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Algorithms on abelian varieties for cryptography
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D Robert ,
Public-key cryptography Abelian varieties Theta functions Isogenies Examples  Public-key
cryptography Abelian varieties Theta functions Isogenies Examples  Definition (DLP) Let G
= be a cyclic group of prime order. Let x  Exponentiation: O(logp). DLP: O( p) (in a 

 Small private keys for systems of multivariate quadratic equations using symmetriccryptography
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F Borges, A Petzoldt, R Portugal ,
Abstract: Systems of Multivariate Quadratic Equations (MQ) are important in cryptography
due to the resistance against attacks that will arise with the advent of quantum computing.
Resistant algorithms against attacks based on quantum computing are called post- 

 A Review New Methodology for Visual Cryptography in Color Image Based on Cyclic Shift Pixel with Cheater Identification
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N Joshi, A Gupta, C Nagar ,
ABSTRACT: In this Paper a new secret visual cryptography scheme for color images based
on the cyclic shifting pixels with cheater identification. Firstly, a chromatic image is
decomposed into three monochromatic images using HSV color model. Secondly, these 

 Hybrid Approach: Combining Classical Cryptography and QKD for Password Authentication
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P Kumaraswamy, CVG Rao ,
ABSTRACT In traditional cryptography protecting the key is the main problem. When the key
is compromised there will be no security to the system where such cryptography is being
used. To overcome this problem security can be based on quantum mechanics and such 

 Five Level Cryptography in Speech Processing using Multi Hash and Repositioning of Speech Elements
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D Sharma ,
Abstract—This paper proposes a cryptography technique for audio to increases the security
of audio data meant to be transferred on an insecure medium. The audio is recorded in real
time using microphone which is applied with five level of encryption which creates a 

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S Goyat ,International Journal of Soft Computing
Abstract: The importance of cryptography can be judged by the fact that it is used almost
everywhere. It is essential in e transactions, LAN data transfer, in Databases and even while
storing data in our own computer. There are many methods of cryptography. Some of that 

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S Shukla, DL Gupta, AK Malviya ,International Journal
Abstract: Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) is coming forth as an attractive public key
cryptosystem for mobile/wireless environments compared to conventional cryptosystems like
RSA and DSA. ECC provides better security with smaller key sizes, which results in faster 

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AS Bist, P Tayal, H Chanyal ,
ABSTRACT Elliptic curve cryptography is chosen as it has smaller key size than other type of
similar cryptography techniques. Elliptic based schemes produces good results in
comparison of ECDH and AES in specific context. Our purpose is to make the expansion 

 An Efficient Implementation of Digital Signature Algorithm with SRNN Public KeyCryptography
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MH Kumar, A Singh ,
ABSTRACT Digital Signature schemes are mostly used in cryptographic protocols to provide
services like entity authentication, authenticated key transport and authenticated key
agreement. This architecture is related with Secure Hash Function and 512-bit SRNN 

 Design and Implementation of K-Split Segmentation Approach for Visual Cryptography
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PD Rana, A Singhrova, S Deswal ,
Abstract: Visual Cryptography is a special type of encryption technique which is used to hide
the information and data in images. In this technique the decryption process is done without
any complex cryptographic computation. The encrypted data is decrypted using Human 

 Affordable Quantum Cryptography System for Mobile Devices
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Abstract—The today’s technology allows us to design simple quantum cryptography circuits
embeddable in mobile devices to ensure the maximum security in money transfer and
controlled access. It is known that the quantum cryptography protocols allow a virtually 

 CMSC 858K—Advanced Topics in Cryptography February 17, 2004
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N Anthapadmanabhan, M Cho, JS Shin, NL Petroni Jr ,
In the last set of lectures, we introduced definitions of adaptively-secure non-interactive zero
knowledge and semantically-secure encryption. Based on these, we presented a
construction of a public-key encryption scheme secure against non-adaptive chosen- 

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SP Indrakanti, PS Avadhani
ABSTRACT Security is playing a vital role in this era of information technology, it has
become a prerequisite in the digital world for maintaining the secrecy of the information.
Many techniques have been proposed for handling textual data, maintenance of 

 Quantum Resistant Cryptography
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A Nemes ,
Abstract Among the many cryptographic schemes there are two groups of algorithms that are
widely used currently in applied cryptograpy: the algoritms which security is based on the
integer factorization problem and those based on the discrete logarithm problem.

 An Enhanced Simple Secure Remote Password Authentication Scheme Without UsingCryptography
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YC Yeh, WC Ku, WP Chen, YL Chen
Abstract—Since the eavesdropping resistant remote password authentication schemes
based on cryptography require that certain cryptosystems and/or cryptographic hash
functions have to be implemented in the user’s login device. Thus, many eavesdropping 

 Novel Approach for Color Extended Visual Cryptography Using Error Diffusion
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DVMSP Rao, MUKDY Ramadevi, RR Rao
Abstract-Visual cryptography, an emerging cryptography technology, uses the
characteristics of human vision to decrypt encrypted images. Cryptography is the study of
mathematical techniques related aspects of Information Security such as confidentiality, 

 Cryptography Playfair Cipher using Linear Feedback Shift Register
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A Negi, JS Farswan, VM Thakkar, S Ghansala
Abstract: In this paper we present a new approach for secure transmission of message by
modified version of Play fair cipher combining with Random number generator methods. To
develop this method of encryption technique, one of the simplest methods of random 

 Reversible Anonymization of DICOM Images using Cryptography and Digital Watermarking
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(DICOM) is a standard for handling, storing, printing, and transmitting information in medical
images. The DICOM file contains the image data and a number of attributes such as
identified patient data (name, age, insurance ID card,), and non-identified patient data ( 

 Proactive Approach: Proactive security is based on threshold and key refreshment is performed By different cryptography function
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R Singh, M Choudahry ,
Abstract-The security of public key cryptosystems relies heavily on the secrecy of the private
key. Thus such cryptosystems should be augmented with methods for protecting the secret
key while providing continuous availability of the system. A naive solution may be to share 

 The Impact of Interactive Epistemologies on Cryptography
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Abstract The synthesis of DNS has developed contextfree grammar, and current trends
suggest that the construction of compilers will soon emerge. In fact, few cyberneticists would
disagree with the investigation of active networks, which embodies the compelling 

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Abstract-With the fast evolution of digital data exchange, security information becomes much
important in data storage and transmission. Due to the increasing use of images in
industrialprocess, it is essential to protect the confidential image data fromunauthorized 

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R MCCARTHY ,ma hsoc ,
Pick two relatively small prime numbers. Say we pick 17 and 13. Now, multiply them together
to get their product, 221; easy. Now, say I gave you the number 221 and asked you to
factorise it into the product of its two prime factors, how would you fair? Not too bad, 

 A study on the application of Elliptic-Curve cryptography in implementing smart cards
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Y Ahmad ,
ABSTRACT Elliptic curve cryptography is one of the emerging techniques that stand as an
alternative for conventional public key cryptography. Elliptic curve cryptography has several
applications of which smart cards are also one among them. A smart card is nothing but a