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Page 1. Crown Copyright, The National Cyber Security Centre 2019. CYBER-PHYSICAL SYSTEMS SECURITY KNOWLEDGE AREA (DRAFT FOR COMMENT) AUTHOR: Alvaro Cardenas University of California, Santa Cruz EDITOR: Emil Lupu Imperial College, London

E-Learning using the Blackboard system in Light of the Quality of Education and Cyber security
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With the growing reliance on the Internet, and the devices connected to the global network and the increasing likelihood of attacks and cybercrime is cyber security the essential foundation of e-learning safe, so can not imagine the growth of any information activity away

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The electric grid is one of the mostcomplex and important infrastructures ever created, and is vital to modern quality of life and the economy. Generation of electricity is also a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions. Modernization of the grid is central to many nations

Teaching Cyber Security : The Hack-Space Integrated Model
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Nowadays cyber security is becoming an ever more stringent requirement and warned by organizations and companies all over the world. Furthermore, the educational offer on the topic is still modest and universities are struggling to design training courses capable of In this book, I tried to cover with essential information US NIST National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) framework KSAs in certain areas related to cyber intelligence and analytics in particular. By no means is the information in this book complete

Cyber Resilient Behavior: Integrating Human Behavioral Models and Resilience Engineering Capabilities into Cyber Security
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Cybercrime is on the rise. With the ongoing digitization of our society, it is expected that, sooner or later, all organizations have to deal with cyberattacks; hence organizations need to be more cyber resilient. This paper presents a novel framework of cyber resilience

The Origin of Security Dilemma between China and US in Cyber Space
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Corresponding Author email: Keywords: China and US Relationship; Cyber Security ; Security Dilemma; Origin Abstract: As the world context changed dramatically after cold war, global phenomena are being appeared continually

The Notion of Global Data Fusion and its Application to Cyber Security
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ABSTRACT Global Data Fusion is one of the main technologies used in complex systems. While the application of data fusion has already been proposed for the implementation of specific tools, its extension to the overall design process of a complex system is far from a

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Objectives: 1. To study different Steganographic techniques for secured communication. 2. To compare different Steganographic techniques. 3. To propose a Steganographic mechanism that may help in better management cyber security risks for transactional e

A survey of cyber security operations based on Machine learning Deep learning
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In past decade machine learning (ML) and deep learning (DL), has generated irresistible research interest and attracted unprecedented public attention. With the increasing integration of the Internet and social life, there is change in how people learn and work, but it

The Role of Cyber Security in Minimizing Crime Rate in Post-War Sierra Leone
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There are numerous benefits one can get from using technological innovations ranging from comfort to minimal cost in telecommunications, health, aviation, commerce, energy, agriculture, intelligence, education via Internet and Internet of things (IoT). However

I know when you brush your teeth – Cyber Security on Personal Medical Devices
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Personal medical devices are commonly used in modern households. This includes various devices from electronic thermometers to blood pressure monitors. The number of features on these devices is on a constant rise along with add-on services offered using smart phones

Managing cyber-risk and security in the global supply chain
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Jan 8th, 2019 PhD Thesis: Managing cyber-risk and security in the global supply chain: A systems approach to risk, structure and behavior. Current work Cyber-Ship project Cyber security in the shipping industry Development of case studies with gathering of data

Cyber-Storms Come from Clouds: Security of Cloud Computing in the IoT Era
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when referring to IoT security. The result, depicted in Fig.1, is a metaphoric rainstorm of cyber – security issues potentially affecting every context of the cur- Page 3. Cyber-Storms Come from Clouds 3 Fig. 1. A broader definition

La cyber security in Industria 4.0 e Pharma 4.0
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This paper aims at presenting how cyber security can be declined in the contexts of Industry 4.0 and Pharma 4.0 In particular, the paper will first discuss the main ingredients of industrial systems and networks, then it will discuss the differences between IT and OT cyber security


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