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 Two-layer cellular automata based cryptography
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A Jaberi, R Ayanzadeh, ASZ Mousavi ,Trends Applied Sci. Res, 2012
Two-layer cellular automata based cryptography. Alireza Jaberi, Ramin Ayanzadeh,
Azam S Zavar Mousavi Trends Applied Sci. Res 7, 68-77, 2012.

 Cryptography-Py Cipher
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PMMMF Murphy ,2012 ,
1 Introduction 3 The key
setup algorithm (Y-Array): .   The encryption method we
chose to implement is a stream cipher which was submitted to the eSTREAM competition 

 Securing Images Using Colour Visual Cryptography and Wavelets
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SK Nerella, KV Gadi, RS Chaganti ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—Visual Cryptography is a new Cryptography technique which is used to secure the
images. In Visual Cryptography the Image is divided into parts called shares and then they
are distributed to the participants. The Decryption side just stacking the share images gets 

 Revealing New Concepts in Cryptography & Clouds
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V Rawal, A Dhamija, S Sharma ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—The following paper describes how quantum mechanics can be used to improve
computation. The main challenge for a conventional computer is to solve an exponentially
difficult problem and factoring a large number. In the course of this paper, the standard 

 Darmstadt Technical University Cryptography and Computeralgebra September 5, 2012
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C Lindenberg, K Wirt ,2012 ,
Abstract Formal verification is getting more and more important in computer science.
However the state of the art formal verification methods in cryptography are very
rudimentary. These theories are one step to provide a tool box allowing the use of formal 

 Proposed New Elliptic Curve Cryptography Protocol Based on Dictionary Techniques
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HBA Wahab, AMS Rahma ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract In recent years, Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) has attracted the attention of
researchers and product developers due to its robust mathematical structure and highest
security compared to other existing algorithms like RSA (Rivest Adleman and Shameer 

 Symmetric Key Cryptography using Dynamic Key and Linear Congruential Generator (LCG)
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Z Mahmood, JL Rana, A Khare ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The present work deals with a new symmetric key cryptographic method using
dynamic key. The demand for adequate security to electronic data system grows high over
the decades. In the present work the authors have used the Linear Congruential 

 Real-time FPGA-based Non-Cryptography System for Wireless Network
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AM Allam, MM Abutaleb ,2012
Abstract Traditional privacy techniques for wireless communications are facing great
challenges, due to the open radio propagation environment and limited options of
transmission techniques. A new bilateral pilot aided protocol is presented, with single-tone 

 Coding and Cryptography
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TW Körner ,2012 ,
Transmitting messages is an important practical problem. Coding theory includes the study
of compression codes which enable us to send messages cheaply and error correcting
codes which ensure that messages remain legible even in the presence of errors. 

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A Mihata, E Simion ,Acta Universitatis Apulensis, 2012 ,
Abstract. Lattice-based cryptography has undergone rapid development in recent years and
is very attractive due to the low asymptotic complexity and potential resistence to quantum
computing attacks. This paper is intended to be a survey of the lattice problems which 

 A Bio-Cryptography Approach for Improving the Security of Image Encryption and Decryption
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S Bhariya, GJ Verma ,Int. J. Tech, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT: Biometric based authentication, the science of using physical or behavioral
characteristics for identity verification is becoming a security mainstay in many areas. Their
utilization as an authentication technology has become widespread from door Key. In this 

 Implementing Authentication Mechanism using Extended Public Key Cryptography in Wireless Network
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SA Kahate, KN Hande ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract-Mobile ad hoc network is a special kind of wireless networks. It is a collection of
mobile nodes without having aid of establish infrastructure. In mobile ad hoc network, it is
much more vulnerable to attacks than a wired network due to its limited physical security, 

 Grained integers and applications to cryptography
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D Loebenberger ,2012 ,
Synopsis To meet the requirements of the modern communication society, cryptographic
techniques are of central importance. In modern cryptography, we try to build cryptographic
primitives whose security can be reduced to solving a particular number theoretic problem 

 Proposed New Algorithm to Generate Cryptography Session Keys Based on CFG and Huffman Code
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HB AbdulWahab ,European , 2012 ,europeanjournalofscientificresearch.
Abstract The key management is an important area of research in internet applications,
because protecting secret messages during transmission becomes an essential issue for the
Internet. The PGP cryptography protocol work as first stage to creates a session key, which 

 The Support Splitting Algorithm and its Application to Code-based Cryptography
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DE Simos ,2012 ,
 and its Application to Code-based Cryptography Dimitris E. Simos (joint work with Nicolas Sendrier)
Project-Team SECRET INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt May 9, 2012 3rd Code-based Cryptography
Workshop Technical University of Denmark Lyngby, Denmark 1/15 Page 2. 

 Comparison of RSA-Threshold Cryptography and ECC-Threshold Cryptography for Small Mobile Adhoc Networks
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MB Lavanya ,Int. J. Advanced Networking and Applications, 2012 A mobile ad hoc network is a special type of wireless network in which a collection
of mobile hosts with wireless network interfaces may form a temporary network. Without 

 Learning the Related Mathematics to Cryptography by Interactive Way
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MS Trigui, DM Alghazzawi ,International Journal, 2012
Abstract—Cryptography is a complex area in the computer science field due to the
complexity of the mathematics involved. The main goal of this paper is to discuss how we
can take an advantage of the online interactive tools to facilitate this complex topic. These 

 Key Exchange in Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based on the Decomposition Problem
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HH Zazali, WANA MIOR ,Sains Malaysiana, 2012
ABSTRACT In this paper, we presented a new key exchange method based on
decomposition problem for elliptic curve cryptography. We showed that our key exchange
method was not only an alternative method for designing keys in cryptography, but it also 

 Visual Cryptography Tool for Embedded Halftoned Shares
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KR Kotha ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT Visual Cryptography is a technique, which is used to conceal the secret image
into transparencies (which will vary with the user) and these transparencies are distributed
to the intended recipients. In Extended Visual Cryptography Scheme, the transparencies 

 Smart elliptic curve cryptography for smart dust
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Abstract. Wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks play a vital role in an ever-growing number
of applications ranging from environmental monitoring over vehicular communication to
home automation. Security and privacy issues pose a big challenge for the widespread 

 Addenda for the Cryptography course
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A Languasco, A Zaccagnini ,2012 ,
Esempio 1.2. 1.(IN ITALIAN) Riportiamo qui un famoso esempio di crittogramma tratto dal
racconto Lo scarabeo d’oro di EA Poe. In essoe descritta la ricerca di un tesoro a partire da
un pezzo di pergamena che contiene il disegno di un capretto e una serie di caratteri, 

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YC Hou, PH Huang ,
Abstract. Digital watermarking is a technique for the protection of intellectual property rights.
In this study, a novel ownership protection scheme based on visual cryptography and the
law of large numbers is proposed, where 2 phases, namely an ownership construction 

 DNA Cryptography
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S Pramanik, SK Setua ,
Abstract-DNA cryptography is a new promising field in cryptography which emerged with the
progress of DNA computing. The concept of massive parallelism and large information
density inherent in DNA molecule are exploited for cryptographic purposes. Currently, the 


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