with applications to computer science
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The objectives of the course are: To develop Professional Skills through effective communication To introduce a number of Mathematical Foundation to be serving as tools even today in the development of theoretical computer science To gain some confidence on

Bringing computational thinking to K-12: what is Involved and what is the role of the computer science education community
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When Jeanette Wing [13] launched a discussion regarding the role of computational thinking across all disciplines, she ignited a profound engagement with the core questions of what computer science is and what it might contribute to solving problems across the

Modern DC-to-DC Switchmode Power Converter Circuits (Van Nostrand Reinhold Electrical/ Computer Science and Engineering Series)
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As each area of technology with a potential for significantly impacting any major segment of the electronics industry evolves, it often is accompanied by the development of a succession of new circuits. Each new circuit indeed appears different, employing different components

Information technology research: A practical guide for computer science and informatics
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Information Technology Research: A Practical Guide for Computer

Scientific methods in computer science
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ABSTRACT This paper analyzes scientific aspects of Computer Science . First it defines science and scientific method in

Active learning and its use in computer science
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Student learning and the depth of the students knowledge increase when active learning methods are employed in the classroom. Active learning strategies are discussed in general computer science course work and as used in a theory of computation course. Difficulties

Why the high attrition rate for computer science students: some thoughts and observations
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1. Introduction At our university, there are over four hundred declared majors in Computer Science . Each semester, however, only about fifteen to twenty students graduate in this field. The freshman courses comprise overflowing multiple sections, but the upper level courses make

Form and content in computer science
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The trouble with computer science today is an obsessive concern with form instead of content. No, that is the wrong way to begin. By any previous standard the vitality of computer science is enormous; what other intellectual area ever advanced so far in twenty years

Why women avoid computer science
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COMMUNICATIONS OF THE ACM did these numbers drop, and why more sharply for women than for men For men, the explanation is obvious. Traditional paths to wealth like law, medicine, and business are more certain, and over the
is the problem of gate-efficient
implementation. Such optimizations are particularly important in industrial hardware
implementations of standard cryptographic algorithms . In this paper we 

Fast multi-precision multiplication for public-key cryptography on embedded microprocessors
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Abstract. Multi-precision multiplication is one of the most fundamental operations on
microprocessors to allow public-key cryptography such as RSA and Elliptic Curve
Cryptography (ECC). In this paper, we present a novel multiplication technique that 

Curves, Codes, and Cryptography
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Extension of the statement in Chapter 8 of this thesis 1000-bit security is far away from
having any real-world relevance. Even going beyond our world doesn’t help. There are
fewer atoms in the observable universe; a rough estimate is 2265.

 An application of discrete algorithms in asymmetric cryptography
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F Amounas, EH El Kinani, A Chillali ,International Mathematical , 2011 ,
Abstract In this paper we propose an application of public key distribution based on the
security depending on the difficulty of elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem. More
precisely, we propose an example of Elgamal encryption cryptosystem on the elliptic 

 Comparative Study of Arithmetic and Huffman Data Compression Techniques for Koblitz Curve Cryptography
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S Rao ,International Journal of Computer Applications, 2011
Abstract Over the past 20 years, numerous papers have been written on various aspects of
ECC implementation. In this paper we investigate the superiority of the Arithmetic data
compression technique over the Huffman data compression technique in reducing the 

Cryptography goes to the Cloud
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In this paper we identify some areas where cryptography can help a rapid adoption of cloud
computing. Although secure storage has already captured the attention of many cloud
providers, offering a higher level of protection for their customer’s data, we think that more 

Some notions of entropy for cryptography
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This paper presents a brief and (necessarily) incomplete survey of some notions of entropy
that have been recently used in the analysis of cryptographic constructions. It focuses on min-
entropy and its extensions to the cases when the adversary has correlated information 

 Fault Attack and Countermeasures on Pairing-Based Cryptography
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Abstract Bilinear pairing is a new and increasingly popular way of constructing cryptographic
protocols. This has resulted in the development of Identity Based Encryption (IBE) that is
ideally used in identity aware devices. The security of such devices using pairing 

Harvesting the potential of nano-CMOS for lightweight cryptography: An ultra-low-voltage 65 nm AES coprocessor for passive RFID tags
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C Hocquet, D Kamel, F Regazzoni, JD Legat ,Journal of Cryptographic , 2011 ,Springer
Abstract An important challenge associated with the current massive deployment of Radio
Frequency Identification solutions is to provide security to passive tags while meeting their
micro Watt power budget. This can either be achieved by designing new lightweight 

 Cryptography for efficiency: Authenticated data structures based on lattices and parallel online memory checking
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Abstract. In this work, we initially design a new authenticated data structure for a dynamic
table with n entries. We present the first dynamic authenticated table that is update-optimal,
using a lattice-based construction. In particular, the update complexity is O (1), improving 

Utilizing hard cores of modern FPGA devices for high-performance cryptography
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T Güneysu ,Journal of Cryptographic Engineering, 2011 ,Springer
Abstract This article presents a unique design approach for the implementation of
standardized symmetric and asymmetric cryptosystems on modern FPGA devices. In
contrast to many other FPGA implementations that algorithmically optimize the 

Meaningful shadow based multiple gray level visual cryptography without size expansion
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PY Pai, CC Chang, YK Chan, CC Liao ,International Journal of Innovative , 2011 ,
Abstract. In traditional visual cryptographic methods, a reconstructed secret image is usually
at a binary gray level and is expanded in size, and the created shadow images often appear
meaningless and noise-like. This paper will provide a meaningful shadow based multiple 

 Dedicated hardware for RC5 cryptography and its implementation
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M Yoshikawa, K Sakaue ,World Congress in Computer Science, Computer ,
Abstract–Recently, the number of electronic devices handling confidential information has
increased. In these devices, encryption is applied to protect the confidential information.
Therefore, technologies to incorporate cryptographic circuits into these cards have 

 Software Implementation of Curve based Cryptography for Constrained Devices
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K Chatterjee, A De, D Gupta ,International Journal of Computer , 2011
ABSTRACT Curve based cryptography are preferred for embedded hardware since they
require shorter operand size than RSA to attain the same security level. So ECC and HECC
are more suitable in constrained environment such as smart cards if we can select 

 Survey: Image Encryption using Chaotic Cryptography Schemes
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M Philip, A Das ,IJCA-Computational Science NCCSE, 2011
ABSTRACT Chaotic Encryption Method seems to be much better than traditional encryption
methods used today. Chaotic encryption is the new direction of cryptography. It makes use of
chaotic system properties such as sensitive to initial condition and loss of information.